Be calm, nothing's wrong… yet. Rey was just doing her daily work with Rose when Canay came bursting in announcing she had been transferred. No explanation just drop everything you're doing and hurry up. Her hands grew clammy, she wished she could peer into Canay's mind and get all the answers but her shields were as impervious as Devron's.

They were travelling to the top floor, the higher they went the more lavish their surroundings appeared. Sleek floors, giant windows, people dressed in crisp uniforms; many of whom were many giving unabashed looks at the dirty girl who clearly did not belong, her every step leaving grease on the polished floors. They stopped in front of a towering door and Canay attacked the keypad, her movements too fast for her to catch.

"He's inside and will explain everything."


"Your new boss," and without further explanation, she left.

She hesitated, the doorway seemingly like a giant mouth waiting to swallow her, steeling her nerves she entered. The room was vast yet every available inch was occupied. Ship designs, models, and plans flooded the room yet there was an order. As Rey travelled further into the room she saw designs from small land speeders to giant dreadnoughts.

She stared at them peculiarly; everything was shown and yet not at the same time, all the specifications were encoded and she was unable to read them. She stopped at one. At first, it looked like a starfighter but it had far too many thrusters and cannons. Beside it was a white circle, its center black.

She felt another energy approach and she bolted to the middle of the room standing squarely in front of the large office desk.

"Kira, I'm glad you're here." Devron's eloquent voice would have created serenity in any woman but Rey felt her anxiety spike.

Does he know? "Mr. Devron it is good to see you again, I didn't expect this."

"Unexpected circumstances have caused my personal mechanic to be indisposed thus I require a replacement, according to Canay's reports you're one of the best."

He handed her a datapad showing her supervisor's reports. She described her work with a cold disinterest yet the frankness of it was straightforward about her efficiency. Her mind stilled buzzed with suspicion.

"This is all very flattering but to be honest my friend Gill Thorn is a better mechanic than I am."

His expression seemed to grow bright at her response. "Perhaps, but according to your application, you are also an adept pilot and fluent in multiple languages. It's a shame you were regulated to a simple floor mechanic."

Rey thought deeply, it could very well be a trap. Rey quickly realised that people here never noticed her for the things she was capable of doing but for the things they wanted to do to her. But Devron hadn't shown such depravity, regardless she couldn't imagine it going well to say no. "I'm honoured, what exactly will you have me do?"

He smiled, beckoning her outside, the doors opened and Rey was momentarily blinded by the morning light. It was a huge landing platform in the middle sat a glistening silver ship.

"This is my newest creation." It was a small yacht, yet beneath its thrusters, she spotted two ion miniature cannons.

Her fingers twitched, she lifted her hand to touch it but remember the grease staining her fingertips her hand dropped back to her side.

She felt Devron's laughter vibrate behind her, he gazed at her with twinkling eyes, "it's quite alright Kira, I want you to get acquainted with this ship we will be giving her a final test."

She slid her hand along the side of the ship feeling the cool metal. "Is this Varium?"

He beamed, "spot on, the outer shell is coated with it, beneath lies an alloy of Nutorium, Tungsten, and Quadanium."

Rey smiled, disguising her unease. She was well acquainted with Varium from the junkyards of Jakku, it filled Galatic empire ships but it could be a mere engineering choice. Devron pressed his palm against the hull opening the entrance.

Devron stretched his hand out to her and eye eyes flashed. Her eyes flashed and he stilled his hand quickly dropping back to his side.

"Are you able to enter by yourself?"

Rey nodded, she climbed the steps quickly entering like a breeze. Devron watched her legs rise, there was an elegance to it as if she was walking on air, her feet barely making a sound. He followed after her.

"I need you to give it a fly around the city. I prefer to personally observe pilots in order to make final adjustments."

He led her into the cockpit and was slightly taken aback by the interior. Every inch seemed to gleam with rare metals, even the seats were decorated with silk embroidery. Yet everything flowed together seamlessly, it was designed so well that Rey merely had to glance at the structure to understand its purpose. She slid into the pilot seat and gripped the yoke feeling it mould to her palm. He placed a small container in front of her, she opened it finding a silicon pad inside.

"This is to monitor your vitals. Your heartbeat, respiratory rate, and temperature."

She peered at him for a moment, but couldn't sense any negative energy from him. She nodded lifting it out of the container. She felt his energy spike and she turned back to him.

"It goes over your heart," he glanced at her before looking away, turning his back to her.

Rey quickly slid her hand down her shirt sticking the silicone onto her chest, she shivered it felt cold against her skin, it buzzed lighting up.

"Ready," she announced and Devron turned back to her, taking his seat next to her.

Rey eased the ship up into the atmosphere, lifting it up into the clouds until Cornet city appeared as nothing more than a murky web. She had never flown a ship so smoothly, she could barely feel the hum of the engine and thrusters were practically silent. Yet, her heart pounded, she could sense Devron's attention fixated intently on her, the soft tapping over a datapad seemed to thunder through the cockpit.

"Your vitals are a little high, are you experiencing any difficulties piloting?"

"Ah- no, just a little nervous working in a new environment a few hours ago I was fixing ships in the factory hanger."

"I can understand that. Corellia is far different from Kuat, I will admit I've been particularly eager to return throughout this project."

She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, his gaze was cloudy and there was the slightest hunch to his posture. She shifted, taking the ship to the outer rim of the city, "I've never been to Kuat, what's it like?"

He smiled, "Most are interested in the Kuat Ring, it's a technological marvel circling the entire planet. Anyone with the most remote interest in space travel would die to be there."

She recalled the structure from memory. It was indeed one of the most wondrous things she beheld, almost angelic in appearance. With the countless ships, Kuat had one of the largest imperial fleets in the galaxy, that wasn't even counting the ground base garrison. Her mind grew heavy. During the days of the Galactic Empire, it was put to good use.

"I've heard of it, the Kuat Drive Yards is legendary, do you live there?"

"I work there. My real home is located on the planet itself." He said it so lovingly that Rey didn't even need to focus to feel his emotion. "It is a shame most people don't even go that far. Perhaps I am biased but the forests there are unlike any other, they tower above you in a canopy of colour and life, it contains so many species of birds, more beautiful than our best engineers could design."

For a moment she heard a trilling song and the musty smell of earth and rain filled her mind. She understood what made Devron the prince of Kuat, he spent his time observing them; their wings, the way they moved was imprinted on his mind. Her powers rose in instinct but again came up against hard steel walls. The nose of the ship dipped.


"Sorry, I just got distracted for a second. We've reached the docks do you want me to circle back?"

He stood from his seat, leaning over her to look at the display map. Entering in some coordinates he set a new course to the outer city regions.

"Just take this route before heading back."

She nodded adjusting the controls to take them lower. Peering through the viewport Rey gasped at what she saw. Trees. Reals trees dotted the building beneath them, they sat on rooftops arching listlessly into the sky; they looked sullen, their leaves dull and branches wispy. Many would call them outright ugly but when she reached out she could sense their stubborn growth and the tentative creatures that made them their home. Her heart swelled, it was the first glimpse of the natural world she saw in months.

"It's calledWhillis gardens although the more popular name is the Dump patch"

"It is beautiful, thank you Mr. Devron for letting me see this."

He smiled, "Just Devron is fine."

They peered at the cadaver. The body was small, the face plain, practically dull in appearance but their eyes shifted with varying degrees of apprehension and frustration.

"Have you contacted Kylo?"

"I have but he's in a meeting with the Outer region Generals, those wet pompous little-"

"Rance" Arden chided.

"I know, I know." He pinched the bridge of his nose with a sign, "give me the report again."

Arden drew up a holo projection of the medical exam. "Human, age 23, no matches in the database so either he is not a part of the First Order, or his history has been deleted. No internal injuries, some scarring of the body but they're estimated to have taken place days after death. Time of death four months ago, cause of death unknown."

A contingent of Commander Asha's unit reported back with a finding of a mass pile of bodies on one of the Outer rim planets. It was their first lead in days but even then it was a mystery. Their first suspicion was that they were erased members of the First Order but more than half of the bodies found were of non-human species of which there was little in the organisation. Another theory was that they were the missing planetary populations but many of the bodies were not native to the area they were found in. Kel Dors, Ilthorians, Twi'Leks, and Nautolans, it was a dizzying array.

"Can you sense anything?" Rance questioned as Arden reached out and held his hand above the body's head.

"Nothing, the table practically has more feeling than the body."

Through the Force, the Knights could get an impression of the individual's death. Pain or peace; whether it was old age, poison, or a blaster but with this one there was nothing as if he was never alive in the first place. It was a yawning emptiness that frustrated the Knights. A frustration which led to repairs in various training rooms.

"Another mystery to add to the pot. I'll include this observation in the official report."

Rance gave a dry laugh, "Really Arden, you think those bootlickers are going to take our powers seriously."

"Rance, Kylo needs us to play nice. Some of the new blood is even tolerable. If you used words instead of Force chokes you might actually make some new friends"

He blanched as if Arden had just suggested he walk naked through the halls covered in nerf vomit. "I'd sooner let Bel sit on me than do any of that. Honestly, has the world gone mad. Yesterday during lunch Kylo smiled. Actually smiled, I didn't even know his face was capable of doing that. And now you're telling me to court the Brass?"

"Well, it was a very good meal, right up until you poured wine down Bel's back."

Rance snickered, they ended up trashing the dining room and were scolded by Kylo but it was well worth it.

"Why are we even having this conversation, you hate them as much as I do."

Arden sighed, his signature look of parental disappointment apparent. "Things are different now, many in the upper circle were appointed by Kylo himself, they are important to him and they have his approval." Arden hardened his look causing Rance to shift a little. "That means we might even be called upon to protect them."

Rance paled at the thought his blue skin greying. His commlink blared and he scrambled for it. Stifling his indignity, he cast Arden a stubborn look as he activated it but the elder Knight remained indifferent.

"Lord Arden? Lord Rance? Are you there? It's EB-3972."


"Commander Asha's first Lieutenant, you've met him multiple times." Arden chided.

"Who could ever remember serial numbers?"

"Please my Lords." EB begged. "you must help KA-0032. He and three other elite guard trainees were surrounded by Captain Lozen's squad in refresher 997. Lord Arbelo and Lord Sunri are on their way but they're on the other side of the ship. Commander Asha's just went in, she ordered me not to intervene."

Rance grinned, "this is marvellous, we'll be right there!"

"My Lord?"

Rance already shut off the commlink and darted towards the exit, but before he could leave he was held immobile in a Force-grip.

"Hold it."

"Arden, this is most outrageous there are lives at stake."

The elder knight clucked his tongue, "stop fooling around, I know you just want to go to beat up some soldiers and then taunt Bel about it. If we are going then you have to share, and remember, Kylo said no killing on board his ship."

Rance scowled, "fine."

Shocked gasps echoed throughout the room before the hooting and hollering began. Some men dashed to cover themselves while others thrust their hips crudely towards her. Asha walked steadily towards her target uncaring of the men surrounding her. All they could do was bark, everyone knew the moment they touched her she'd break their bones.

Red rivers flowed across the chrome floors beckoning her closer as steam licked at her checks. She stopped in front of them, her former unit member was a brutal mess, eyes swollen shut, bruises rapidly forming and his arm was bent in the wrong direction. He was barely conscious held up only by Captain Lozen's grip on his hair, tight enough to almost scalp him.

"Captain, release KA-0032 immediately."

He smirked, "this bitch?" He wrenched his head further back causing KA to groan in pain. "We're not done playing yet."

She took a step forward and despite being shorter than Lozen, her presence almost dwarfed his. His grip on KA's head loosened ever so slightly.

"I am your superior. You obey Me. Now let him go or I will have you disciplined for this inappropriate behaviour."

"Aren't you the one Commander whose stepping out of bounds. These are the men's private rooms. You're a woman, you don't belong here." He leered at her, "or perhaps you came to play. If that's the case I'm sure we can give you a good time. Isn't that right boys!" Whistling and jeering grew louder and the men inched closer. Yet on closer inspection, a few discerning individuals were silently leaving.

"Stop wasting my time Captain. You are beneath me, and the moment you touch me even Commander Orson will not have the power to protect you."

He snarled before tossing KA at one of his subordinates who took hold of him. "You think you're so noble! We all know this dog got his job because of you! The Elite guards are a joke, just a bunch of pussies loyal to the loosest hole on this ship! It's no wonder they were when they trained by you."

Her eyes darted to the small group, forced to the ground, surrounded by Lozen's team. Their eyes were turned away from her, unable to bear the shame. She looked at KA again and even he could not hide his self-loathing. When Lord Arbelo and Sunri asked, she didn't hesitate to give her recommendations including some from her own unit. Brilliant men, she nurtured now bleeding and crippled.

"You can think whatever you want Captain, but KA and the other Elite guards will be leaving. And you will face disciplinary punishment."

Before Lozen could open his mouth again he was slammed into the wall, the metal warping. Hollers turned into horrified gasps as they caught sight of Rance and Arden. They ginned at the feast before them.

"Little captain, when we are so busy you seem to have so much free time to play," Rance whispered but every word pierced their hearts and minds. The soldiers whimpered.

"Forgive me, My Lord, we were merely testing the strength of the Supreme Leader's guards. Their weakness is a weakness to the First Order."

"Such tests are to be done by us and us alone." The sound of the Beast's voice silenced the room his heavy footsteps were like thunder as he approached. Sunri entered behind him, knives twirling in his grip. Asha locked eyes with EB who stood at the entrance, his gaze fell after a moment. The Knight's power swelled almost suffocating everyone inside. They scrutinised each occupant who withered beneath their gaze, some even crying.

"Out!" Arbelo boomed.

Men ran in various stages of undress, none dared to pause and endure another moment of their fury. Captain Lozen and his team were locked in place by the Force. Their eyes grew wet remembering the first time they entertained the Knights of Ren. They hoped it would have been their last. Arbelo grasped Lozen's neck, it was so fragile in his grip, just a little pressure…

"Bel," Sunri chirped, "Don't be too hasty we all want to have our fun." With a growl the giant released him and his prey fell to the ground gasping.

"Captain Lozen, you and your squadron are to report to training hall 5956, is that understood?" Arden's voice flowed like velvet but there was a hardness that made them shudder.

"Ye-yes My Lord." Lozen coughed as he staggered to his feet, his squadron all darting to the exit.

The knights turned their attention to the guards. Sunri pouted, "this is very disappointing. Especially you KA, you were so promising."

KA held back a groan as he lowered himself into a kneeling position, "Forgive me, my Lord, I have failed you."

"All of you are useless. Were you planning to kiss their ass after they beat up your own comrade? Are you going to act the same way when the Supreme Leader is attacked? What the fuck do you have to say for yourself?"

They didn't answer instead lowering themselves further, heads touching the ground, they spoke in unison, "we have failed My Lords, we accept any punishment you grant us."

The Knights tensed, their frustration peaking.

"Please don't be too harsh on them My Lord, they only did what they were raised to do."

"And what's that?" Arbelo growled.

"Obey orders. Captain Lozen was the highest commanding officer in the room until I arrived. If he told them to kill KA then First Order law condemns them to do so." It was a truth the Knights could not deny and they grew stormy at it.

Sunri appraised them again, "soldiers," he whispered, his young voice becoming ethereal in its severity, "look at us." Slowly their heads rose, eyes clear and anxious. "You're loyalty belongs to the Supreme Leader. It is his order that is above all others and he has commanded you to fight together. All who are loyal are comrades and if anyone tries to tear you apart it is going against the Supreme leader. This is the reign of Kylo Ren, the past is dead."

They were silent for a moment their conditioned affirmation absent. Their voices were quiet yet solemn, "Yes My Lord."