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Chapter 10: The Truth Revealed Part 3

~Previously on A Moonlight Love

"We found out that the letter is by your great grandmother Elenuta Ihrin." Tony explains to his cousin in a worried and caring manner which shocks her.

"That can't be true…My great-grandmother's maiden name is Anghel, not Ihrin…" Violeta said to the trio out of shock.

"Trust me, Vi. You have to read this…" Tony said to his cousin as he hands her the letter.

Violeta sighs, grabs the letter and begins to read it with Gregory.

Once Violeta reads the letter with Gregory,

Her eyes widen in shock and her fist clenched in anger.

"I think we need to have another talk with our parents…." Violeta said to Gregory in a venomous tone of voice.

"Absolutely my dear…" Gregory said to Violeta in agreement in the same venomous tone as well.

~Onto the story!

Before the two lovers stormed into the castle to speak to their parents (Well…Mostly their fathers),

Tony, Anna, and Rudolph stop them from making the wrong decision.

"Woah! Woah! Woah! Let's calm down for a second before storming into the castle for answers." Tony said to the two young adults, even though he was angry at his uncle for disrespecting Violeta in a manner.

"Tony's right Brother. Father is still angry. He might send you away quickly if you go to him now.." Rudolph explains to his brother as he agrees with his best friend.

Gregory and Violeta sigh in annoyance but agreed to the conclusion that they have to take this situation in another way.

"How should we properly approach this situation?" Violeta asks the trio as she crosses her arms in front of her chest with a questionable manner.

"…I think I know what we have to do..but it's not going to be fun.." Anna said to the group as she answers Violeta's question.

" You can tell us, Anna…" Tony reassures Anna as he holds her hand in comfort.

Anna takes a deep breath and begins to explain her idea to the group.

"We have to tell our mothers about the situation. They need to know how serious this is before speaking to our fathers." Anna reveals her plan to the group with a serious expression on her face which shocks them in general.

"This might be risky Anna." Gregory said to her as he squeezes Violeta's hand tightly out of nervousness.

"I know Dear Brother, but it's the ONLY way to convince our fathers to give us the truth. If they need to be cornered, this might be the key to that.." Anna explains to Gregory and the others even though she doesn't like the idea of having their family turn on their father for unknown answers.

Gregory felt Violeta squeeze his hand back as a way of telling him that "I'm with you all the way no matter what".

Gregory sighs before giving the group his answer.

"Alright. We'll tell our mothers about everything." Gregory said to them in agreement towards the plan.

Rudolph, Tony, and Violeta nods in agreement as well and returns to the castle with a chip on their shoulders.

Once they made it back,

The group saw Destiny, Dottie, and Freda in the Living room trying to figure out what is going on.

The three female adults saw the group enter the room.

Freda and Destiny ran towards Gregory and Violeta in happiness and relief that their back home safe.

"Thank the Dark star that you're back safe and sound!" Freda said to her eldest son as she checks him for any injuries.

"I was so worried about you young lady.." Destiny said to Violeta in relief and care as she examines her daughter for injuries as well.

"I'm fine mom…We're fine.." Violeta said to her mother in reassurance as she held Gregory's hand in comfort.

Freda, Destiny, and Dottie were shocked once more as the young couple actions are shown to them.

"Mother, Mrs. Sanders, and Mrs. Thompson…We need to discuss something important…" Gregory said to the mothers with a serious expression.

The women were confused, but they would let their children speak in order to understand what was going on.

The eight of them sat down and began to explain the ENTIRE situation between them and the letters.

"You see... Gregory and I have been meeting one another in our dreams…." Violeta began the conversation which shocks the three moms.

"You two have a dream connection?!" Freda asks them in shock which surprised the group as well.

"You know about Dream connections mother?" Gregory asks his mother in a surprised expression.

"Yes, My son. I know that it would happen to Vampires and other 'creatures' like us, but a Mortal and a Vampire is definitely unheard of…" Freda replies to her son in a serious manner.

"I never heard of a dream connection…" Dottie said to the group as she was still a bit shock at the matter.

Destiny agrees with her sister finding out this freshly new information that her daughter reveals to them.

"It's another way to find your soulmate or as some Mortals call it 'fate' or 'Destiny'. It usually happens to nonmortals…" Freda explains what it was to Dottie and Destiny, which they completely understand the concept in a way.

"How long have you two been having this connection?" Freda asks the lovely couple in a serious expression.

"The two of us have been meeting each other for a few months mother…" Gregory answers Freda's question which made it more shocking for the mothers.

"A few months?! Honey, why didn't you tell me about this?" Destiny asks her daughter out of shock and cares for her daughter.

"I thought they were just dreams that come and go. Once we arrived here, I realized that the dreams I had were somewhat real.." Violeta explains to her mother as she felt a bit guilty for not telling her mother in the beginning.

" We are sorry that we haven't told you about this situation. We wanted to know for ourselves what was happening before telling you." Gregory apologizes to their mothers as he explains their reason for keeping it a secret. Despite feeling guilty for not telling his mother as well.

"Theirs more to this situation.." Violeta spoke up as everyone's eyes were on her once more.

" We found letters that were written from Violeta's great grandmother and our great uncle Victor.." Gregory continues the second part of the situation their in.

"Letters?" Freda asks her eldest son out of curiosity and shock.

"Yes. They were love letters that were sent to each other, but they were somehow hidden in the castle." Violeta explains to the mothers in a serious manner.

"Tony, did you know about this?" Dottie asks her son as she is trying to comprehend what is being told to her.

"Yes, mom. I wanted to know what was going on with Vi. So Rudolph, Anna and I found out about their relationship and also assist in figuring out who the letters belong to.." Tony explains to his mom as he feels guilty for not telling her.

"Rudolph, Anna…Is this true?" Freda asks her young ones with a caring and shocking manner.

"It's true mother.." Anna said to her mom with a sad expression on her face.

"We wanted to know what was going on. What we found out was unbelievable. We're sorry that we haven't told you.." Rudolph explains to Freda as he apologizes on his and Anna's behalf.

Tony, Rudolph, and Anna gave the mothers the letters to read and understand what they were talking about.

Dottie was surprised, while Freda was unaware of this fact about Victor and Destiny was furious.

"This makes sense about what made Lucian angry…" Destiny thought to herself as she has a flashback to her conversation with Lucian once their daughter left the room.

~Flashback to after Violeta left the room~

Once Dottie and Bob left the room,

Destiny looked at her husband and glared at him angrily.

"What the hell was that?" Destiny asked her Husband in anger.

"Our daughter is in love with a vampire!" Lucian replied to Destiny in an angry and shocked manner by her question.

"NO, IT WASN'T LUCIAN! IT WAS SOMETHING DEEPER THAT YOU'RE NOT TELLING ABOUT!" Destiny said to her husband as she shouted at him angrily.

Lucian never saw his wife so furious with him before as she continued to shout at him angrily.

"YOU CALLED OUR DAUGHTER! OUR PRIDE AND JOY A SLUT!" Destiny explained to him as she was disgusted that her husband called their pride and joy a slut in such a disgusting manner.

"Either you tell me What the Hell is going on right now or they'll be hell to pay!" Destiny gave her husband an ultimatum with fire in her eyes.

Lucian said nothing which angered Destiny even more.


The sound echoed the room as Destiny slapped Lucian and left the room fuming.

~End of Flashback~

Back to the living room,

Freda puts the letter down and looks at the children with a really serious manner.

"We need to speak to your father.." Freda said to the group in all seriousness.

"Immediately.." Destiny said to the others in a cold tone of voice as it scared some of the kids.

Violeta never saw her mother so angry before.

Violeta was about to say something until.

"There you are…" A familiar male voice said to the others.

The kids and the wives look up and saw Bob in the front with Lucian and Frederick behind him.

"We were looking all over…" Bob said to them as he notices the atmosphere was different.

"Honey, I think you should sit next to me for this one…" Dottie said to Bob as she advises him to be by her side for this mess to unfold.

Bob caught the sign and sits next to his wife as he tries to figure out what was going on.

"My Darling…I think we should have a chat…" Freda said to him as she gave him a "sit down" Signal towards him.

"Same for you too Lucian…" Destiny said to her husband as she crosses her arms against her chest.

"Destiny I.." Lucian was about to say something to Destiny but was interrupted by her cold scary glare at his direction.

"SIT DOWN NOW…." Destiny said to him in a cold and stern tone of voice.

Lucian and Frederick sit down on some of the armchairs as the women and children stare at them with seriousness and some of them with coldness.

Violeta starts the conversation by asking her dad the question.

"Father? What is the reason that you won't allow me to be with Gregory?" Violeta asks her father with her arms crossed.

"Because he's a vampire! We went over this in the room Violeta.." Lucian answers her question as he felt the atmosphere almost choking him.

"Try again Lucian.." Destiny said to her husband in the same cold manner.

"That is the Reason Destiny!" Lucian said to her as he tries to convince his family.

"That is not the answer Lucian and you know it!" Destiny said to her husband as more anger increased inside of her.

"Then tell me, what is the reason?" Lucian asks his wife as a way to keep something so secretive being revealed.

"It's because of the history between an Ihrin and a Sackville-bagg!" Tony said to Lucian which shocks Bob but made Frederick and Lucian go really pale.

"What are you talking about son?" Bob asks his son out of curiosity.

"There were letters that were hidden in the castle that was written to Elenuta Ihrin and our Great uncle Victor Sackville-bagg.." Rudolph explains to Bob as he was surprised by the information being said to him and the other male fathers...

Violeta looks at her dad and began to talk once more as she glares at him.

"Tata? (Father?)" Violeta asks her father in Romanian which surprises Bob and Dottie.

Lucian was silent as he heard his daughter speak to him in Romanian. This was also the first time the Sackville-Bagg Parents heard her speak in Romanian, but they let her continue to talk to her father.

"Vreau sa-mi spui despre tatal strabunica..(I need you to tell me about great grandmother Father..)" Violeta said to her father in a serious tone of voice.

"eu..(I)" Lucian said to Violeta in a nervous tone of voice.

"Adevarul Parinte! (The truth Father!)" Violeta said to her father in a stern tone of voice.

"At least give you're Fiica curva (Slut daughter) THAT much of an explanation…" Violeta to her father with a coldness in her eyes as it hits Lucian's heart knowing that he deserved that.

Lucian looks at his daughter and sadly sighs.

"Bine…O sa-ti spun..(Fine…I'll tell you..)" Lucian said to his daughter as he clenches his fist out of fear.

Besides being furious, Destiny was curious as well since he barely spoke about his grandmother.

"It all started years ago in Romania.." Lucian began to explain the story to everyone.

"Back then, your great grandmother's last name was Ihrin. A beautiful woman that everyone loved and wanted to marry." Lucian explains to Violeta as he tells everyone the story.

"Then how come it was changed to Anghel?" Violeta asks her father to understand.

"It'll be explained later on in the story my sweet child." Lucian explains to Violeta with a sympathetic look in his eyes as he began to continue telling the story.

"Your great Grandmother lived alone in the cottage near the woods that is a little far from the town. Until that one day." Lucian explains how their relative met a Sackville-bagg.

"One night during the winter, Your Grandmother heard a strange noise in the cottage and went downstairs to investigate…" Lucian said to everyone as he clenched his fist tightly.

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