Battles were raging everywhere in the Department of Mysteries Aurors against Death Eaters with the Head of the Auror department leading the defence thirty seven year Harry Potter Defeater of Voldemort and head of the aurors or DMLE Department of Magical Law Enforcement

was duelling against a former friend gone Death Eater Ronald Weasley He had shown his true colours in the Battle of Hogwarts when he turned on them all killing his mother and father his brother Fred and Sister Ginny and Best friend Hermione Granger when she refused to turn against Harry and Join Voldemort that all happened twenty years ago some Death Eaters were captured and sent to Azkaban others escaped hiding out and laying low until now when they attacked the ministry Jets of green red orange scarlet and purple lights were flying everywhere Harry had already fought Lestrange Greyback And Scabior Had just finished off Malfoy with a stunner when Ron who the tempory leader of the Death Eaters and leading this attack walked up to Harry raising his wand yelled Avada Kedavra a jet of green light shot from his wand Harry

ducked and yelled supplanto attempting to trip him up he jumped aside and waved his wand red light speeding forward Harry yelled out Protago and deflected the spell when someone crashed into him his wand falling from his hand and rolling away Harry pulled out the Elder wand just as Ron yelled Avada Kedavra Harry ducked just in time and the green light struck the Death Eater that crashed in to him Harry shot a stunner at Ron and wandlessly summoned his Pheonix wand back to him Pocketing the Phoenix wand He shouted Magna Mortem white lightning shot from the wand and hit Ron just as he put up a shield spell he was blasted off his feet and landed hard on the ground not missing a beat he shot a curse at a Death Eater who was about to Kill Neville who also joined the Aurors giving Neville enough time to collect himself and finish the Death Eater off with a stunner Binding him in chains afterward smiling gratefully at Harry he dropped a portkey on the Death Eater who disappeared from the Battle and into a Misistry holding cell before running off to find another death eater Ron got up and advanced on Harry and at the same time much like twenty years ago when Harry killed Voldemort for the last time Ron yelled Avada Kedavra at the same time Harry yelled Expelliarmus green light flew from Rons wand and met the crimson light from Harry's wand in the middle the two spells clashed for a while before Ron tried guilt trip him for the deaths that he couldn't stop Ron Harry yelled why why did you do this why join Voldemort Why did you kill Hermione Ginny Fred and your parents what did we do wrong help me understand and I can help you YOU CAN'T HELP ME Ron yelled

DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND I HATED YOU FOR AGES PRETENDING TO BE YOU FRIEND I HAVE BEEN A DEATH EATER SINCE BEFORE WE EVEN WENT TO HOGWARTS I JUST NEVER GOT THE DARK MARK UNTIL WE WENT OFF AFTER BILL AND FLEURS WEDDING I WENT TO THE DARK LORD THAT NIGHT I LEFT YOU AND THAT FILTHY MUDBLOOD GRANGER AND GOT THE MARK BUT HE ORDERED ME TO RETURN TO YOU AND MAKE UP AND APOLIGIZE YOU SEE I PURPOSLEY HELD YOU UP I MADE SURE THAT I GOT SPLINCED WHEN WE APPARATED TO SLOW US DOWN VOLDEMORT MAY NOT HAVE SUCCEEDED IN KILLING YOU BIT I WILL well thanks for falling for the trap but I am saddened to hear that Trap what trap Harry yanked on his wand cutting the connection between the two spells Ron stumbled forward hit the tripping jinx and fell on the floor Harry Bound Ron grabbed his wand and dropped a portkey on him whisking Ron away to a holding cell Harry ran forward to help Neville again when he shot a over powered stunning spell at the Death Eater he was facing the Death Eater ducked the spell the stunner flying straight toward Harry who didn't duck in time the spell collided with Harry's stomach blasting him off his feet everyone stopped to watch as Harry Potter Leader of the light The Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement leader of the Aurors the DA and defeater of Voldemort fly backwards and land on the time rune before the Rune glowed blue and so did Harry everyone watched helplessly as he disappeared from the Ministry to time unknown Everyone watched as there favourite Hero disappeared to who knows when