I do not own megaman star force / ryuusei no Rockman (the lyrics in this fic are from Megaman Star Force 3)

Wish I did though

6 months later (epilogue)

Sonia PoV

"Come on Geo you promised!"

He is begging at this point, "please don't make me, I'll do anything."

He is foiled by his own words, "then come on stage with me."

He drops his head in defeat, "anything but that."

I grab his hands, and our matching engagement rings gleam in the makeup room lights, "you promised me that you'd sing on stage with me before we got married, are you saying you don't want to get married?"

He freaks out at this point, "no! I'll go onstage."

I smile an evil smile, "works every time."

As he gets up he responds to my comment, "you know I'd never think that, I'd marry you a million times, but the one is all we need."

I turn around and give him a quick peck on the cheek, "I know." Now let's go, I take his hand and drag him onstage with no resistance.

"Hi everyone, this is my Fiancé Geo Stelar, and today will be our first duet ever in concert." I turn and look at him, "you ready Geo?"

He smiles his perfect smile at me, "as ready as I'll ever be."

The music starts and he gives me a look, "you knew that it'd be this one." We get to the part where I start, "On both the Wave Road and in the real world. I looked up at the sky..."