Rey slid further into HWK-290 freighter, fiddling with the engine components. Her eyes felt a little puffy from yesterday. She had tried meditating to get her mind off of what happened but quickly became restless. Working with machinery put her in a familiar ease.

"That looks great Rey," Rose declared walking over to her. She had been making some adjustments to Poe's new X-Wing when the young Jedi arrived to lend her a hand. When Leia had returned from Taris, she had brought a slew of broken starfighters that were easily repairable from the planet's polluted surface.

"Thanks," Rey replied with a grin as she connected a circuit. Rey was an easy person to like. She was hardworking and dedicated, a little rough around the edges, but Rose was sure her sister would have loved her. Finn does too. Her heart twisted. Rey was undeniably beautiful, and with her Jedi powers she knew of many Resistance members had an interest in her. Finn had stuck to her side ever since her injuries on Crait. But there was a warmth, an unbreakable connection between Finn and Rey that had Rose on edge whenever in their presence. She did not want to be the sort of girl who tried to render relationships apart, but a part of her wanted more.

"Well if it isn't two of the prettiest girls in the Resistance," Poe came strolling into the hangar in all his charming swagger. BB-8 rolling next to him. Rose gave a taut smile, Rey laughed.

"Your fighter is ready Poe."

"Thanks Rose, I hope you're prepared for the fact that you'll be repairing a lot of X-Wings in the future." Rose gave a genuine smile. BB-8 squeaked animately.

"I know buddy, I am careful." BB-8 gave an exasperated whine. Rey tittered, giving the small droid a scratch on his tummy.

"You ready for that race?" Poe asked Rey.

"What race?" Finn enquired as he entered the hangar with a bevy of food and beverages. He handed Rose a can of Moogan tea and Rey a piping hot nerfburger. Poe tried to swipe some of Finn's hubba chips but he swatted his hand away, Poe chuckled.

"A race to see who's the better pilot, Rey or me."

"As someone who has been flown by both of you, I can safely say that both of you are equally crazy pilots."

BB-8 whirled in agreement.

"Hey!" Both Poe and Rey exclaimed in indignation. Rose chortled.

"Well as someone who has been piloted by neither of you, I can say that I have no idea whose's better."

"Then all the more reason to put it to the test." This time Poe was successful at securing a chip. Finn shot him a glare. He ate it with relish.

"Alright, alright, let me just finish up here," Rey announced around a mouth full of burger.

Rey had never flown an X-wing before. She was far more adept at a BTL-A4 Y-wing. Nevertheless, after spending hours on flight simulators she had enough knowledge to be able to fly it at the very least.

"Are you guys ready?" Rose questioned through their headset. Both were facing the mouth of the hangar. The race course set on their displays.

"Ready Rose," Both answered affirmatively.

"On my mark, 3," Rey gripped the steering wheel.

"2," Poe breathed deeply, loosening the tension in his neck.

"1!" The fighters shot up of the hunger at breakneck speed leaving a stream of fuel smoke in their wake.

"Damn that was fast," Finn declared excitedly.

"Quick, pull up the monitor, I don't want to miss a second!" Rose exclaimed, rushing to the nearest computer screen. BB-8 connected with the device, displaying the location of both fighters throughout the course.

Rey hadn't felt this excited in awhile. She had almost forgotten what it was like to fly a ship for the sheer thrill of it. Poe was quick to gain a lead on her, yet she was making significant progress herself.

The air shifted around her. For fuck sake. She could not catch a break.

"Not now Kylo, I'm busy." His gaze narrowed on the small woman.

"You're flying."

"I'm concentrating." Apprehension suddenly filled the Master Knight.

"Are you being attacked?"

"What? No, I'm trying to win a race."

"With that pilot?" Kylo growled lowly.

"Oh my gods, I do not have the time to argue with you right now." Rey focused on the course trying her best to ignore the leader of the First Order who was brimming with volatile energy. Kylo noticed her rapid movements, her sharp jerks on the steering wheel.

"You're in an asteroid field."

"How did you know?" Alarm seized Rey's body. He couldn't actually see her surroundings? She felt a sliver of pain vibrate down their bond. Han. She glanced quickly at him from the corner of her eye. His expression was drawn tight.

"I just do. Use your blasters to destroy incoming rocks."

Rey reached out to the controls, activating the blaster cannon. When an asteroid approached her, she shot it, turning it into debris instead of swerving around it. The X-Wing cut through the field like a hot knife through butter. She was closing the gap between herself and Poe.

Poe smirked from his starfighter, noticing his incoming opponent he increased his speed. His heart pounded, it was almost as if he was in battle with the First Order. Turning the X-wing on its side he flew deftly between two asteroids, increasing the distance between them by a fraction. Poe cried in exhilaration, they were definitely going to do this again.

They approached the end of the asteroid field, the body of rocks became too big to shoot. As soon as Rey dived under one a larger one came into view.

"Shit!" Rey exclaimed pulling at the steering wheel with all her might to avoid a collision. Kylo's hands wrapped around her's. Rey's head whipped towards him in shock. His grip was strong and steady, pulling the X-Wing up over the asteroid. Rey turned back around, they had cleared the asteroid field.

The fighters re-entered Mirrin Prime's atmosphere, the hangar of the Resistance stronghold came into view. Rey felt her ears pop and she grew slightly breathless. Her heart beat rapidly, her palms slick in anticipation. Kylo's hand curled around her chest and throat, thumb stroking her thumping pulse point. His fingertip was a hair's breadth away from her breasts, she could feel the heat of his palm against her skin. She should have screamed in fright but she felt herself relaxing. Rey switched the controls, landing the X-Wing smoothly.

Kylo drew back but Rey's hand quickly seized his. She gazed at him with... gratitude? Surprise? Whatever it was it made his back tingle. He swallowed thickly, clutching her small fingers. Rey opened her mouth to say…

"Rey you were awesome!" She turned around, spotting Finn waving jubilantly beside her aircraft. Kylo was gone. Rey gave Finn a shaky smile. Poe had won the race, she wasn't surprised, but it was so much fun. She landed a few seconds after him. Rey fiddled with the controls popping open the cockpit. She slid out of the fighter, Rose handed her a water bottle, she sighed in appreciation, taking large gulps. BB-8 beeped excitedly, she patted him on the head.

"You were amazing Rey, I had such a great time!" Rey turned and was immediately engulfed in a bear hug by the older pilot, he lifted her a few inches off the ground. She laughed, patting him on the back as he set her down, her friends talked animatedly about the race. Rey's hand slid towards her neck, stroking at where his fingers had been. Ben.








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