Many places have their secrets, they would take to the grave.

But when the everyone's home was on a break of existence. All great leaders and all those who were important had all come together. They form alliances and soon came a secret organisation.

The organisation consisted.

Ninjas, Wizards, soul reapers, exorcist, and shockingly pirates.

When the threat has been dealt with the alliance was kept, but the organisation was disbanded.

Till a day they all need to come one once again.


In the shadows in an unknown location.

?: so its almost time, boss

Boss: yes, very soon we will have what we failed to obtain 55 years ago. We had spent time planing all these years, now soon we can bring down those who did us wrong

All: yes

They all cheered and put on a cloak to cover their faces as well as a mask.

The boss" we had lost once, but now everyone is at peace, we shall destroy that. Piece and take over the lands," serious tone as he looks at the warriors leaving and sat on a throne. Boss had a malicious smirk." Watch as we take your home as you did to us!"