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Epilogue: In the Wind

"I keep telling you, don't underestimate Her wrath!" Forrest Tanner shouted from his cell in the Mistral Sanzashi Prison. "The end is coming! The end is nigh!"

An inmate a few cells down groaned. "Man, that guy needs to shut up."

"Perhaps there's a method to his madness." One of his two cellmates said, his voice carried a sense of sophistication. The cellmate is a red eyed, white haired man with a scar on his chin.

The first inmate scoffed. "Only you would say that."

A guard bangs at the bars, getting the inmates' attention, before unlocking the cell. "#1953, you have a visitor." The red-eyed man rises from his seat and walks to the guard. He graciously held up his wrists to the guard. The guard, used to this behavior, cuffed him and escorted him out after closing and locking back the cell door.

"Who was that, anyway?" the other cellmate asked the first inmate.

"You mean you don't know? That man was the ringleader of the Sakuya Massacre and the leader of the Bount Group: Jin Kariya."

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