This document was written as a sort of 'write up' of the lore behind the scenes in games such as GfG, so you lot could write stories in a roughly similar universe. Fanfiction of a fanfiction, as it were, back when we were so burned out and sick and tired of Cobalt Jinn that we didn't want anything to do with him for a long time.

Now ~10 months later, we're attempting to write GfG 2.0, we figured we'd write this up anyways, and let you guys at it. Because why not. Feel free to ask questions, and we'll post other "Lore Interludes" in an attempt to answer them.

If all works out well, we hope to see you again and again and again real soon.

Hope you enjoy! Please send us any questions you have about the Metasoft Universe as a whole and we'll do our best to answer them in future Lore Interludes.- Seraphima, Co-Author and Beta Reader

...what she said -Yoshtar, the reason you're reading this.

Metasoft was originally conceived in late 2019 by a small group of three developers and scientists who had designed their own game and wanted to create a company to publish it under. Those original three members were Gareth Smith, game designer; Alexander Myste, programmer; and Dr. Raven Myste, scientist and hardware designer.

The beginnings of modern Metasoft started in 2021 when the first incarnation of what would become the NEMO chair was created by Dr. Myste. It was a large and bulky device that would allow a test subject to interface their minds directly with computers, making it feel as if they were actually inside the games they played.

The applications were many and varied. Unfortunately the machines were expensive and delicate, and were so ahead of their time that often the only person who could actually operate the machines without killing the test subject was Dr. Myste herself.

It was the beginnings of full-dive VR technology, something eagerly pointed out by Gareth, saying it was only a matter of time before this sort of thing got smaller, more portable and had games developed around its use.

The word games got all three of them thinking and that led to Metasoft's first few projects. Alex was key at this time, working with Raven to get the NEMO working with the game engine, and building and modifying the engine with Gareth to produce the game itself.

Eventually, they had a prototype working, a game about acquiring superpowers and using them in a few dozen blocks of skyscrapers… and, of course, a little matrix homage which flooded the city with a few thousand suit-wearing clones.

People took notice when they showed off the tech demo, and had a few people climb in to show it wasn't bogus. Investors were interested in the technology. Very interested. Metasoft was soon approached with several offers.

After their first 'Suit' showed up, a Government Official from a 'classified branch of the CIA', it quickly became apparent that the full-dive gear would be useful to less-than-scrupulous individuals for cracking open the mind, and that if anyone with a NEMO lacked morals or a conscience, they could get up to some MK ULTRA level atrocities.

It didn't take long before Raven and Alex were altering the feedback systems to never be able to permanently influence the mind; a person 'drunk off their tits' ingame would quickly recover once removed from their chair. Then Raven obfuscated her plans, encoding them so only she could read them whilst the global scientific community were still scratching their heads at how she managed what she managed.

Raven continued improving her design until she discovered that she would be able to upload a person's entire mind into a computer, provided it was powerful enough to handle it. She started construction of what would be the first iteration of a Biological/Quantum Supercomputer, the first of its kind.

In December 2021, a family friend of Gareth's was put into Critical condition in an unfortunate accident. His body was dying, and there was nothing modern medicine could do for him. In a desperate bid to save him, his family provided Gareth and Raven enough funding to be able to complete the computer.

In early 2022, it was finally finished. Gareth's friend was hurriedly uploaded into the computer, saving his life before his body died one week later. He would lay dormant inside the computer until early 2023, when The Game was finished by Metasoft. He then gave himself the in-game name of Cobalt Lucis Jinn, and was placed inside The Game under the pretense of being a Beta tester.

By the end of the same year, Cobalt had managed to successfully introduce a fatal error into the system and forced a hard reset. Unfortunately, there had been an exceptional amount of data on the computer at the time and with the exception of a few hard backups, almost all of it had to be recovered.

It was over a decade before Cobalt's mind was recovered from its dormancy in 2034 and placed into a new simulation, with a new version of Gamer to try to prevent the unforeseen radical changes in Cobalt's personality having nearly unlimited power had caused from happening again.

When Cobalt managed to successfully complete that challenge, Raven, Alexander and Gareth decided they would reveal the truth of Cobalt's existence to him. Cobalt, of course, reacted poorly, but by that point had been trolled at every available turn and corner by the team that he took it better than some.

Cobalt was offered the opportunity to become a System Administrator for the game that he had been testing- which would soon become public. He accepted, and was quickly sent through a training course to help him with moderating and responsible use of admin powers.

The game was announced to the rest of the world to much fascination, but- thankfully for some- the rather high cost of entry and proprietary full-dive VR hardware needed- as a simple mouse and keyboard was insufficient and unsupported by the game- helped keep the trolls and weirdos to a minimum.

That wasn't to say there weren't people who didn't spin around in corners randomly, trolls, or a group of people who over the course of real-time years attempted to play 'kerbal space program' in one of the fantasy-verse servers to see if they'd bothered to simulate the moon.

Suffice to say, people were more willing to bite the bullet and join in after that story went viral.

Today The Game serves thousands of unique players a day, a number that is rapidly increasing as more and more people take a plunge and see what all the fuss is about.