Kim was pleased that Shego had decided to become an artist as part of being good. Shego's art was very good and easily covered Shego's health spas and other "needs". Her paintings always sold quickly, sometimes for millions. In turn, Shego was pleased that Kim was "guiding" special ops her way, to meet a few of those needs.

Kim was in trouble, though. A student loan check was delayed, due to a controversial new management system at the loan service. Her rent was coming due and it was not going to help her, her education or her career if she defaulted. It might even lead to her being banned from some places of employment as it would be considered a huge red flag for employers and for obtaining a security clearance. Her anxiety was so the drama.

She was sitting next to Shego at the beach, fraught with worry.

"Ok, princess, I've not seen you this worried since they cancelled Pals. What's going on?"

Kim sighed. She hated talking about money problems, she hated sounding whiny and she hated having to explain to people why she and Shego trashed their places fighting when she didn't want to answer. Shego always got answers in the end and it was Kim's reluctance to talk and Kim's subsequent payouts to those affected that had wiped out the money saved up for college.

"I'm doomed. The loan's a month overdue, I've no food, no money, a landlord from hell and because I've been making those payouts, they've decided it's my fault."

Shego considered her former foe for a moment.

"Which it is. If you weren't so stubborn and go-it-alone, you'd be fine right now."

"But how am I supposed to be independent if I don't go it alone? I don't want to be a whiny brat."

"And that's what makes you one. Look, I don't have time to give you therapy right now, but can you at least let me help?"

Kim nodded then banged her head on the table in despair.

Shego grinned. She'd actually defeated Kim outright for once. That was fun. "Then go on to the beach and collect as many things as you can hold in both hands."

Shego got out her paints, easel and canvas.

When Kim returned, she was dripping wet, partly covered in seaweed and holding on to an assortment of stones and shells. She looked annoyed.

"Just hold that pose, Kimmie!"

It took about an hour for it to be complete, but the finished work, entitled "She Shells", was amazing. Hyperrealistic, depicting everything from the sand in Kim's hair to the mad glint in her eye.

It took fifteen minutes to sell for two million. Shego scrawled out a check that more than covered everything Kim had spent on damages, the rent and the remainder of her time at university, handing it to Kim after she had dried off somewhat on a towel Shego had brought.

"Now don't spend it all in one place."

Kim smiled weakly. Saved by her former foe. She wasn't sure how this would appear on official records, but she was grateful for now.

A GJ agent was discussing the same thing with the restaurant owner, who had worried about Kim's future, given how much she'd blown of her college savings.

"We at GJ had expected this for some time. Miss Possible's willingness to accept necessary help will be considered favourably."

"I am confused. You had expected Miss Go to sell a painting to help her?"

"Precisely, for it is well known that She sells She Shells by the sea shore."