Donna and Emma were enjoying Parisian streets, "Paris, City of Lights" Donna smiled, "I can't believe that we're here for the semester"

"We were lucky are we?" Emma asked, "It's too bad the others won't join us."

Later, a familiar mail truck came in, "Come on you 2," Helen shouted, "I don't wanna be late for my temporary job."

Inside, they were joined by Wade, Samantha, Toshiro, Zhou, Baby Groot, Animal, and Rocket, "Tell me again why the 5 stooges of video games are here?" Rocket asked.

"Because Helen suggested that we could use some European air," Emma explained. "Also, Wade wanted to expand the business in Europe."

"I'm hungry," Zhou growled.

"There's a bakery around here." Helen replied, "I'll also be working to this bakery while you guys attend school."

They arrived at the front of Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. Inside, they were greeted by a big Italian man and a small Chinese woman. They were Tom and Sabine Dupain-Cheng. Sabine explained that they called that because Sabine wanted to keep the Cheng name alive.

Behind them, an elderly Chinese man took a big bite of a piece of bread he bought and started to choke. "He's choking," Donna shouted.

Wade and Toshiro grabbed him by the arms, Helen punched him in the tummy and the old man coughed up the macaroon. As they dropped him, Samantha helped him up. "Thank you." said the man, "It's not every day that your 120-year-old."

Everyone thought it was strange to see a living 120-year-old man.

As the man left, they saw a Chinese girl returning home from a delivery, "You must be Marianette," Helen guessed, "Tom and Sabine's daughter."

"That's right" Marinette replied, "I'm sorry I'm late, I had to run a catering delivery."

Later that day, Marinette showed them to the rooms they'll be staying. Donna, Emma, Samantha, and Helen will share rooms with Marinette while Zhou, Toshiro, Rocket, Animal, and Wade stay in the guest room. "Paris, Paris" shouted Animal as he got onto a hanger and fell asleep.

"Looks like Animal is ready for bed," Donna replied.

The next day, the gang were heading off to Nostradamus Elementary before they head off to Francoise Dupont High "Now, this is your first day of school in France." Toshiro replied to Zhou"Did you remember your lunch, pencils, and notebooks?"

"I did Toshi" Zhou answered,

"Now remember" Wade replied, "Your school ends at 2:30 while ours is at 3. Our school is around the corner from yours and it's best if you bring somebody along."

During recess, Zhou was having his lunch when he saw a group of kids playing. After he finished his lunch, he asked them if they could help him walk to Fran├žoise Dupont High School. The only one who was willing to do it was a Chinese girl with red clothes, her name was, "Qiang Qing". After they shook hands, Zhou saw that she had a dragon like a bracelet, "I love your bracelet." Zhou commented.

"My great-grandfather gave it to me." Qiang Qing explained.

"Is he alive?" Zhou asked.

"He is, he's been using a special herbal recipe that makes him live longer." Qiang Qing answered.

As they were rushing off to the swings, a Korean girl with braids noticed Zhou and got cupid struck.

Meanwhile, in class, Marinette was introducing Wade, Toshiro, Donna, Emma, Samantha and a really cute actor to the class. Donna quickly recognized him as actor and model, "Adrien Agreste" son of the fashion tycoon, "Gabriel Agreste".

As they sat down, they looked around and met the other students. There was "Alya" who was a reporter for the news channel, "Nino" who's a DJ, "Alix" a tomboyish athlete, "Ivan" a big bully with a big heart, "Juleka" a goth, "Kim" an Asian boy who's a jock, "Max" a nerdy boy who's friends with Kim, "Mylene" a chubby shy girl, "Nathineal" an artistic redhead, "Mifeng" a Chinese girl with bee patterns on her clothes, "Rose" a girly girl who's sweet hearts with Juleka, "Sabrina" a redheaded nerd, and her boss, "Chloe" the meanest girl in school and the mayor's daughter.

"So Marinette," "Don't the newbies look weird. I mean one is a dork, one has strange hair, one is old-school, one is too timid, one has strange clothes and the last one is a total cutie."

Donna and Emma were repulsed by Chloe's behavior, "She's like the Mia of Europe." Emma whispered.

During the day, they were being educated the Dupont way while getting to know some of the students better.

Later, Zhou and Qiang Qing were walking to Francoise Dupont High. They met them at the front of the school, along with Mifeng. "This is my big sister, "Mifeng" Qiang Qing explained, "I'm the youngest of 3, my eldest sister is a receptionist at our family spa."

Behind them, a familiar old man was slowly crossing the street when Rocket as driving the mail truck while talking on the phone, "Isn't that the same old man who we saved from choking?" Samantha recalled.

"And what is Rocket doing?" Wade asked.

Adrien and Marinette saw what's going on, rushed to the old man and got him off the street, "Great-Grandpa" Mifeng shouted.

"You saved our great-grandfather." Qiang Qing shouted.

"Reminds me of how you saved my life, Donna," Zhou whispered.

Mifeng and Qiang Qing decided to take their great-grandpa to their family spa. Before they could, he placed a red box in Marinette's purse and a black box in Adrien's pocket.

As our heroes got home, Mrs. Dupain-Cheng explained that a package came in for them while they were at school. Inside the package, was a ring with an ox on it, earrings that look like monkey tails, a bracelet that looks like a snake, a badge with a rat, and horseshoe-shaped cufflinks. They decided to take them to Marinette's room, so Marianette's parents won't think their weird.

When they got up, Zhou wondered which one was there's. Wade chose the ox ring because he remembered he loves the color blue, Samantha chose the monkey because she likes them, Zhou chose the rat because he didn't want people to think rats are a threat, Toshiro remembered that samurais rode horses, so he chose the cufflinks, and Helen picked the snake one because she remembered that snakes meant deception, when she created her male avatar, it was used to hide her lesbian.

When Marinette looked in her purse, she saw the red box with earrings in them. "There's something fishy going on?" Donna asked.

As they placed on the jewelry, 5 mysterious, yet cute creatures came out. They were called, "Kwamis" guardians of the Miraculous. At the same time at Agreste Manor, Adrien found the ring in his pocket, placed it on, and out came "Plagg" a cat like miraculous.

Little did they know, is that a mysterious villain named, "Hawk Moth" sensed that they were activated. He wanted their power so he can have absolute control. So he made a black moth and tell it to akumitize, someone.

To Be Continued