Maka's Pov

Death City, 3:04 p.m.

Friday, December 6

"PLEASE MAKA, AT LEAST GIVE ME A CHANCE!"Ox begs. I was heading to the main entrance, to meet with the group til Ox stopped me. He's trying to become my weapon but the problem is, he's not a scythe weapon. I want to be a Scythe Meister, just like my mom was.

"I'm sorry Ox, but you're just not the right weapon for me. I want to be a Scythe Meister"I tell him.


"Gomen Ox, it just won't happen. Now goodbye"I tell him as I walk away. I walk to the main entrance and see the others. "Hey guys"I greet.


"I'm sorry"I says.

"You okay Maka?"Tsubaki asks me"You look annoyed."

"Yes, I was annoyed by Ox"I tell them.

"What did he do?"Liz asks me.

"He begged me to be his Meister"I tell them.

"Then he really meant it, if he was begging"Kid says.


"Alright, lets go and get dinner now"Tsubaki says.

"Yeah"I say.

"YAY, WE GET TO EAT!"Patty cheers. As she was about to start walking she stops. "Where's Crona?"Patty asks me.

"He has to go to counseling today"I explain to Patty.

"Oh"she says with a sad face. We all start walking to Death Diner. Once we got there, we told the waiter how many people we had and then we were seated. The waiter give us all menus and 5 minutes after we ordered what we wanted to drink and food. Once she left, I turnaround and look out the window.

"maka...Maka...MAKA"Tsubaki calls.

"What?"I say.

"What do you think?"she asks me.

"I totally agree"I blurt out.

"You actually agree to move on and choose to be another type of weapon Meister?!"Kid repeats.

"Oh, no I totally disagree"I tell them.

"But Maka, if you don't find a partner in 6 months, you will not graduate or become a Meister"Tsubaki says.

"Guys, I will find a Scythe weapon, trust me"I say.

"That is the 12th time you told us that"Liz tells me.

"I swear, I will find a weapon and graduate with you guys"I say.

"Here you go guys...enjoy"the waitress says as she gave us our food. After she left, nobody said a word.

"...You promise that you'll find a weapon?"Tsubaki asks. She looked like she was ready to cry. Tsubaki and I have been friends since kindergarten with BlackStar. She would always make sure we would be okay and happy. I don't want to make her sad in anyway.

"I promise"I say. Deep inside myself, I have doubt.

"Okay"Tsubaki says.

"LETS EAT"BlackStar yells as shoving his food in his mouth.

? Pov

"The girl with pigtails, she's the one I need you to kill"my boss says.

"Why her?"I ask.

"Her dad is the famous Death Scythe, Spirit, and her mom was his Meister. Together they were the strongest team. Then they had her. She has both their strength and mind. She's a threat to our group"he tells me.

"Does she have a weapon?"I ask.

"No"he says, "even though she's the smartest kid at her school, she has not weapon and is lonely. Which makes it easier to kill her."

"Okay"I say.

"Don't mess this up"he says.

"Whatever"I say. I looked at the girl and examine her. "I don't think she going to be easy"I thought.

Maka's Pov

Death Diner, 5:40

Once we finished we paid and went outside. Ring...

We all turned and saw that Kids phone was ringing.

"Who is it Kid?"Liz ask him.

"My dad"he responds. He answers the call and holds the phone to his ear. "Hello...yes...okay...bye"he says then ends the call. "Maka, my dad wants you to go to school and talk to him"Kid tells me.

"Okay"I says, "well bye guys." I wave bye then start walking. As I was walking I see a little girl with her mom and dad. I envy that kid and what she has. I look away and walk faster. Once I got to school, I see Lord Death standing.

"Hi Maka"he says cheerily.

"Hello Lord Death"I say.

"Do you know why I called you?"he asks.

"No"I respond.

"I'm here to talk to you about you not having a weapon"he tells me.

"Oh"I say.

"You know the consequences, don't you?"he says.

"Yes"I respond.

"Maka, you are my smartest student and my wonderful niece, I would do anything to help you graduate but it wouldn't be fair to the other kids"he tells me, "I know you want to be a Scythe Meister just like your mom but it might not happen."

"I know"I say.

"But it all depends on you"he says. I then nod. "Thank you for coming Maka and I'm sorry"he says while giving me a hug. I hug him back then wave him goodbye and left. It was already dark. I was slowly walking home til I heard a familiar voice. I turn and see my dad with two ladies. He has his arms around them and was calling them angels. Then he sees me.

"MAKA BABY"he yells. He got up and starts running towards me. I kick him away then run. After running 10 blocks away from the bar, I stop. I turn to a wall and punch it. The wall cracked a little.

"That freakin pervert"I say. Ring...Ring... I pull my phone out of my pocket and look at the contact. I see my dads name on it and decide to ignore. As I was walking, he called me four times. Then finally gave up. I look at my phone and saw four missed calls and one voice mail. "What the hell does he want?"I thought. I press the play button and listen to what he had to say.

"MAKA, I LOVE YOU BABY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Also, be careful around where you live, people saw a wanted fugitive around your neighborhood. -"I stop the voicemail and listen carefully. Then-



Somebody attacks me. I was able to defend myself with my Scythe. Professor Stein made me a scythe and told me to use it since I don't have a weapon. I push the boy back and jumpbackwards. I look at him and realize that...HE'S A SCYTHE WEAPON.

"Found you"the boy says.

~End of Chapter 1~

Hey Guys, how are you? I decided to right a Soul x Maka fanfic. Hope you guys like it and see you later.