"...something tells me this won't end well," Banjo stated as he was in his crocodile form, being at the Bubblegloop Swamp as his yellow shorts and blue backpack stood out.

"Gee, what makes you say that?" Kazooie said in turn despite not being seen, with the two seeing Krookodile approach the crocodile shaped home that was home to the vile mister that was infamous for his mini games.

"Well, this must be the place." The Kookodile stated as he got down on his four legs, trying to crawl into the hole. "This better be worth it..."

When Krookodile reached in, he was surprised to see another red crocodile staring at him. The red angry looking crocodile faced the crimson red crocodile Pokemon, smirking as he began barking up.

"Ahh! So you must be the other croc I heard about that was red and occasionally nasty!" Mr. Vile stated as he waggled his tail. "Well, Mr. Vile was getting bored of waiting, so I summoned you for I crave a challenge!"

"A challenge, eh..." The Krookodile remarked with a smirk as he folded his arms together. "What kind of challenge...?"

Mr. Vile then whistled as a bunch of red and white things popped out of the holes within the red ground, with him turning to Krookodile, who looked a bit startled.

"Let's start by seeing who can eat these the most!" Mr. Vile stated as he got an unfair head start, with Krookodile not willing to let that happen as he immediately began chomping down as well.