Maka's Pov

Wednesday, December 11

"Maka you need to hang out with your friends. Please don't worry about me and your father, we'll be fine".

"But mama, what papa is doing is wrong. He needs to stop mama or if he doesn't, he will ruin everything"

"Don't worry Maka, everything will be fine"

Chirp Chirp...

I open my eyes to a very sunny morning. I then look at my clock and see that it's 6:30 in the morning. I get up and change. Slowly I walk out the door, to find something I wouldn't think I would wake up to. I see my while living room clean and shiny.

"What the hell?"I say out loud.

"Morning" I turn to find Soul making food.

"Um, morning"I respond.

"How did you sleep?"he asks me.

"Um, fine, "I say, "and you..?"

"Fine, thanks for asking"he says as he turns around to finish what he's doing. The first thing that comes to my mind is that, I'm dreaming. I thought of pinching myself but I then thought it was stupid so all I did is rub my eyes, realizing it's not a dream.

"How long did this take you?" I ask.

"Why do you want to know?"

"Just curious"

"Well I'm not going to tell you"

"Why not?"


"Cause I didn't keep track of time" he says. I kinda wanted to call bullshit on that but o ignored it.

"Foods ready"I then snap myself out of my thoughts.

"Thank you Soul"I say as I sit down. He serves me then he serves himself. We just sit there, eating quietly. I scan him to see if there is anything off with him. After checking, I noticed that he has bag under his eyes.

"How long has he stayed up cleaning?"I wonder.

"Stop staring, it's creepy"I then jump out of my thoughts.

"Or is it that your falling for me"he says with a grin on his face.

"As if"I say bluntly. I quickly finish my breakfast and rinse my plate. I go to my room and grab my things. Then I walk back towards the door.

"See ya, Soul"I say as I close the door. I then start walking to school. A million things then flow through my mind.

"H-He actually cleaned everything" I say to myself. I felt my mind relax and my heart, pound differently.

"MAKA!"someone screams. I turn to see BlackStar running my way. Behind him is Tsubaki.

"Hey you two"I say with a smile on my face.

"Good morning Maka"Tsubaki says. I could see bags under her eyes, and her skin was somewhat paler then her actual skin color.

"Tsubaki, are you okay?!"I ask her.

"Yeah, I'm just tired from all the training I did"she says.

"What training?"

"BlackStar wants me to learn a new transformation so yesterday I was practicing til 1 in the morning"she explains. My jaw just drops.

"BlackStar, how could you do that to her?!"I say as shake him back and forward.

"Maka I will feel better, after I get a few hours of sleep"she says as she starts getting drowsy.

"I think you should take the day off"I tell her.

"I'm good Maka, anyway we have a new lesson to learn for the competition this Friday," I then realize I still haven't signed up to the competition.

"Let's go I forgot to sign up yesterday for the competition"I tell them as I start rushing to school.

Once we get there I run to the mission board and see the entering list.

"Thank god it's still here" I get the pen and wrote my name, but then realize I can't put Souls actual name because people will then get suspicious.

"Hmmmm" I wonder what name I would give him.

"I got it" I then wrote Yoru Hayashi. When I was small I always loved the name Yoru, to me it was just fascinating. As I look at the list, I realized that about 8 group signed up. Including BlackStar, Tsubaki, Kid, Liz, and Patty. Most likely I will be going against my friends.

"Maka, ready to go?"Tsubaki asks me. I turn and nod as I walk with her.


Once school ended, I rushed home.

"Soul!"I call. I find him asleep on the couch, with his earphones in his ear. I tap his shoulders and his eyes flutter open.

"Oh, your back"he says, "welcome back".

"Thanks, sorry to wake you up but we have work to do"I tell him.

"What work?"he asks.

"I was able to get us into the competition this Friday"I tell him.

"Oh, cool". "What did you you put my actual name?"he asks me.

"No, I put you as Yoru Hayashi"I tell him.

"Oh, why Yoru?"

"I just really liked that name"I explain.

"I see, well then where are we going to practice?"he asks me.

"I was thinking the park-"

"Hell no, we're are not going to be practicing there"he tells me. He then stands up, grabs his backpack and grabs my hand. Pulling me, forcing me to walk. We go outside and he takes me to his motorcycle. He gets on and starts the engine.

"Here put this on"he says as he hand me a helmet. I take the helmet and put it on me. He then gets his and does the same thing. He then starts driving . I decided to hold onto the sides instead of him.

"Hey Maka, is I were you, I would hold on to me because it's going to get bumpy like crazy"

"No thank you, but I think I'm-" I then felt the motorcycle shake and accelerate. Without thinking, I already tighten my arms around Soul.

"Told you"

"Whatever" as I wait for us to reach our destination, I decided to get to know Soul.

"So Soul, is it hard to keep yourself hidden?"I ask.

"No because the case of finding me went underground and they forgot about the Evans family, so no it's not hard"he explains.

"Oh, I see. So then what are you going to do with your future?"

"Really, I don't know, might just run away from the clan and find a job where my boss can't find me"

"What so bad about your boss?"

"He killed someone I loved and wants to kill me"

"But then why hasn't he done it yet...why hasn't he killed you already?"

"Truth, I don't know but he's using me for evil intentions"


"And what about you Maka Albarn, what are you going to do once your done with high-school"he asks me. I realize that me, Maka, don't have an answer.

"I don't know"I say with wide eyes. I decided not to continue the conversation. I thought of what I should do in the future but never really planned it, my true goal was to find a weapon... but then what... continue fighting my whole life..?

As a good 30 minutes pass, both in silence, we finally get to our destination. We were past the city borders that leads to the forest side here. Soul slows down the motorcycle and then parks.

" Soul, where are we?" In front of me is a center of wildlife, half of it is a little water terrain with a waterfall that comes from the top of the cliff and the other half is forest terrain.

"We have arrived at our training location"