Shego was half-way through beating up some nameless villain she and her brothers were picking on. Yeah, yeah, the guy had been bad but it was only a small bank and he'd not taken everything. Pausing to fire green plasma at a hapless henchman who could barely stand upright, she looked around the lair of this rather miserable creature.

He was rich, richer than she was, which galled her no end. His incompetency and inferior intelligence was paying very well. He also apparently like the company of women, and women apparently liked the company of the money he provided them with.

It didn't take long to realise the women involved didn't actually like the company of the squeeb himself and avoided having anything to do with him. But it would be unfair to call them gold-diggers. They weren't schemers, they weren't predatory, they certainly weren't destroying anyone, they seemed to have plenty of feelings and as far as Shego could see they were doing everything that had been expected of them.

This seemed to involve rather more reading Beatrix Potter stories to the guy than anything else, but each to their own. For a hundred thousand a day, apparently paid every few months, reading one short book did not seem a terrible ordeal.

She was also acutely aware that the villains were terrible fighters, inept planners and horrible book-keepers compared to the good guys. This meant that they were boring to fight. They offered no challenge.

It also meant that nobody was going to notice if any of the wages, which were paid in cash, got... diverted at the end of this battle. Her feet were killing her and urgently needed top-class treatment.

Treatment she couldn't afford but was going to need if she planned on unaided walking in later life. Treatment her brothers would see as senseless luxury and never mind the consequences for her. They were far too wrapped up in their own egos to care about her.

She recognized that some of this was an excuse, even though the complaints and concerns were real enough. Not that she cared.

Nobody was going to miss a few hundred thousand, cash, unrecorded and undocumented. This wasn't a spa she was considering. If it was for medical purposes, then the sign on the door didn't matter and it was a de-facto hospital. It was a hospital, as far as she was concerned, until she felt better. Then it would be a well-deserved spa.

The principal fighting over, she coaxed one of the girls who had recently started to take double her owed wages and meet her at the bottom of the mountain. It wasn't hard, the girl was terrified and obviously had no other income if that rib count was anything to go by.

They agreed to split the money fifty-fifty at the bottom.

Shego idly wondered if any of the other girls would get any of what they'd been promised. Hego was unlikely to think about the possibility that some might starve to death or turn to villainy to avoid that. Inadvertent evil through good.

And if even they could do evil dishonestly, then they had no business complaining if she was at least being honest about it.

Shego guided her to a secret exit that was glaringly obvious but totally missed by her brothers.

Clearing up at the lair did not take long but when it came time to depart, Shego suggested she stay behind to make sure everything was collected. Her egotistical brothers suspected nothing, as she had anticipated.

Now, to collect.

It didn't take long to find the girl, when it occurred to Shego that she was quite capable of taking all of it. Nobody would miss the waif. Shego doubted there were many who knew she existed. A fall would be so easy and, even if discovered, nobody would suspect a hero. Besides, what sort of life was it, if your best hope of food was to read stories to a criminal? It would be a mercy.

More importantly, if she wanted the easy money and tough battles for herself, she needed credentials. Evil credentials.

Six hours and a stolen car later, she was back in civilization and a lot richer. She could meet her needs and carefully-planted gossip would take care of her status with the criminal elite. And a hundred and fifty thousand was adequate.

She dropped the girl off at her house and gave her clear instructions on what to say and who to, along with what to buy and where. She was going to need a safe-house in a little bit until settled.