Hi everyone!

This to be honest was suppose to be for a future part in the story, how this applies will hopefully be made clear but let's just say who created this event really was someone unexected. Kudos (will not say his name) character! Anyhoo enjoy part one of a crazy mess I cooked up thanks to a friend when we were dueling.

Note to the wise be careful when you're tag dueling with Starve Venom and Trickstars XD

Supreme King Starve Venom Dragon: Do I look pretty daddy? *twirls in a tutu*

Zarc: *twitches violently*

"So yeah, that's why I rallied to get your father to power down the card's because they're hurting people and are always creating irreversible damage. I had to tell Seto because of how damaging the tech was, he was even shocked and appalled that this is what had been introduced since yes he introduced some realism thanks to the company and his know how. However to have that type of issue really set him off. That and the gladiator styled battle really grated on his nerves... badly" a twenty six year old Myra said as she sat at a wooden table with a two toned red haired girl that had the top parts of her tied up.

"I know, I am sorry that he's not changing things. I really am" the young adult said wearily as she nursed her glass of fizzy drink weakly as she looked at it, Myra smiled and waved it off.

"It's okay Ray-Oh and speaking of Seto, how nice of you to join us. We were talking about Solid Vision" Myra explained as Seto grabbed a can and paused pouring his drink into a glass half way and raised a brow. His brow raised a bit before grunting and went to sit down.

"It's a waste of technology" Seto muttered as he sat down, drumming his fingers he looked at them while keeping his grey jacket on.

"So welcome to Random Topics, I'm Myra" Myra greeted with a brief wave.

"I'm Ray" Ray waved weakly as she smiled at the camera.

"I'm Seto" Seto added politely thanks to Myra's constant threats of leaving the podcast he had started for a reason, not that he would ever blab... despite the reason being shown LIVE!

"Thanks for joining us today Ray, I know you get busy" Ray smiled while folding her arms on the table.

"It's alright Myra thanks for inviting me. I am grateful that I can meet THE Seto Kaiba face to face" Ray replies before hearing him grunt.

"At least you're not like the mutt" Seto muttered causing the girls to giggle. "How're the kids?" he asked Myra who beamed.

"Good, Yuri, Yugo, Serena and Rin graduated so I'm happy as punch" Myra replied happily while Seto raised his glass to her.

"Saw their exam papers and results, you did well with helping them study" he added causing her to make a sheepish noise.

"Well... to be fair they helped each other out" Myra explained looking like she was glowing from happiness.

"Still congrats" Seto said while Ray grinned at how happy Myra was, just then Myra paused from beaming and looked at Ray.

"Say Ray, does Zarc listen to our podcast?" Myra asked which made Ray blink in surprise, Seto raised a brow at the question.

"Not that I know, why?" Ray asked with a curious look before Myra turned to look at Seto with a shaky smirk as she tried not to explode into a fit of laughter, seeing this made him raise a brow not knowing what to make of her expression.

"I have a slight confession to make" Myra said with a shaky smile, Seto not knowing where this was going nodded slowly "you see Ray and I had tried to break Zarc's mind" Ray's eyes went wide as she realises why Myra had asked, sniggers left Ray's mouth which left him confused at what was going on.

"You see Zarc really loves his four dragons- a LOT! Clear Wing, Odd Eyes, Dark Rebellion and Starve Venom. So Ray and I had devised a plan to frick with him and he didn't even notice who or what was causing it" Ray snorted her drink sharply before holding her nose as Myra continued to speak. Seto raised a brow but allowed her to speak, Ray meanwhile was now thinking back to what happened however tried to keep silent so Seto and the viewers could hear.

"You remember one of my cousins who for protective reasons I shall not name and lives in a different part of Japan?" Seto blinks "the one who can recreate stuff?" Seto's eyes go wide as he realised who she was talking about.


"You see a while ago I took Zarc's cards when he was asleep and began to create copies of them with my cousin. HOWEVER! They had a feature or two added or taken which made him freak out since there was a limb missing in a few. For example an Odd eyes copy had a monocle and a top hat but it looked like someone took a pen and drew around his eye. Anyways I'm getting off topic here, once we did the copies-"

"How many did you do?" Seto asked bluntly not one to beat around the bush, it was then the female's snorted and tried to stifle their giggles that he realised they had done a LOT.

"Once we did the copies we placed three out of four originals back and waited for his reaction. During a duel he had later on we saw him halting half way as he was about to summon Odd Eyes but the design of the dragon card had a pink and blue eye instead of the usual red and green eyes. Startled he was about to react but summoned it to see that the eyes were normal and not the altered version, HOWEVER there is a but to this- it wasn't as lively as the original which made Zarc very confused when he was riding it since Odd Eyes was always happy when they duelled which made Zarc think that he had done something to it. That or it was in a miserable mood" Seto stared at Myra with a neutral look but she saw his eyes twinkling from mirth as he imagined how this would affect someone like Zarc "after the duel before he could remove the card I had time stopped everything and swapped the card back with the original which made him jump slightly while trying not to yelp since it's eyes were back to normal" Myra replied before taking a swig out of her glass.

"What's also funny is that a few days later I tried to bump into him when he was talking to his cards and sent his entire deck to the floor, while he was distracted I had taken Clear Wing and swapped it like Myra instructed but once I left to see Myra. He didn't not notice that Clear Wing was trying to tell him that I was taking him away since all he saw was a part of the copy's card while I had the original in my pocket. Once I left he had screamed his apartment down and ran after me in order to find out what I did to Clear Wing but- Myra had swapped it using time stop, so when he caught up to me the card was swapped back which no doubt left him feel awkward for accusing me of stealing and swapping it with a fake. His face when he saw the card was back to normal went completely beet red" Ray explained causing Seto to choke on his drink but quickly regained his composure at what he heard.

"What exactly made him freak out?" Seto asked as he eyed them oddly, the pair looked at the other and smirked causing a chill to run down his spine from seeing that look.

"His Clear Wing copy had a pink bow attached to the back of his neck" Ray explained while Myra bit her lip due to a giggle bubbling up from within due to how badly he freaked out from seeing it.

"You two are trouble" Seto muttered softly before gesturing them to continue, getting up he went to a stand behind them and poured himself a stiff drink due to what he was hearing. This no doubt was driving this Zarc character mad, really mad which made Seto want to smirk but knew that they were being aired online so he kept his face blank.

"Two days later I had swapped his Odd Eyes again, since it would give the game away about the fact that we were swapping all his cards and when Zarc was in a coffee shop looking at his cards. He had spat out his drink from seeing Odd Eyes wearing a top had an a monocle which made him look really posh like how people were years ago. Zarc I'm not joking went so pale he looked round to see if he was hallucinating and turned back to see it was normal, he really was shook up from that… until I changed it back when his back was turned once again. That poor waitress who had to endure his freak out thought he was having a break down or something when she saw the original was on the table" Myra explained while Ray tried to regain her composure once more but failed miserably.

"Didn't you create a Starving Venom copy wearing a tutu?" Ray asked causing Seto who had took out his phone due to a message, a crack could now be seen on the screen due to the fact that he had pressed his thumb a little too hard onto it, this in turn caused his thumb to see bits of the inside of his phone. Flashing them a sharp look Seto had tried not to laugh as the imagery almost set him off.

"You did not design that" Seto said in a warning tone as Myra smirk, seeing her not wavering rattled him a bit as his mind went to Blue eyes and had hoped that she would leave that dragon out of her insane plans.

"I did, all thanks to someone designing Yugi in a Tutu" Seto now shivered in disgust but didn't say anything except put his phone down since it was now unusuable.

"Continue…" he said bluntly.

"During anther duel Zarc was dueling in a park with Ray three weeks later, Zarc was about to XYZ summon but saw his Dark Rebellion had checkered yellow and black trousers. I'm not joking he just up and went away swearing" Myra said while Ray laughed.

"During that duel I had forgotten that we were swapping his cards so when he flipped it startled me" Ray commented while shaking her head, her eyes were filled with mirth while Seto eyed them weakly.

"How long was this going on for?" Seto asked bluntly now wanting to leave so he could laugh without cameras watching him, if only she had done this to the mutt. His day would have been complete.

"Two months" Myra admitted before laughing as Seto's mouth dropped in shock.

"And he still hasn't figured it out?!" Seto asked with a look of disbelief on his face, ditch the viewers he was stunned that someone who loved his cards would not know he was being pranked for that long.

"Nope, why you ask? Because we did it once every few days. It could be two days a week, three, six. We even waited a week so he could think that his mind had been playing tricks on him, I still remember Ray saying that he needed to calm down when he saw the card was different" Myra explained.

"When Zarc saw that Dark Rebellion was missing a leg, he had almost fainted in shock since Dark Rebellion wasn't saying anything to him" Ray added before Myra felt her phone buzz catching her attention.

"Very sadistic Myra, see you next week on the next podcast- Yugi" Yugi wrote causing her to smirk.

"Yugi says hi and that he's coming next week. If I remember correctly the week after I'm talking to Valon and Joey?" Myra asked with a curious smile.

"Still can't believe you weaselled them into the podcast" Seto muttered darkly while she smirked mentally from sensing how annoyed he was.

"Yes" Seto said before taking a huge gulp of his stiff drink. "I need another scotch" he said before getting up to refill.

"I'm sure it'll be fun, that or we'll just chat about how things are" Myra explained with a smile before leaning on the table.

"So should we continue to torment the star duelist?" Ray asked with a curious look while almost rolling her eyes from the nickname Zarc had been given.

"Oh absolutely" Myra said with a grin causing Ray to grin as well. "I have Starve Venom with a black moustache along with Clear Wing wearing an eye patch to freak him out with" Myra added while raising a glass, Ray raised hers and clinked the glasses.

"I'm glad you brought me in on this" Ray commented with a grin.

"Well I'm jolly happy that you agreed Ray 'ol bean" Myra said in a posh tone that made the pair snort, Seto wiped his mouth while looking away from them. "What about you Seto 'ol chap?" Seto's shoulders shook despite trying to remain calm.

"Leave me out of this…" Seto said while trying to plead at her with his eyes to drop the act.

"Oh? I say Seto penny for your thoughts 'ol chap? You look tense quite tense there" Myra asked while pretending to mess with a monocle which made Seto place a hand to his mouth to cover the incoming laugh as he smiled.

"Welp, Seto dear boy it's time for us to finish the podcast, thank you for coming Ray it's a pleasure to have you on our show. Toodle-pip everyone" Myra raised a glass before sipping the drink.