Banjo and Kazooie were on the Rice Beach, with neither the honey bear or breegull bird understanding how they got there in the first place. One thing that they did know was that they would encounter a big greedy treasure tracker who just loved money of all sorts. And it was 1 they wouldn't forget.

"Sheesh, with how many places we're going to, we just happen to always run into trouble," Kazooie remarked as she was using her talon trot ability to get away from the various enemies.

"Well that's what happens when we go on these adventures," Banjo pointed out as he was looking through a guidebook, only to get a clove of garlic chucked at him as he groaned. "Whoa! What was that?"

"It's a me, Wario! Wahaha!" Wario laughed as he slapped his big fat butt as he jumped off the ledge, flattening Banjo and Kazooie as he picked the flattened duo up and spun them around like a pizza, before inflating them like a balloon as he popped them and laughed.

"Well this is just great," Kazooie groaned after she and Banjo respawned, with the duo having lost the feathers and eggs they collected. "Just what do you want, fatso?"

Wario rubbed his hands together in a greedy manner. "I heard that you bozos collected priceless jigsaw pieces... and I want in!"

"...Well too bad, because they're not for you." Kazooie remarked as she waved her right red wing at Wario. "You would break them with your lard."

"Oh yeah? I bet I can get your dumb musical notes too!" Wario boasted as he then body slammed Banjo and Kazooie.

"Please, even those wouldn't fit in your smelly overalls!" Kazooie snapped as she shook her head. "Why I bet you're so full of lard, you would-"

"Kazooie! That's enough!" Banjo groaned as he got up onto his feet, panting as he faced Wario. "Look, how about we call it a truce and just go our separate-"

Wario had enough so he grabbed Banjo and swung him around, chucking him and Kazooie into the sea as he laughed while taking off to get the jiggies and notes first.