Outsider Chronicles: Thats So Wrong

Getting reborn into the world of Harry Potter is...interesting. I'm sure that many reading would think that it'd be great, but what if you were Harry's sibling in a WBWL story? Yeah, thats me. Now I have to deal with annoying parents, gold diggers and annoying 'friends'. Still, its not all bad. At least Harry's new family and friends are the hero type.

...well, I wasn't expecting the reactions I got for this story, although hardly anyone actually guessed what I had in mind and no one correctly guessed which version of Harry it'd be. Heres another clue, hes not an Outsider. With that said, lets get started...with a chapter that is almost entirely for those people who demanded Black Rabbit putting in an appearance. Remember, this is NOT crossed over with Problem Children. Enjoy!

Chapter 3

You know, most kids my age look forwards to the Summer Holidays, but not me. Last year, my Father had largely left me be, other than occasionally dragging me out to show me off like some prized dog, but for some reason, he was even worse this year! It probably had something to do with the slaying of the Basilisk considering he'd been leaking it everywhere he could. I'd even had to suffer through an interview with the Wizarding Wireless, during which I'd spent most of the time wanting desperately to repeat my feat with the Basilisks skull on the moron interviewing me. As a result, I hadn't had chance to do any of the things I had planned for the Summer and it didn't look like James would be letting up any time soon.

Then, the chance to escape came, quite out of nowhere, on a warm day where I had a few hours to myself and was taking advantage of it by enjoying the sun the the Potter mansion gardens.

"Urrrg, so bored!" I groaned, stretching out my arms, "I need to find something to do that doesn't involve sycophants…"

I sighed and closed my eyes, intending to take a nap. Before I could drop off however, there was a quite pop from next to me and I opened one eye to see one of the House Elves stood next to me.

"Tippy is sorry for disturbing Master Bran, but Master Bran has a letter," said the Elf.

I blinked. I hadn't been expecting any mail and it usually arrived with breakfast.

"I see," I said, taking the letter, "Thank you Tippy."

The Elf bowed and popped away as I examined the letter. It looked perfectly normal, with my name scrawled across the front in red ink and a seal on the back depicting a coiled serpent or dragon I didn't immediately recognize. I opened the letter, trusting that the Wards and Elves would have dealt with anything potentially harmful, and pulled out the letter inside.

The Burrow

Ginny Weasley sighed as she shut her bedroom door. Her summer had been going...strangely. Between the strange powers she'd had since the...incident, the Mind Healer she'd been talking to every week (and hadn't her Mother been angry when she'd found out that Bran had been paying her directly instead of giving the Weasleys the money for them to pay. Ginny wasn't entirely sure why she'd been angry and she had a nasty feeling she wouldn't like the reason when she found out) and the realizations she'd come to as a result of talking to said Mind Healer, she was mentally rather tired by this point. It certainly didn't help that her Mother had been smothering her even more than normal, to the point where Dr Yamada had had to kick her out of the room they were using at least once a session.

Speaking of which, Ginny couldn't help but feel that she owned the good doctor a lot more than just for helping her get over her encounter with Tom. During the first session, Dr Yamada had made it clear that Ginny was the one in control of the conversation, that if she didn't want to talk about something, or at all for that matter, that was fine. To begin with, Ginny had been hesitant, not least of which due to the Wizarding World's impression of Muggle physicians which Yamada technically was, although she was also a Squib, hence why she could work with magicals. However, after a couple of sessions, Ginny had opened up to the older woman and been able to talk about her experience with Tom, guided by the patent womans subtle cues and questions to keep the conversation going.

However, that wasn't all they talked about. They had also discussed other things, from Ginnys rather narrow view of the world, to her relationship with her family and even the (in hindsight, rather creepy) infatuation she'd had with Bran or, to be more precise, the image she had of the BWL. It was rather ironic really. Before the last year, she'd have been ecstatic to have her power that would allow her to get the very thing she wanted with a simple sentence, but now the very thought of taking control of someone in that way made her feel sick. Hell, even the story her Mother often told of how she and her Father had got together thanks to a love potion that she used to think was romantic now made her uncomfortable.

Despite that and the horrific experience, she couldn't help but feel a little grateful to Tom. Thanks to him, she had been set on the path to becoming a decent person and would hopefully find someone she liked for real, rather than having a deliberating crush on an ideal that was entirely fictional.

Ginny sighed again as she walked across the room towards her bed. However, as she passed her desk, she noticed something out of place. She paused and took a second look. Yep, still there. Sitting on top of her desk was a letter addressed to her that hadn't been there that morning. She frowned as she moved closer, pulling out her wand and casting a detection spell she'd learnt to detect any enchantments on an item. After finding nothing, she picked up the letter and turned it, her frown deepening at the sight of the unfamiliar crest on the back.

"Who'd send me a letter like this?" she muttered, "And how did it get here?"

Now really curious, she opened the letter and pulled out the note inside.

Granger Household, Croydon

Had anyone at Hogwarts ever met Anne Granger, Hermione's younger sister by one year, they would likely have had a hard time believing that they were siblings. While both girls had dark brown hair and eyes and were among the smartest in their classes, Anne's hair was cropped into a short, pageboy cut, making it much more manageable, and the petite girl was far, far more introverted than her sister. Despite being just as smart as her sister, Anne didn't shove it in other people's faces or even really take that much pride in it.

The truth was, even if she was the type, she wouldn't get many chances to show off her brains considering she spent most of her time in hospital. Ever since she was a baby, Anne had been a rather fragile individual, resulting in a lot of time spent off school or in hospital. As a result, along with her natural shyness, she didn't have any friends her own age, other than her pet cat Calico and was often lonely thanks to her parents long hours and her sisters aenal and know-it-all nature making spending time with her difficult after they reached school age. Oh, don't get her wrong, Anne loved Hermione dearly, but she was still better dealt with in small doses. Honestly, you'd have thought the girl would have figured out that shoving your brains in kids faces was a recipe for disaster.

Somehow, Hermione had got even worse after she got her Hogwarts letter, something that Anne had to admit made her rather jealous. What little girl didn't want to go of to a magical castle and learn magic? Unfortunately, she knew that, even if she did get a letter next year, there would be no way that Anne could attend thanks to her weak constitution. There had been a brief flicker of hope when they'd met Mcgonigal, but that had been dashed when her Parents had bought up the possibility of Magical help. Unfortunately, while Magic could do a lot, it couldn't fix Anne.

That didn't stop her from getting a letter the next year though for reasons that she wasn't entirely sure of, although apparently the letters were automatic. The realization that she had the potential to be a Witch yet was unable to thanks to her stupid weak body was an unpleasant one, but Anne had basically resigned herself to that by this point, so it wasn't that hard to deal with.

However, despite that, that year also provided a jolt that would change Anne's life for the better. To bad it had to come with a letter that carried nothing but bad news. Her parents tried to keep it from her, but that didn't stop her from overhearing that her sister was in the hospital. Details were sparse, other than the fact that she was alive, but unresponsive.

Now, long weeks in the Hospital, combined with being the Daughter of two medical doctors, even if they were dentists, meant that Anne was well aware of what that could mean. The idea that her sister, her only Human friend, no matter how annoying she could be at times, could have been injured badly enough to be in a coma was one of the single worst moments of her life and she'd ended up fainting.

She still wasn't entirely sure what had happened while she had been unconscious, but when she'd woken up, she'd known that something had changed. For starters, she felt strong. Much stronger than she ever had before and, when she'd moved to get out of bed, she'd found that she no longer needed her crutches. She felt whole and healthy for the first time in her life and, ironically, that new strength nearly made her collapse again. Her Parents had been understandably surprised and the Doctors were no different when, after so many tests she'd lost count, they had declared her to be 100% healthy with none of the issues she'd had the day before.

It hasn't been until she'd got home that she'd discovered that she could now understand animals. Her reaction had been...odd. Most people would probably have freaked out, but Anne had just started for a moment before accepting it. She was a remarkably adaptable person.

Following that, she'd experimented and found that, not only could she talk to any animal she met, she also had the ability to take on the animal's abilities after befriending them. However, that was secondary to the ability to speak to her friends.

She spent the next year putting her gift to the test, speaking with any animal she met and increasing the number of friends to include everything from dogs, cats, various types of birds, the flock of bats that lived in an abandoned house in her neighbourhood and even the penguins at her local zoo.

Currently, she was sat at the bottom of the vast gardens of her family home, talking with some of her feathered friends, when Calico came running up with a letter in his mouth. Anne looked down at her friend as he hopped up on her lap.

"Is that for me?" she asked.

The cat nodded and she took the letter, flipping it over to see a crest she didn't recognize on the back. Knowing that the Wards wouldn't allow anything dangerous in, she broke the seal and pulled out the letter.

Dear Special Children,

You are hereby invited to a once in a lifetime event, to play and fight alongside us and experience a summer unlike any other! Friendship, magic and a world of fun await you here at the Little Garden!

Separated by miles, three letters began to glow and three children felt a hook behind the navel that dragged them, quite impossibly, away from their homes, through Wards meant to keep such a thing from happening, and into a world of swirling colours...right before the world reasserted itself and the found themselves high above a forested area that gave an excellent view of the vast theme park laid out before them as they plummeted to what might well be their deaths.

Back to Bran

I barely had enough time to register the change in local, before the fact I was plummeting towards a large pond hit me.


I was cut off by the impact with the water that, surprisingly, didn't immediately pancake my companions. Considering how tough I was, I'd have survived it no problem. I turned in the water and started swimming to the surface. Less than a minute later, we were back on the surface, trying to get the water out of our clothes. It was at that point that I realized that one of the girls was Ginny and the other was a young brunette I didn't recognize off the bat. She definitely didn't attend Hogwarts.

"Well, that was certainly interesting," I said as I emptied water out of my ear.

"Thats one way to put it," grumbled Ginny.

"So, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you two got strange letters to?" I asked.

"Yep," said Ginny as the strange girl nodded as she dried off her feline companion.

I eyed the girl for a moment, before turning my attention to Ginny. We could introduce ourselves in a moment since she seemed to be more interested in making sure her cat was OK.

"So, how are you doing Ginny?" I asked.

"Oh, um, much better thanks," said the red-head, her cheeks pinking slightly.

It wasn't anything as bad as it had been though and she was holding herself in a way that suggested that she wasn't quite as infatuated with me anymore.

"Thank you for hiring Dr Yamada," she continued, "Talking to her helped a lot more than I thought it was. Mum wasn't to pleased, but...thanks."

I smiled.

"Its no problem," I said, "Like I said in school, its not fair that you should go without help because your family doesn't have enough money to pay for it."

Ginny smiled and nodded. With that done, I turned my attention back to the blonde and her cat.

"So, we know each other, but who are you?" I asked.

...Anne Granger," she said, "Call me Anne. This is Calico."

My eyebrows shot up.

"Granger?" I asked, "Your related to Hermione?"

The girl nodded.

"Yes, shes my sister."

"Really? Huh…"

"Nice to meet you Anne," said Ginny, "I'm Ginny and this is Bran."

The girl nodded slightly with an equally slight smile.

"So, any idea why we're here?" I asked, "Or where here is?"

"The letter said something about an event at Little Garden," said Ginny, "I think thats a Magical amusement park, right?"

"Well, that explains the where, but not the why," I said, catching sight of movement in the bushes, "So, shall we ask the person lurking in the bushes?"

There was a muffled yelp and the head I could see darted back out of sight.

"Ohh, good eyes," said Ginny, "I take it you saw them to Anne?"

The blonde shook her head.

"Not saw, smelt," she said.

I raised an eyebrow.

"Well, aren't you an interesting one?" I muttered.

I raised my voice.

"Hey, we know your there, so stop hiding!"

There was a rustle from the treeline and I narrowed my eyes. I didn't like this. I tensed my legs.

"If your not going to come out, I'll come and get you!" I shouted.

There was a yelp of surprise that quickly became a scream of shock as I jumped across the clearing and smashed the tree and a good portion of the ground around it to bits, forcing the person hiding there to jump out, revealing...a young woman with long, blue hair, red eyes and bunny ears, wearing a black collar with white frills, a black, double breasted thigh length vest, a red mini skirt, black stockings supported by garters, red shoes and large wrist cuffs. My eyebrows nearly went into orbit at the sight.

"Whats with the outfit?" asked Ginny.

"Cosplay?" murmured Anne.

I decided not to ask how Anne knew about cosplay, mainly because I was to busy trying to decide how I should react to Black Rabbit. Somehow, I knew this was going to be fun.

"W-what? No, Black Rabbit doesn't cosplay!" protested the bunny girl, "This is...AH!"

She was cut off as I jumped at her again, mostly because I wanted to see her reaction. She jumped out of the way, landing in a tree, only to be forced to vacate her perch as Anne jumped up after her and started chasing her through the canopy with impressive agility. That is until a flock of birds suddenly started attacking her, resulting in her losing her balance and falling to the ground with a thump.

"Oww, that really hurt!" moaned the rabbit girl, rubbing her no doubt aching behind.

She twitched with a yelp of shock as we suddenly stepped up in front of her, glaring down at her. I was mostly going along with it because it was rather funny to see her reactions.

"Alright, who are you?" I asked.

"A bunny girl?" asked Ginny.

"AH, n-now lets not do anything haisty!" yelped the girl, "I'm your frie...AHHH!"

She yelped in pain as Anne suddenly grabbed an ear.

"AHHH, your so mean, pulling off Black Rabbits wonderful ears!" cried the girl, "Its barbaric, its harrasment! Do you get some perverse pleasure out of hurting her or something?!"

"This peaks my curiosity," said Anne, a look of amusement on her face.

Black Rabbit freed herself from the blondes grip and spun around.

"Y-you can't just do as you please!" she snapped.

Unfortunately, she'd put herself directly between Ginny and I and I was having far to much fun not to continue the gag.

"Crazy, so these are real then?" I asked as I grabbed one ear.

It was rather soft and warm, not unlike an actual rabbits ear.

"I wanna see," said Ginny, grabbing the other one.

"AHHH, oh no, don't do that!" screamed Black Rabbit, "Black Rabbits ears are...AHHHHH!"

Eventually, we took pity on the poor bunny and let her go. She quickly scuttled out of range, nursing her abused ears as she muttered to herself.

"I can't believe this," she muttered, "This must be what they call a lack of discipline in the classroom! Why am I stuck with such troublemakers?!"

"Shut up and talk already," I said as I dropped down on a small hillock that made a perfect seat.

"Alright fine," grumbled Black Rabbit.

She got to her feet, took a deep breath and spun around, a wide smile on her face.

"Welcome, all of you, to the Little Garden!" she said, spreading her arms wide, "The world's only Magical Theme park and home to all manner of wonders unlike anything you've ever seen before!"

She waved a hand and the trees behind her somehow shifted away to reveal the vast expanse of land that was full of all manner of rides, tents, buildings and crowds of people moving around. The sounds of screams, laughter and the general noise that came with any theme park drifted up on the winds as whatever enchantment that had been hiding them vanished.

"The three of you have been invited here personally by Lady Abby to take part in a special event where you can put your unique powers to the test!"

"Whose Lady Abby?" asked Anne, sounding interested.

"Shes the owner and founder of the Park," said Black Rabbit, "Shes...unique, but very powerful and interested in the three of you."

"Huh, thats interesting," I muttered, "So, do we have to come?"

"Of course not," said Black Rabbit, "If you don't want to play, we'll send you straight home to your normal, boring lives. Or, you can come and have fun with us and learn all sorts of amazing things, win prizes and meet new friends!"

"New friends?" asked Anne, looking even more interested.

Black Rabbit smiled and nodded.

"Of course," she said, "New friends, new foes, new rivels, new knowledge, new fights, new things to see and do. All of these and more can be found here in Little Garden!"

She spread her arms again.

"So, what do you say?" she asked, "Will you come join us?"

"You had me at having fun," I said, getting to my feet, "My summers being boring till now and anything that can get me away from my ass of a Father for a bit is good in my book."

Ginny smiled and stood.

"I'm in to," she said, "I need to get away from Mum for a bit anyway or I'll go mad."

Anne stood as well, her cat in her arms.

"I want new friends," she said softly.

Black Rabbits smile widened even further and she was practically jumping in joy.

"Excellent!" she exclaimed, "Come on, now your sticking around for a while, Lady Abby wants to meet you!"

She beckoned and we followed her off the hill and down towards the park far below.

It took surprisingly little time to reach the park proper where Black Rabbit led us confidently through the crowds of people having fun. I couldn't help but notice that a good number of the employees had features that weren't entirely Human, ranging from animal ears and tails, to a few that had Demonic features. I'm pretty sure I even saw a Succubus walking around. I couldn't help but smirk. This place was certainly looking to be very interesting.

"This place is beautiful," said Ginny as we made our way down a street lined with cherry trees that were somehow in full bloom.

"Getting Cherry trees to bloom this late in the year is quite the feat," I said, "I assume some kind of Magic is involved?"

"Lady Abby's power allows for a lot of things," said Black Rabbit.

I frowned. That...didn't quite answer the question, but before I could push, Anne spoke up.

"Hey, is that where we're going?" she asked, pointing at a building with a familiar snake crest on the sign.

"Yes, thats…" started Black Rabbit, but was cut off by a loud yell of joy and a white blur shooting out of the building in question.

"OH BLACK RABBIT, I'VE MISSED YOU!" yelled the blur as it tackled the bunny girl, sending both of them into the canal that ran alongside the path.

I sighed. For some reason, I was utterly surprised to see that the blur was apparently a Shiroyasha lookalike who was, naturally, molesting Black Rabbit.

"GAH, ABBY YOU LITTLE PERV!" yelled the bunny girl, "GET THE HELL OFF ME!"

She grabbed the diminutive demon(?) by the head and tossed her away in my direction. My response was to kick her in the stomach, sending her crashing to the ground.

"HEY! You don't just kick a beautiful girl when shes flying at you for the first time!" yelled the silver haired girl, "Where are your manners?!"

"Heh, the names Brandon," I said, "Nice to meet you, loli cat thing."

"Why am I the only one who ends up all wet?" moaned Black Rabbit as she climbed out of the canal.

A few minutes later, we were in a Japanese style meeting room, sat before the Shiroyasha look-a-like.

"Howdy," she said, "I'm the owner of the Little Garden, Abaddon, but you can call me Abby."

I blinked.

"Abaddon?" I asked, "Isn't that a Demons name?"

Abaddon smirked.

"It is, but I'm a little older than any Human religion," she said.


"You mentioned in the letter that you knew about our powers," said Ginny, apparently taking that bit of information in stride, "How?"

Abaddon's smile grew, showing off a set of sharp, if rather adorable, fangs.

"Why, because I'm the one who gave them to you," she said.

"What? Why?" I asked, a little taken aback, "And how?"

"It seemed like a good idea at the time," said Abaddon with a shrug, "Although...I'm not entirely convinced that Fortuna can deal with those two idiots without making something worse. I want to make sure that, if the worst happens, nothing happens to this world. I happen to like it."

She smirked.

"As for how, lets just say that giving powers is what my kind do."

I blinked a couple of times, before it clicked.

"Oh you have got to be…" I started, but was cut off when Abaddon pointed at me and my tongue glued itself to the roof of my mouth.

"Ahh, none of that," she said, "Theres no fun in blurting it out like that."

I swallowed as my tongue came loose, feeling rather odd about the fact that I was sitting across from something that could casually obliterate entire planets who apparently owned an amusement park and did things for the amusement value. I didn't even know things like her were capable of that!

The other two lucky(?) kids glanced between Abaddon and I with obvious confusion on their faces.

"Riiight, well, whatever, I'm more interested in finding out what you have in mind for us," said Ginny.

"Well, I really want to see what you three are capable of," said Abaddon, leaning forwards with a worrying gleam in her eyes, "Code: Unknown, Authority and Genome Tree, three of the strongest powers I've ever created...yes, I would be very interested to see what you can do."

I blinked and smirked.

"Oh, you do do you?" I asked, getting to my feet, "In that case, why don't you show us what you've got?"

Black Rabbit looked surprised.

"W-wait, what?" she gasped, "You can't mean to…"

Anne and Ginny stood up, cutting the rabbit girl off.

"I'd be interested in seeing that to," said Ginny with a slight smirk, "My powers given me a new appreciation for seeing...interesting things and testing myself."

"I'm interested to," said Anne.

Abaddon looked between the three of us for a moment, before a smirk of her own appeared.

"Ohhh, so you want to play a game with me?" she asked, "Or is it a duel you really want?"

She lifted a hand and snapped her fingers. The world did something extremely strange and, in the space of a blink, we found ourselves stood on bare rock, looking up at what looked like a vast mountain range made up of countless, crystalline peaks that gleamed brightly in the light of the sun that was beating down on the desolate land with a dark gray sky. Abaddon was floating in the air before us, a wide grin on her lips and her eyes glowing crimson.

"Welcome, foolish Humans, to my world," said Abaddon, spreading her arms wide.

I blinked, trying to figure out what she was talking about, before the mountains behind her shifted. It was at that point that I realized that they were not, in fact, mountains, but instead were part of...something that was so vast that, no matter how massive the 'mountains' had appeared, they had nothing on the fact I was now realizing that they were so far away that the bases were actually beyond the curvature of whatever planet we were on. I watched, eyes wide and brain whimpering as it tried desperately to properly register what it was seeing, as a crimson orb with a slit down the center opened in the sky. No, thats not right, the SKY was hidden behind the creature!

There was a muffled thump from beside me and some part of me that wasn't completely in shock noticed that Ginny had fallen over while Anne was doing a good impression of one of the Basilisks victims, her eyes widen in utter horror.

Then, as suddenly as it had come, the world flickered and we found ourselves back in the meeting room. Immediately, I let out the breath I didn't know I'd been holding, nearly collapsing forwards as every muscle in my body turned to jelly. That was...I don't even know how to explain it! And Abaddon was supposed to be a SMALL one?! Fuck me…

"So, still want to test me?" asked Abaddon, smiling angelically.

I swallowed.

"I'm good," I said, a little horsley.

"What the FUCK was that?!" gasped Anne, her eyes still wide and sweat dripping from her forehead.

"Oh, just my real body," said Abaddon cheerally.

Now we were all staring at her warily.

"Anyway, I'm sure you're wondering why I bought you here, right?"

"I...guess so," I said, shaking off the effects of being confronted by something beyond Human understanding.

Abaddon smiled and snapped her fan open.

"The anniversary of the Little Gardens opening is coming up," she said, "You might have heard of it, yes?"

I shook my head. Father wasn't really keen on foreign news and, as such, it was rather hard to get it at times.

"Every year, I hold a little festival to celebrate the opening of the park," said Abaddon, "The events include games, a parade and a tournament. Usually, that would be a simple dueling torment, but this year will be a little different. Rather than being limited to Wanded Magic, I've partnered with a bored Watcher to hold a showcase of other powers and skills from all over the Multiverse. Yes, I said Multiverse. However, I do rather need some representatives of my own and, since your powers come from me, your the perfect choice. Well, other than White Rabbit, but hes a bit busy at the moment."

She muttered something about annoying morons. I narrowed my eyes.

"Your talking about a combat tournament," I said.

"I am indeed," said Abaddon, "And the contestants are all people who can easily match or even outclass you in terms of sheer power. Chances are, you won't have to hold back, especially since the matches will be taking part in enclosed pocket dimensions. So, interested?"

The three of us glanced at each other, grinned and nodded.

"Count us in," we all said at the same time.

Abaddon's grin matched ours.

"Excellent," she said.

You know, I planned to keep going with this until I finished the matches, but...I've decided I'm gonna post it! As an added bonus, I actually now have an idea for the Third year, although it still likely won't be very long.

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I...really don't think I need to spell out who and what Abaddon really is, do I? No, of course I don't, its blatantly obvious.

I had a few ideas for who could hold Ginome Tree after I decided I might as well go all out with the Problem Children elements. I started with Gabby, but then I had an interesting idea, so I changed it to Hermiones OC sister. Said idea fell through, but I have other ideas that'll be fun, so I kept her. Most of those ideas involve Anne giving her sister a headache due to being a Problem Child.

If your wondering why Ginny's personality has changed, its due to a combination of her experience with Riddle, talking with Dr Yamada and her power. Abaddon's Shards don't make people seek out conflict per say, instead, they make them more battle happy. They won't go looking to start fights, but they'll sure as hell finish them and have a ton of fun while doing it. Its part of the fact that Abaddon is the Problem Child of the Entities since, you know, Shiroyasha.

Yes, that was Dr Yamada's Earth Magi counterpart. Yes, shes just as memeishly good as the one on Bet. If your wondering, shes a Muggleborn and works in both worlds. Oh, um, yes, this is crossed over with Worm. You know, if you haven't figured it out yet.

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