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Fiore was a modern country that thrived with Etherion in the air, flourishing in its people and granting the world with all sorts of different powers and appearances. Magic was a part of daily life, guilds existed in the heart of their cities and mages existed to protect them. Of course, if you didn't grow to be the fighting adventurer type, there were a plethora of other jobs available in compact downtown cities where the hustle and bustle of everyday life was persistent. In between these to parts of a town, there existed the suburban areas, where mothers raised their children and children played and learned and formed their futures. And on the quaint Strawberry Street, a moving truck pulled away as Layla and Lucy waved it goodbye before stepping back behind their gate.

Their skin glowed a soft golden hue, hair rich with a honey color, brown eyes lit with a stream of stars, as they were born of the stars themselves. The Heartfilia family was one of the most well-known descendants of the stars, few could rival their power and brilliance. Lucy was a bubbly girl at the age of six, happy that her skin glittered along with the sun and grew as the night took over. They had skin that could increase to extreme temperatures, have the ability to grow to an extreme brightness, and call upon their friends in the sky to teach them and fight alongside them.

She and her mother had moved out of their family estate, hoping to find a peaceful and unstuffy childhood outside of the large mansion. Her father had insisted on staying on their property, running the family business from his beloved office and promising to visit the two women in his life as often as he could. Layla was slightly against his wishes but understood that this was a part of him, after all, he was descended from gods of luck and wealth. He liked to earn his families keep.

"Why don't you play in the yard with Michelle while I make us some snacks, Lucy. It's been a long day, hmm?" Layla smiled at her small daughter as she nodded excitedly, making her way to the apple tree in the corner of the grassy area. She grinned as she set her doll down against the thick trunk, running to do a cartwheel but falling and landing with a somersault.

"Did you see that, Michelle! I almost did it!" She laughed as she rose from the ground, her eyes turning towards the sky as she felt her heart clench. She had finally left that lonely mansion and would soon make friends her own age! As much as she loved playing with her friends in the sky, Lucy was ready to meet other kids, her mother had even promised to take her to the park as soon as her father had come to help them finish getting their new house in order. Lucy continued to do tricks and flips trying to impress Michelle as she waited for her mother to return with the promised goodies, suddenly shrieking as she landed her first cartwheel.

"Mama! Mama, I did it! I did a cart-" Her delighted jumping and shouting were cut short by sudden arms wrapping around her torso and lifted her into the air.

"Igneel's gonna be so proud that I found some gold!" A chipper voice spoke above Lucy as he flew swiftly away from her home.

"E-Eh?! G-Gold?! Let me go!" Lucy squirmed in his hold but stopped once she noticed how high up they were. She had yet to learn how to float like her mother so no doubt she'd fall if she wasn't careful.

"Don't move around like that, weirdo! I don't want to drop you!" He grumbled as he tightened his hold on her small form. She shut her eyes, frowning and crossing her arms as they continued a short ways away from her home, settling down in a yard on a couple streets opposite of where she lived.

As soon as he let her go, she quickly turned around and pushed him onto his behind. He yelped as he fell, rubbing it as his wings and scaled appearance sunk into his skin. She watched as the pink haired boy formed a frown of his own, standing up to push the short blonde onto her own. Lucy was no stranger to a tussle, after all, she had met a few small spirits that like to roll around the dirt with her. The star huffed and stood up, glaring roughly as her body began to heat itself involuntarily. She pounced on the boy, her outer glow suddenly saturated with a light red. They growled as they wrassled, stretching each other's face roughly, pulling on one another's hair, barring their teeth as both heated elements singed the grass and effectively dirtied their clothes.

"Natsu! Do I smell fire out here again?! What have I to-" Grandine was subsequently cut off as she saw her son at grips with a young girl she hadn't seen in their neighborhood. What was worse was the two of them were ruining her precious lawn! She stared at them in exhaustion, rubbing her pregnant belly with an irk present on her forehead. This kind of stress wouldn't be good for her poor daughter. "Igneel, get your ass out here!"

The fire dragon rushed through their front door at the sound of his wife's cry, gulping as she glared at him and threw a finger towards the two fighting children. "Please separate them before they ruin my yard any further. And before I kill your son for fighting with a girl."

"Alright, break it up you two!" Igneel said quickly as he rushed towards them, picking up the two by the backs of their shirts, struggling to hold them as limbs continued to flail in attempts to get at each other. He managed to cool down their heated exteriors with a simple touch of his palm to the crown of their heads. He quirked a brow as the girl returned to her original golden state; what an interesting feature.

"She started it!" Natsu accused as he threw a pointed finger at the girl, their feet touching the ground again as Igneel set them down.

"You kidnapped me!" She shot back, Grandine letting out a gasp as she came up behind the three. But was she really surprised? Her son was her son, what could she say?

"Natsu, is that true?" His mother asked, softening her features as she noticed his sudden nervousness.

"W-Well yeah…! But she's gold, right?! I brought her to be part of the hoard, aren't you proud, Igneel?" Natsu expressed with clenched fists at his sides, staring his father in the eye as the older male knew he felt his beloved stare holes through his body. As if he could have accounted for Natsu actually stealing a girl he thought was a piece of gold!

"Of course, Natsu! I'm always proud of you!" He laughed as he ruffled his son's hair, smiling as he grinned. "But she's not a piece of gold, I'm sure you can see that."

"That's right!" Lucy huffed as she crossed her arms. "I'm a star!"

"A star?!" Grandine seemed close to fainting as Lucy nodded, the evidence clear as day by the glittering universe trapped in the girls' eyes. Of course. Her son was the only one foolish enough to nab such a rare species from her home. In broad daylight. She wouldn't have a hard time letting Igneel explain this to the police.

"But she's shiny, so that makes her gold, right?" Natsu cocked his head to the side as his nose scrunched up, contemplating the new information he was given. There was no way she couldn't have been gold. "So that means we can keep her in the hoard!"

"Natsu…" Igneel sighed, there was so much he had to teach his poor son. He blamed himself for this, having told Natsu all about his adventures gathering treasure last night had definitely not been helpful. "She's a girl, just like Erza and Levy-chan. You've probably made her family worry if you took her from her home. Just because something is shiny doesn't mean it's gold. Especially not something that can talk."

"Oh…" He had finally seemed to understand what he did as he dropped his head, pout evident on his lips. "It's not good to make others worry."

"That's right, Natsu. Can you apologize to the young miss now?" His father asked, the boy nodding as he lifted his head. Lucy's features calmed as he reached forward, wrapping his arms around her in a hug. Her golden shade suddenly dyed a soft pink as Natsu pressed a kiss to her cheek and grinned widely.

"Where'd you learn to do that, Natsu?" His mother covered her mouth in feign surprise as she had actually hidden her smile behind her hand.

"That's how Igneel always apologizes to mama, did I do it right?" Natsu asked as he let go of the blushing girl, fascinated by her sudden color change.

"Y-Yes, but only mamas and papas apologize that way, Natsu. You should just say sorry next time, okay?" Igneel sweatdropped as his son nodded eagerly. Although he smirked inwardly, happy that his son had looked up to him with such astonishment. He was too cute for his own good.

"What's your name, little one? We need to get you cleaned up before we take you home." Grandine smiled down to the girl who had since returned to her former shade, pulling up the edges of her skirt as she curtsied to the older woman.

"Lucy Heartfilia!" She smiled delicately, the blue-haired woman flashing wide eyes to her husband. Just whose child had her son dared to kidnap?!

"Up to the bath with the both of you!" Igneel said as she broke his wife's stunned silence. Grabbing the hands of the two kids he whisked them into their home, letting his wife breathe and have a moment to herself. The Heartfilia name was well known, rather Igneel had business relations with little Lucy's father although they had not met in many years when he took precedence over raising his protege. Hopefully, Layla would recognize the dragon once he returned her daughter. He was surprised he hadn't realized who the girl was sooner, she was already the spitting image of the older fireball. (He made the mistake of calling her that to her face many years ago; still had the scar to prove it).

"Do I have to take a bath~?" Natsu whined as his father began stripping him of his t-shirt and shorts, doing the same with Lucy's dress. The girl did little to resist as Natsu had, even going as far as rinsing herself off with their showerhead. She was probably eager to get the grass itch off of her skin. Igneel pushed his son forward as he plopped him on the other stool, washing down his son as well as he let the water flow into their bathtub. The red-haired man helped the star wash her hair, making sure none of the suds got in her eyes before settling her in the water with his son already preoccupied with his water toys.

"You wouldn't mind staying for lunch, would you? I'm sure you must be hungry after all that, Lucy-chan." Igneel hummed as she nodded with a smile.

"Thank you very much, Igneel-san!" Natsu stopped shooting one of his dragon ducks with water as he turned his attention back to the girl next to him.

"Are you sure we can't keep her, Igneel? She smells nice." Natsu mumbled as he sniffed the blonde, her skin blushing with a soft pink again as she moved away from him. "And she's pretty like a hoard!"

"Oh, is that so?" He chuckled as his son nodded, chasing Lucy around the water as he insisted on smelling her more, the pink tint glowing brightly as she swam away. "I think you're supposed to ask her to be friends before we bring her into the family, Natsu."

"F-Friends…?" Lucy asked as Natsu stopped and held an outstretched hand to her.

"Yeah! Let's be friends!" He grinned as he took her hand and shook it with slight force. Her first friend…

Lucy smiled warmly as they got out of the bath, watching as Natsu dried himself instantly with a sudden burst of flames wrapping around his body.

"Isn't that cool, Luce? I'm a dragon so I can use fire like that all the time." He grinned as his father left the two in the bathroom to fetch them something new to wear.

"I can do that too!" The star attested to her statement as she burned with her inner flames, steam rising from her skin as she followed the young dragon's footsteps.

"Eh~, stars are really cool!" The young dragon stared at her in awe as she smirked, proud of her abilities, and proud to be able to finally show them off!

"I'm glad Mirajane's mama left us these clothes for your sister; you can wear these, for now, Lucy," Igneel said as he slipped a ruffled sundress over her tiny arms, a pair of small shorts acting as her undergarments. He pulled a red t-shirt over his son's head and clipped him into a pair of denim overalls. Natsu led Lucy down their stairs as he followed behind, ushering the kids to take a seat in the living room with his mother. Igneel stepped into the kitchen as he began to make simple sandwiches, letting his wife preoccupy them in the meantime.

"Is there really a baby in there?" Lucy wondered aloud as Natsu and she sat on either side of the air dragoness. They each had an ear pressed against her tummy, listening for the girl's movements.

"Yes, Lucy, it won't be long before she's born either." Grandine hummed, excited to meet her child soon enough and be able to nurture a smarter Dragneel... hopefully.

"I felt her kick!" Both kids exclaimed as they jumped when the baby beat against her mother's stomach. They giggled as her little feet pressed against their cheeks, hoping that she was ready to come out and play just as Grandine had said.

"Let's eat up quickly before Lucy's parents get worried any further." Igneel pressed them for time as he set down two plates onto their coffee table, letting the two kids eat their fill. Natsu wasted no time in sucking the food down his stomach, his parents had ingrained it into his mind to never let someone worry more than they should have. Lucy ate with proper table manners, but of course ate quickly and neatly as she was eager to return to her mother's side.

The family of almost four led the blonde on her 'journey' back to her home, the two parents quietly snickering at their sons attempts to impress Lucy with stories of his dragon history and how they owned a hoard of gems and gold coins that Igneel had hidden and continues to add valuables to whenever he comes across them. Natsu had insisted that since Lucy had sparkled as much as he had heard their treasure did so, he insisted that Lucy was one herself. Neither knew fully just what Natsu was saying, but his parents still found great pleasure in watching him fawn over the young star. They'd be using this against him in the future, no doubt about that.

As they approached they newly filled house on Strawberry Street, Lucy's mother could be seen crowded with a few others on their lawn. Lucy quickly recognized them as the 12 zodiacs her mother had often called upon to teach the star about her origin world and to play with her in general.

"Mama!" Lucy cried happily as she bounded through the gate, wrapping her tiny arms around her mother's leg. The older Heartfilia gasped as her daughter had returned to her, quickly picking her up to squeeze her in a massive bear hug.

"Oh, goodness, Lucy! Don't scare me like that!" Layla cried as she tucked her small head against her chest, sighing as her warmth spread over her. "I had no idea where you had gone off to!"

"Tch, I knew she'd be alright." Aquarius scoffed with soft features as she was reassured by her warm grin in the arms of her mother.

"It's good to see you, Lucy-hime," Capricorn said with a light smile. "We were just about to go looking for you."

"I sense you didn't leave on your own accord," Leo observed as he turned his head towards the Dragneel family waiting patiently in front of the crowd of spirits.

"Igneel-san?" Layla wondered as she set down Lucy who rushed to greet the rest of the spirits properly.

"My son has something he'd like to say," The older dragon said as he ushered his son to step forward and apologize properly.

"I-I'm sorry for making you worry about Lucy…" He said, nervously fidgeting his fingers as he stared at the older Heartfilia. "I took her without permission."

"Oh, is that so?" Her mother had seemed to calm down as she smiled at the nervous boy, giggling as his cheeks tinged a light red. "I'm glad it was you and not someone dangerous after all."

"Natsu is my friend now, mama!" Lucy grinned as she returned to the pink haired boy's side, waving to the spirits as they formed into yellow balls of energy and flung themselves back into the heavens.

"Woah…" His eyes beheld the bright brilliance the same as Lucy's had shown as he watched all twelve of the strange people return to the sky.

"My son's an idiot, really." Grandine sighed as Layla invited them indoors. "I apologize for causing such a ruckus."

"Lucy's no worse for the wear." Layla chirped as she watched her daughter lead the young dragon into their home. "And I'm sure she's excited to have made such an interesting friend."

And indeed she was.

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