I knew it was a bad idea.

This mission hadn't felt right from the beginning.

Now we're all locked up in these cells, all but Blanca, our wolf. We're depending on him, hoping he finds a way to get us out in time, before something worse happens.

The person keeping us here - a member of Sapientes Gladio - took you away earlier, knocked out by the same perfume she caught us all with. It feels like that was hours ago. Maybe minutes. There's no way to tell the time here, no windows, no sunlight. We might be stuck in here for days, weeks and never know.

I can hear the others in their cells. Gepetto gently mumbling to himself, Lucia singing awful songs, Joachim pacing.

Then; a scream. Your scream. Loud enough to go through the thick walls seperating us. A short, painful scream, then silence. The others have heard it too, tension fills the air. We're all aware you're sacrificing yourself for us, even if there's no way to tell if that woman will keep her promise to spare us, once she's through with you. Whatever she's doing to you, I pray you can hold on. Pray for your safe return. Pray I don't have to watch you dying...

Listen to me, I almost sound like Lucia. Of course you will be alright. You're tougher than all of us.

It's become so silent you could hear a needle if it fell. It's as if everyone is waiting what happens next. I start counting the beats of my racing heart, the only way to get a hold of time. 90, 180, 270..

Again I hear you scream, louder this time, more pained than before. 370, 470..

"I sure hope he's alright", Gepetto says, but he doesn't sound like he believes his own words. I've lost count of my heart beats and give up on it, instead folding my arms to warm myself. It's gone chilly in here. Or is it just my imagination?

Your third cry is cut short. The lump in my throat grows. What happened? I feel cold sweat down my back, my legs going weak. I lean against the wall, trying even breaths, but my heart is beating too fast.

Steps coming down the rock stairs. Heavy steps, two sets of them, the sound of something heavy being dragged. I rush towards the bars holding me captive and grab them, trying to see. Joachim gasps and suddenly starts sobbing. Gepetto is praying. Then I see you; two monstrous guards are hauling your limp body towards your cell and throw you in carelessly. No smart comeback from you, no attempt to break free.

The simple thud as you hit the ground is sickening. Like dead meat.

I call your name, but you stay silent. I wish I could be with you, not just your cell neighbour. Heal your wounds, ease your pain. But the wall is unforgiving, and so are the bars. They took my sword, so I can't even try to destroy this cage. I hate it, hate that woman, hate the whole of Sapientes Gladio, for doing this to us, to you.

You moan, then shift in your cell. Again I call you, ask if you're alright. It almost sounds like a 'yeah', then again thud, your harsh breathing. You aren't alright. Just your usual brave front..

"Will be.. stop fussing about me..", you say after a moment. "Where's that stupid dog anyway..."

I know you just try to change the topic. Who knows where Blanca is right now? Maybe he's right on his way back to us.. He wouldn't desert us. We need to trust in him. I tell you that, but you don't reply anymore. I wonder if you've passed out again.. and hope you have nice dreams if you did.

Again; steps. Two sets, clicking. Something jingles. A bark.

Blanca is back.