Challenger: My Hero Academia edition

Challenge Three: Quirk Imagination

Story Topic: Izuku is born with a quirk that makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Objectives: Both must be use

1) Izuku's quirk allows him to either create his own superpowers by imagining it or he can create artificial beings from his imagination that fight for him.

2) Izuku does not receive one for all, because that would be stupidly overpowered.


All Mentor: Find a way for ll Might to train Izuku

Kaachan: Try to make Bakugou less of an ass

Harem: Give Izuku many lovers

Weaknesses?: Try to give Izuku a reasonable weakness to this quirk

No Mineta: Get rid of that grape haired pervert

Dreams Do Come True: Let Shinsou into the hero course, Class 1-A