Harry Bound Ron grabbed his wand and dropped a portkey on him whisking Ron away to a holding cell Harry ran forward to help Neville again when he shot a over powered stunning spell at the Death Eater he was facing the Death Eater ducked the spell the stunner flying straight toward Harry who didn't duck in time the spell collided with Harry's stomach blasting him off his feet everyone stopped to watch as Harry Potter Leader of the light The Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement leader of the Aurors the DA and defeater of Voldemort fly backwards and land on the time rune before the Rune glowed blue and so did Harry everyone watched helplessly as he disappeared from the Ministry to time unknown Everyone watched as there favourite Hero disappeared to who knows when

26 years into the past

eleven year old Harry Potter was getting ready to leave for this Diagon Alley place when all of a sudden a blue glow surrounded Harry and he looked around confused wandering where he was when Hagrid walked in and said you ready to go to Diagon then it clicked he was eleven years old again mentally he thought shit well better makes some changes and so he smiled and said yes Hagrid smiled and said k see ya at the boat in five then he turned around Harry then frantically looked around to see if any possessions followed him when he saw them Both the Holly and Pheonix wand and the Elder Wand lay on the ground quickly picked them up and stowed them away and walked out thinking this should be interesting when I go pick up a wand he followed Hagrid to the boat and climbed in

Time skip 2 hours

Hagrid and Harry walked walked through the door to the Leaky Cauldron which was a dark and shabby place for something so famous the barman saw Hagrid and reached for a glass ah hagrid the usual I presume can't Tom Hagrid replied I'm on official Hogwarts business bless my Tom said it's Harry Potter all at once the bar stopped what they were doing Harry rolled his eyes Doris crockford Mr Potter can't believe I'm meeting you at last you already have Harry thought Harry shook hands with nearly everyone until they came to a stop Ah hello Professor I didn't see you there Harry Hagrid said this will be one of you teachers at Hogwarts Harry looked up and saw Quirrol Voldemort Harry whispered Quiroll paled w what w was t that m Mr P potter oh nothing I was just wandering why everyone new me is all so uh what do you teach professor D defence against t the Dark Arts f fearfully fa fasinting sure subject n not t that y y you need it eh P potter Harry smiled well it was nice meeting you professor see you at school Well let's go said Hagrid they reached the back door and Hagrid rappers the bricks with his umbrella the wall falling away Welcome Harry to Diagon Alley

Time skip 1 hour later

I still need a wand said Harry a wand well you'll want ollivanders for that no better place so Harry went to Ollivanders wand shop and tried out a heap of wands before he found one Holly and Pheonix Feather which amused Harry this was bloody deja vu the ages wandmaker saying curious very curious Harry asking what's curious and then The wandmaker launching into the tale of the wand that gave him the scar And then it was time to go grabbing Hedwig and his school supplies Harry headed off with Hagrid back to the dursleys hellhole.