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Chapter two: Meeting the family; The Siren meets the Vampire

The plane Lands and everybody grabbed their carry on and left.

The Thompson's and Sanders went to the baggage area, grab their luggage and headed to the parking lots to rent a vehicle for the rest of their trip.

In their Rental truck with a mobile home attached,

The five of them are heading to the castle, while Violeta follows them on a black motorcycle that they also rented.

Tony realized that his cousin has been acting weird lately. He knows their is something wrong with her for a few weeks now.

Tony would notice his cousin touching her neck, her cheek or her arms.

He didn't want to bother her about it unless she tells him about it herself.

Tony hopes that his cousin will be ok and return back to her feisty loving self once more instead of being in her thoughts for ten minutes.

"Tony! Were here.." Bob tells his son with a smile on his face as he looks at the road ahead of him.

Tony spots the castle and began to smile happily.

"Were actually here!" Tony thought to himself happily as he began to remember the fun times he had with Rudolph and his family.

Destiny and Lucian were amazed by the castle's structure and atmosphere it gives.

With Violeta, she looks at the castle heard a voice in her thoughts.

"I can't wait to see you my love…" The male voice said to her in her mind in a soft whisper like tone of voice.

Violeta stops her motorcycle in a forceful panic that her family stops their vehicle to check on her. Lucian and Destiny got out the vehicle to check on their spooked daughter.

"Are you Alright my little flower?!" Lucian asks his daughter in worry as he checks for any injuries on her body.

"I-I'm fine dad…Just…fine…" Violeta said to her dad in a calm tone of voice.

"Sweetheart you look like you've seen a ghost." Destiny said to her daughter in worry as well.

"I'm fine mom. I'm just going to take a breather for a bit." Violeta said to her mom as she recollects herself.

Destiny and Lucian know that something was bothering their precious daughter. Just like Tony, they would wait for her to talk to them about what's going on with them.

"You guys should head to the castle, I'll catch up with you guys." Violeta said to her parents with a small smile on her face.

"Are you sure sweetheart?" Lucian asks his daughter in a gentle caring tone.

"I'm sure. I saw a lake nearby the castle, so I thought maybe I should clear my head and catch up to you guys later." Violeta explains to her parents with her smile staying on her face.

Destiny and Lucian sighs knowing that their daughter needs some space even though they hate it. Through all of that, they trust their daughter to know that she will be safe and sound.

"Ok my little princess. Please contact us to make sure you're safe." Lucian said to his daughter as he touch her shoulder in a caring way.

"Don't worry guys, I will." Violeta said to her parents to reassure them that she will be alright.

She gave her parents a hug, went back on her motorcycle and drives to her destination while the others head to the castle.

With Tony and the others,

They arrived in front of the castle doors. Tony was excited to see his best friend right now, eve though he is worried about his cousin Violeta.

Before they headed out of the vehicle, the Thompson's began to warn their family members.

"We're going to go and introduce you guys. Warning, Rudolph's family is a bit odd." Bob explains to his Brother and sister-in-laws with an awkward smile on his face.

"Define odd?" Destiny asks her sister's family in a curious state of mind.

"Don't worry, you'll see." Tony replies to his Aunt with a smile on his face.

"Just don't freak out.." Dottie said to her Sister and brother-in-law in a calm tone of voice.

The Sanders nod their heads in agreement and watched their relatives go out the vehicle and walk towards the castle door.

Tony knocks on the door and waits for someone to answer.

The door is opened by a really excited Rudolph with his parents and his younger sister.

"Rudolph!" Tony said his friends name happily.

"Tony!" Rudolph said his name happily as well.

The two boys did a weird hand shake and hug one another.

"Don't have Tony all to yourself brother." Anna said to her brother with a playful smirk on her face.

The two of them released one another and Anna began to greet Tony as well.

"It's lovely to see you again Tony~" Anna said to him as she bats her eyes lovingly at him.

"I-it's lovely to see you too Anna.." Tony said to her as a love struck puppy.

Rudolph shook his head in disgusts and embarrassment for his dear friend when he socializes with his sister.

The adults couldn't help but laugh seeing their children's interactions towards each other.

"It's good to see you again Bob…" Frederick said to Bob as he gestures his hand to him.

"Same to you too Federick.." Bob said to him as he shook his hand and smile.

"It's lovely to see you again!" Freda said to Dottie happily.

"It's wonderful to see you too!" Dottie said to Freda happily as well.

Rudolph notice Tony's relatives in the car.

"Who are they?" Rudolph asks Tony out loud as his family and him began to get a bit defensive.

"Don't worry, their my relatives." Tony explains to everyone who looked like they were about to go on a vampire frenzy.

Destiny and Lucian got out of the car and stand in front of it a bit nervous realizing that their family are socializing with Vampires.

Dottie and Bob loops their arms around Destiny and Lucian's and walks them to the castle door.

"You weren't joking about them being odd." Destiny said to her sister softly as she chuckles nervously.

"Don't worry, they won't harm you." Dottie said to her sister as she reassures her that the Vampires are not going to harm them.

"Federick and Freda Sackville-Bagg, I would like to introduce you two to my sister Destiny Sander and my Brother-in-law Lucian Florian Sander." Dottie introduce her sister and Brother-in-law to her vampire friends.

"Lucian and Destiny, this is Federick Sackville-Bagg and his lovely wife Freda Sackville-bagg." Bob introduce Frederick and Freda to his in-laws happily.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Freda said to the Sanders with a small smile on her face.

"It's a pleasure as well to meet you too. Tony would always talk about you and your family in a positive light." Destiny said to Freda with a smile on her face as well.

"We also have a 18 year old daughter who is here with us that went to catch some fresh air." Lucian explains to Freda and Frederick.

"We have a older son who is your daughter's age. Apparently, he went to the forest for a nightly stroll." Frederick explains to Lucian in a respectable manner.

"I have a feeling that our children are going to meet one another very soon." Freda said to the Thompson's.

"I couldn't agree more." Dottie said to Freda in agreement.

"We held you outside our home long enough. Why don't you enter our lovely home!" Freda said to the Thompson's in a respectable manner.

The Thompson's agreed and began to enter the house.

"I can't wait for you to meet my cousin Violeta! She is amazing!" Tony said to Rudolph and Anna happily as they walk into the house together.

"I hope my brother doesn't scare your relative away." Rudolph said to Tony with Anna agreeing with him.

"I hope so too!" Tony said to his friends as they enter the castle and close the door.

With Violeta,

She drove her motorcycle in the forest and spotted a lake that shimmer beautifully at night with the full moon shining down at her.

Violeta parks her motorcycle against a tree and began to walk towards the shimmery river.

"I can't believe I heard his voice inside my head! To make it worse, I wasn't even sleeping!" Violeta thought to herself as she sighs in annoyance.

"Maybe singing might cheer me up." Violeta said to herself in a sad yet soft tone of voice to make sure no one heard her.

Violeta took out her music player and clicked on the instrumental song of her choice.

Violeta sits on her knees as the instrumental began to play as she looks at the ground sadly and began to sing.

Look at me and tell me who I am~

Why I am, what I am~

Call me a fool and it's true I am~
I don't know who I am….

Violeta sighs sadly as she sings to herself out loud.

It's such a shame...
I'm such a sham~

No one knows who I am~

Violeta took off her helmet and puts it beside her.

Am I the face of the future?
Am I the face of the past?
Am I the one who must finish last?

Violeta removes the pin in her hair and felt it fall smoothly to her back. Little does she know that someone is watching her from the trees.

Look at me and tell me who I am~
Why I am, what I am~

Will I survive?

Who will give a damn…

If no one knows who I am~

Violeta looks at her reflection in the lake as she sadly sung to herself

Nobody knows...
Not even you~

No one knows who~


Violeta close her eyes as her tear fell into the lake while singing the last part of the song.


Violeta wipes her tears away and sighs as the music finally ended. Violeta looks at her reflection in the lake once more until she heard a familiar voice.

"Beautiful as ever my little Nightingale~" The male voice said to her in smooth and sultry tone.

Violeta eyes widen in shock by the sound of the man's voice. She looks up and saw red eyes in front of her.

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