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Ron felt the door open just slightly his eyes opened and he saw a young girl about his age sit in the cabin he currently occupied. She seemed to be saying something, but thanks to the headphones he couldn't hear.

She stuck her hand forward and waited, Ron took off his headphones, pausing the music. She looked at him expecting him to say something. So she cleared her throat and spoke again.

"I'm Daphne Greengrass, and you are?"

The small girl asked while looking at Ron, and stuck her hand out again.

"I'm Ronald Weasley, but my friends call me Ron"

He replied and then remembered what his mother had taught him. He shook her hand like one shakes a ladies hand. Gently gripping her fingers as opposed to grabbing her whole hand.

"Its a pleasure to meet you"

He said a little late, but it was the proper way to interact with a pureblood family after all.

Daphne noted his name and then her mind was cast back to her parents lecturing her on who and how to socialize with.

"As a Greengrass you have the responsibility to keep appearances so preferably interact only with the Sacred twenty eight"

She could hear her parents say, and if she remembered correctly. The Weaselys were pure bloods.

"The pleasure is mine"

She replies and they both remain silent. Daphne looks at him carefully, the robes he wore appeared a size or two bigger than he was. She found that odd.

Ron also studied his companion, her robes looked brand new, not that he knew about brand new. Having nothing but hand me downs all his life. Seeing as introducions were all but done with, he again placed his headphones on.

Muggles had an interesting take on music, and he found a fascination on their ability to store sound in objects like a disc. The discman was quickly becoming his favorite possession, and the charm on it kept it from dying as it was supposed to.

Daphne took interest once again on the apparatus on his head, having not seen anything like it before. It wasn't any magic she knew about, but she would. With a more than forceful tap on his shoulder she called his attention.

Ron looked at her and took off his headphones. He seemed a little irritated at being pulled away from sleep and the music.

"Why did you hit me so hard?"

He shot at her

"Well I tried calling your name, but you either ignored me or couldn't hear me"

She explained and given the circumstances, Ron sighed and gave in. He looked at her one more time.

"So what is it?"

He asked, wanting to get this out of the way.

"Those things on your ears, what are they and what do they do?"

The girl asked with curiosity, and Ron not knowing exactly what the device did or how it worked simply offered her the pair.

"Wear them and find out"

She put them off and was recived by the upbeat and relaxing tunes of Africa by Toto. The CD inside contained what the muggles called a "Mix CD".

Her expression was hard to read, as she took in the beats and lyrics. It wasn't like wizards didn't have music, but it was nothing like this.

A small smile spread slowly as she decided that she liked this, but was a little disillusioned as Ron pulled them away.

"Ronald what was that? What was that song called?"

She asked and Ron gave her a look that said "i dont know either"

"I really don't know, but I know it's muggle music"

It was then that a light knock on the cabin door snapped them out of their music trance. They both turned to an elderly woman who was pushing a trolley with treats.

"Would you two like to purchase any sweets?"

She asked the children who's eyes lit up, however Ron quickly became aware of his severe lack of money and faltered, his lool turning to the side. The young Greengrass however took note, and figured she could do something about it.

"We will take as much as this can buy"

Daphne hands her a small pouch with a mix of currency in it. The troley witch counted it. After that she handed them a bundle of items, assorted variety.

"Well aren't you going to get anything Ronald?"

She asked while looking at him

"I don't think that I-"

"Just get some candy, I bought it to share!" she interupted him.

Ron just looked at her and then took a candy bar from her lap. They both sat quietly eating candy, until the train had come to a stop in the town of Hogsmead.

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