"Thanks for the assist, guys." Cobalt said as he and CFVY reentered Vale.

"No problem" Coco said.

"Can I beg a favour?" Cobalt asked

"What is it?" Coco replied

"I hate this thing and need something that at least hurts when you shoot Grimm" Cobalt said, holding up his service pistol.

The poorly maintained .32 gunscroll with a now-cracked frame and screen caused team CFVY to cringe

"Hey, Velv, why don't you show him to that Gunsmith Beacon has contracts with. He should be able to hook Cobalt up with something good."

"What?! Why me?!" Velvet immediately demanded

"Because you were the one who kicked him in the face." Coco said

Cobalt froze up and stared at Velvet in shock, as Velvet shrunk further behind Coco.

"That was a kick?" Cobalt asked, bewildered.

Velvet shrank back, too embarrassed to say

Cobalt sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose "y'know what? It doesn't matter. Just know it hurt, a lot, and that you should really work on your PID."

Velvet nodded

"So, you know where this gun store is?" Cobalt asked

Velvet nodded again.

"Well lead the way." Cobalt said, indicating for Velvet to go ahead of him

"R-right… sure… this way."

"So… what am I looking at on a cop's salary. I'm gonna guess 'not a lot'." Cobalt said, ignoring the fact it was the same old Shopkeep staring at him disapprovingly as he perused the guns behind the glass

"No… I could pay for it though." Velvet suggested

"I- you would?" Cobalt asked

Velvet nodded

"Don't you have your own stuff to worry about?" Cobalt asked

"It's the least I can do."

Cobalt blinked whilst he processed that, and quietly chuckled "So you kick boys in the head and buy them shiny new guns. Well, if that's your icebreaker, I can only wonder what the rest of your dating scheme is"

Velvet turned bright red at the accusation before hammering her fist into Cobalt's shoulder, causing Cobalt to laugh despite how much it hurt.

Once Velvet calmed down, Cobalt looked through the display case, showcasing all sorts of fancy tech made for blasting grimm. More often than not, it was some sort of convenience item, like a scroll mixed in, fancy brand names declaring the artistic postmodern design.

Cobalt looked through the cases, looking for something that'd be a good fit for him. His experience told him that the fancier and more convenient to use something became, the more complex, fragile, and more prone something was to simply not working.

This was his gun, the small two kilogram block of various machined metal parts standing between life and death. Cobalt would brook no compromises on design, durability, functionality and reliability… besides, he had Gamer, it'd pick up the slack on the end of encumbrance and bulk.

Cobalt poured as much thought as he could into getting the right gun, weighing up his needs, pros, cons and realising he just needed a plain pistol.

He felt Velvet give him a strange look as Cobalt asked the Old Storekeep for a plain, solid handgun that was just a handgun.

Cobalt was lead to a side display case with several patterns, some were clearly remnant designs, some that he kinda-recognised from earth but couldn't put a name to if he tried… and a number of highly iconic handguns that he'd have been able to recognise anywhere, ranging from old WW2 early semi's to modern 'wonder 9's', even a Deagle-brand Deagle, and-

"Ooh, 1911." Cobalt said, eyeing the familiar design.

It would seem John Moses Browning's was just a little bit more legendary if his century-old designs were showing up in alternate worlds. It was a silver piece with a large red triangle in a black circle etched on the polymer sidegrips.

The Old Shopkeep brought it out for Cobalt, and Cobalt felt the weight in his hand. It was both lighter and heavier than he expected, a comfortable, reassuring weight. He felt around it for all the functions, feeling out how the gun itself worked and felt in his hands.

He liked it, and there was a certain quality to having a still-relevant-after-a-century design in his holster. He nodded at The Old Shopkeep, and was presented with a box of ammo, the spare magazine, the carry case and a lien reader.

Cobalt noticed something was off when he saw the ammo, however. Instead of the stock-standard .45 automatic colt pistol of the standard 1911a1, he'd been given 10mm ammo. Checking the gun, just in case, he saw it was called the "Delta Elite"- as it was proudly engraved onto the slide- proclaiming inside another triangle- the greek letter 'Delta' he realised- that it was a 10mm handgun.

Cobalt was surprised, having heard vague memes once upon a time mentioned in passing. Still, he was glad he had something faster than .45 and beefier than 9mm.

Velvet stepped in and slotted several lien cards into the reader, and like that she'd bought him the gun.

Cobalt nodded his thanks and packed up the gun, slotting it into the holster on his hip, resolving to buy one that actually fit later.

"Thanks again, Velv. I owe you one." Cobalt said

"No problem." Velvet replied

"If you ever need help with something, lemme know and I'll see if I can do something about it." Cobalt said

"I'll hold you to that"

Cobalt waved goodbye as Velvet returned to her team.

As Cobalt wandered the streets of Vale, he was struck with a new, terrible question: "What now?"

The obvious answer to him was "Get stronger". Remnant was an unkind place full of great, ancient evils, and he'd need to know his way around both his gun and his sword if he wanted to get ahead and be anything but a simple bystander.

He also needed to bone up on Vale law hard. He was a police officer now, and damn if he wasn't going to do a better job than any of them.

Cobalt was dragged out of his musings by sounds of distress, and he saw a pair of thugs shaking down some poor woman. Cobalt's sense of justice demanded action, and he took a few seconds before he realised he was a policeman now, and pushed himself into action.

He just wished his native accent hadn't slipped, more cockney than ever, when he strode over and shouted "Oi! What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?!"

The two thugs turned and saw Cobalt, stood there with a rather battered VPD uniform as he cleared his throat and cursed himself out internally for the slip.

"What's it to you, asshole?"

"Looks to me like you're assaulting that poor lady right there." Cobalt said, trying to recover some sense of professionalism

"Nah, we're just having some fun."

Cobalt glanced around at the woman, who was clearly trying to get away "I don't believe you."

"What you going to do about it?" the mugger said

Cobalt unhooked the pair of cuffs on his belt in response.

"It's a two on one"

"We'll add threatening an officer to the list, shall we?"

The thugs moved and tried to overwhelm Cobalt, who didn't bother trying to draw his sword or gun. They were too close and would get their attack off first. Cobalt dropped his cuffs as he sidestepped the bull-rush and then backstepped a swing with a switchblade.

The man was off balance, and Cobalt, with his limited experience and having watched a boxing anime that one time, braced and delivered an uppercut to the bottom of the man's chin.

The man's head snapped backwards and he collapsed as his brain rattled inside his skull, causing his limbs to give out almost completely underneath him.

"...they call it the button for a reason." Cobalt mumbled, surprised.

The other Thug came charging at him, and Cobalt reacted, adrenaline slowing the thug to something he could deal with. Cobalt shifted and pivoted from the hips into a devastating counter-punch, using the man's own momentum against him.

Cobalt thought he heard a crack as the man's feet kept going despite his face being held up by an aura reinforced fist, putting him on the ground unconscious.

Cobalt stared for a long time in surprise, not believing he'd just won the fight.

"What the… hell?"

Cobalt snapped out of his stupor as he saw the first thug trying to push himself up, his limbs refusing to respond. Scooping up his cuffs, Cobalt pushed the man down before wrestling with his weak and unresponsive arms to force them into the cuffs behind his back, as Cobalt read him his 'Miranda rights'.

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you by the court. With these rights in mind, are you still willing to talk with me about the charges against you?"

"F-Fuck you!"

"I'll take that as a no, then." Cobalt said, dragging him up and sitting him in a corner before checking on thug #2.

Cobalt saw that he'd broken the man's nose, and it was bleeding profusely. Cobalt rolled the man on his side so he wouldn't inhale it and made sure he wasn't leaking anything clear before cuffing him as well.

Lastly, he checked on the victim herself, and asked "Are you okay?"

The woman who Cobalt noted had bright purple hair nodded. "You… actually saved me?"

Cobalt paused for a moment and sighed "It's sad that you even have to ask that."

"Thank you, officer."

"You're uh… you're welcome." Cobalt said, offering a hand.

The victim took his hand and Cobalt did his best to help pull her to her feet.

"Lisa Lavender, I can promise you I won't forget this." she said

Lisa will remember this

It took every ounce of willpower Cobalt possessed to not react to that text.

Cobalt nodded and watched Lisa go on her way, before stepping on the still-conscious crook's knees to keep him from getting up and calling it in.

Fiddling with his radio, Cobalt eventually opened a line. "Uh, Dispatch? This is Officer Jinn; I'd like to report two crooks with charges of assault, armed theft, resisting arrest, threatening an officer and assaulting an officer. Both felons are cuffed, one is unconscious with a broken nose, bleeding heavily, the other is… awake and spouting abuse."

The crook interjected by shouting "fuck you, man" as if to emphasize Cobalt's point.

"Requesting immediate pickup." Cobalt finished

"Wait, you actually made an arr- I mean, Sure thing… Jinn… We'll send a cruiser right away."

Cobalt waited for a quarter hour before the cruiser arrived, testing his willpower against the crook's, and trying to hold discipline as the crook shouted abuse at him and tried to get away. He came close to breaking character several times, before realising that'd just give the crook an idea of exactly how to needle him and his insecurities, so he did his best impression of the British Queen's Guard regiment and just kept imagining the silly bearskin hats they wore.

When they arrived, Cobalt handed them over, and he got pats on the back and invited to enjoy some donuts and coffee. Cobalt wasn't one to refuse comfort food right now. He'd had a pretty trying day.

Playing somewhat into a lot of tropes and cliches, Cobalt found himself at a donut shop drinking coffee and eating from a big box of cinnamon donuts.

"So, what was it like, bagging your first, Rookie?"

"I… it's hard to describe… I mean, the actual thing was terrifying, all action and reaction and stuff… but now that's kinda… simmered down? I guess that's how you could describe it… now there's that post-battle afterglow of 'I did the thing'... and piled on top of that is just… burnout from a stressful day."

"How so?"

"Went outside the walls, figured out I need a few days in a range to get used to recoil control. Sprayed everywhere like a freaking git and just pissed the beowolves off with the anaemic round." Cobalt recounted, before chugging half his coffee and finishing off his current donut.

Cobalt ignored the concerned glances as he raised his coffee to his lips to chug the rest when the unthinkable happened.

"Nobody move! This is a robbery!"

Cobalt froze stiff as a statue, eyes wide… shocked that anyone in their right mind would attempt to rob a donut shop, of all places, particularly one filled to the brim with cops.

Cobalt slowly turned, and was equally surprised when no one else moved. The lady at the counter was dutifully handing over bills out the till, and not a single cop had done anything… the robber was armed, yes, with a gun even, but it was kinda their job to do something.

"Sheep led by a lion, Cobalt." Cobalt said to himself, and drew upon the special Original Character powers inherent in his million-times-folded donut steele.

The robber noticed the motion in his peripheral vision and flinched as the deep-fried sweet treat impacted his face. Cobalt was already in motion before the donut had even finished sailing across the room, ignoring the surprised shout his fellows gave him. Leaping over the bench for some cover, Cobalt sprinted across the shop and with adrenaline-fuelled power gave an almighty leap, jumping straight back over the counter, arms raised, legs tucked and bellowing a warcry.

Cobalt was treated to the wide-eyed look on the robber's face as he saw Cobalt looming over him like a stormfront made of pain and adrenaline-fuelled rage

The Robber didn't manage to get a shot before Cobalt landed on him in a flying tackle, sending the both of them sprawling. Cobalt recovered first, high as a kite on a deficit of blood in his adrenaline system and grappled the crook, punching his wrist to force him to drop the gun before forcing the man onto his stomach and straddling his waist to keep him from wriggling out from under him, wrenched his wrists together and used the second extra pair of handcuffs that he'd nicked from the stockpile that morning.

Standing up, Cobalt kept his foot on the man's butt, to ensure he wouldn't be getting away as he recovered, panting hard amidst the stunned silence.

"What the hell was that?"

"The 21 foot rule in motion" Cobalt replied, nearly collapsing as the adrenaline in his system calmed down "Just with a donut to throw him off cause you lazy fucks weren't doing shit."

Cobalt felt his knees give out and carefully lowered himself to sit cross-legged on the complaining crook's butt, seeing as it was the most comfortable place now, and kept the perp from getting away.

"It's childsplay really, twenty to one odds: one of you holds him from behind and the rest of you take turns punching him in the dick until he passes out" Cobalt added

Looking around him Cobalt saw the pillowcase the robber had been putting the money in and without looking lifted it to the countertop "Here, figured you might want this back"

Dimly, Cobalt heard someone calling Dispatch for a pickup for Cobalt's latest exploit.

"Where'd you learn to do that?"

"I'm crazy, and I watched an action movie or two where the guy threw his sunglasses at the other guy to gain the initiative." Cobalt said

Cobalt stayed there in the donut shop, only moving to allow them to take the crook away, feeling exhaustion creep in.

Closing his eyes Cobalt took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to let the stress out with the breath.

You have learned the meditation skill
Take a moment to relax, and feel your body restore and rejuvenate its energy

Cobalt noticed his meters consciously again, and realised his stamina was almost rock-bottom, and if he had to bet, he was regenerating from having almost no stamina left.

Seeing no detriment, Cobalt started controlling his breathing and meditation kicked in, boosting his stamina regeneration such that it refilled the bar at an actually decent clip… and by that, he meant that it'd take a minute or two to refil, like he'd expect it'd take several minutes for his body to rest and recover from strenuous exercise.

It was as Cobalt achieved a rested state and recovered some state of mental piece hat the clerk gave him a coffee from the management. Accepting with a nod and a tired 'thanks', Cobalt got to sipping the strong barista-coffee as a familiar woman with purple hair, armed with a microphone appeared leading a man equipped with a shoulder-mounted camera.

"Hey Lisa." Cobalt said, resigning himself to a terrible fate

Lis smiled at Cobalt and said "I get the feeling we'll get to know each other very well soon."

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