All Over A Cup Of Coffee

"Just leave me alone already Misa!" Light Yagami said with slight disgust. Misa continued to follow him as he stormed off;and was shouting rambling on about something or had a rough week of being KIRA all Light wanted to do right now;and in addition Light was also keeping an eye and ear open on what was going on with the on going KIRA investigation. It wasn't easy but Light was managing but like he said before he had a rough week; and Misa's constant endless nagging wasn't helping either. Light was so angry about his "Misa" problem that he wasn't watching where he was going; and walked right into a beautiful slender blonde blue eyed young women. Who had a coffee in her hand.

The young woman who went by the name JJ wasn't watching where she was going because she was looking at something on her phone. JJ was waiting for information pertaining to a case she was on and she had a cup of coffee in her hand. So when the two of them collided and the coffee went all over JJ's shirt. Looking up Light's gaze softened as he saw JJ in front of him who was looking down with a mixture of disgust and horror at the coffee all over her. "Sorry about that miss let me help" was all Light said as he helped JJ clean up. JJ didn't know what to say because she was at a loss for words; because it wasn't everyday you'd have a good looking young man checking you a while the two of them got talking and introduced each other and telling each other why the other was where they were. Light went even as far as to buy another cup of coffee for JJ. It was just a friendly gesture as far as Light was concerned but sadly Misa didn't see it that way and she didn't like it one little bit.

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