"I get it, okay. Will you please shut up about it?" Thomas, my boyfriend, sighs annoyed.

I raise my hands in the air. "Fine, sorry to bother you. I'll leave you to it, then."

And with that I left him in the kitchen and went outside to walk around in our garden. When I got to the cat statue that was halfway covered in flowers, I halted. This was where our cat was buried and when I was in a fight with Thomas, it was my go to place to clear my head.

My name is Anna and I'm a Starkid-fan. You wouldn't guess this since I'm 32 years old. But I'm in love with musicals and it was that love that brought me into the Starkid world. I was hooked from the very first moment. Since I live in Europe, I never had the chance to see them live, but I didn't care. I was the silent type of fan, hoovering in the background, donating money to Kickstarter and watching livestreams in the middle of the night. Thomas didn't mind, he was glad I had something to do but lately he was getting… jealous I think?

A couple of months ago they announced that they would come to Europe to attend a convention. It would be the only one in a couple of years to come, so it was obvious for me that I would buy tickets for myself and Thomas. He even gave me the tickets for my birthday last February, so I figured he was okay with it. But when the weekend of the convention came closer and my excitement was growing with every day, he was getting more and more annoyed.

This day wasn't any different. I stayed awake during the night because they organized another livestream and I wanted to watch it live. Thomas usually didn't care about this, but he didn't like it at all this time. Despite his protest, I still watched it. I wanted to tell him all about it this morning at breakfast, and how I was excited to go to the convention next week and meet all of the Starkids in person. But he wouldn't hear any of it. I suspect he's getting jealous, but he has no reason to feel that way. I'm way too shy to try and talk with them or ask for a photo. If they won't say anything to me, I'm not saying anything back. Too afraid to say something cliché or to make me look like a giggling fangirl. Which, to be honest, isn't far from the truth because deep inside me there is a fangirl hidden. But she's not coming out… ever.

After a while I decided to go back in and forget about the discussion we had. I wouldn't bring them up again in the next week.

The weekend of the convention came and I was excited as can be. On our way to the convention center, I listened to their songs and sang along with them. I looked at Thomas, but he kept staring right in front of him. I shrugged my shoulders, I wasn't going to let his mood ruin my excitement. I was going to meet my idols for crying out loud, and if he couldn't understand that this was something I really was looking forward to, too bad for him. A little voice inside my head argued that if he really loved me, he would be interested in the things I loved or at least be happy that I was happy. But I quickly silenced it. Our relationship wasn't ideal, I knew that, but I still loved him. He was sweet and protective and sure, he could be stubborn and childish, but you know… aren't all men like that?

When we entered the building, I took Thomas's hand and guided him through the crowd. I managed to get us to the right location for the panel that was going to begin any minute. When I looked around I noticed there were a lot of teenage girls there, and me and Thomas kind of stood out. I was not the only one who noticed it.

"Told you Starkid is for kids. Look, you're the only adult here," Thomas said. "You'll see, when they get on stage, they will all scream like their life is depending on it. I'm getting a headache for sure."

He had barely finished his sentence or Team Starkid showed up and waved to the crowd. Needless to say, the crowd went insane. I barely contained my own excitement, and after a quick look at Thomas, I decided to not join in the screams and whistles, but I couldn't hide the huge smile that was plastered on my face.

The Starkids sat down in the chairs on stage and the panel began. I listened to the questions and all of their answers , but after half an hour, Thomas pulled my arm.

"What is it?" I asked him. He looked annoyed… again.

"I want to go, I'm hungry," he whined. He actually whined like a child. I hated it when he did that.

"Then go ahead and get something to eat. I'm listening to this panel, it's almost done." I turned my head and continued watching. Lauren was imitating Jamie's dance during Kick it up a Notch and the whole crowd was laughing. Thomas grabbed my wrist and pulled me along.

I tried to free my arm but he was too strong. The girls around us and their parents started looking at us, so I went with him to avoid any attention.

He stopped at one of the food stalls that were placed there and bought us lunch. I was giving him the cold shoulder, but he apparently didn't care. When we were finished an hour later - because he really wanted dessert too - I looked at the program.

"They'll do a performance in about twenty minutes. I'm going to watch that. You can decide if you'll stay with me until it's over or you'll get yourself a seat somewhere and wait for me. But I don't want you to repeat what you did this morning, okay?" I said to him, while getting up from my seat. I felt like I was lecturing a child, which wasn't that far off.

He didn't get up, but looked at me. After a couple of seconds, he put his hands on the table and shoves his chair out of the way, a little too harsh for my taste.

"Fine, I'll come with you. Just, don't try and embarrass yourself will you?" he mumbled.

"Embarrass myself?" I gasped. "You're the one that's embarrassing me! You know how much I love Starkid and their musicals. You know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, so would you please try and be happy for me? Look, just stay here, really, I don't mind." He looked right into my eyes, it was the coldest look he had ever given me. I swallowed and stepped back.

"I want to ask you something," he said slowly. "Which one is your favorite Starkid?"

That question didn't surprised me. It almost felt like he was interested, but I knew better. The last couple of days I found out that he truly believed I was in love with one of the Starkids. I overheard him talking to one of his friends and he'd said that he was going with me to keep an eye on me. I never thought he would go through with this, but apparently he was. I didn't know yet if I found this 'possessiveness' of him attractive or a deal breaker. So I told him the truth.

"You know that's Joey Richter," I said to him, rolling my eyes. Ever since I saw AVPM, Joey caught my eye and that never changed. I usually go for the underdog, but with him it was different.

"And that is precisely why I'm going with you," he answered.

"Fine," I sighed and went to the auditorium ,with Thomas tagging along.

I managed to squeeze ourselves towards the middle of the first row and was glad to see that there were more 'adults' now. I looked behind me, where Thomas was standing arms crossed. I gave him an encouraging smile, but he didn't return it. I knew we would fight over this when we'd return home the next day, but I wasn't letting that spoil this weekend. I was a very easygoing person, but today I was thinking of myself for a change.

Clark entered the stage and started playing the piano. The introduction of "This is the End" was playing and Lauren came on. I started singing along and pulled out my phone to take pictures. Jaime, Joe Walker, Dylan and Brian Holden soon got on stage too, but when Joey hopped on, everyone went insane. And I joined in their excitement and screamed just as loud. Since I stood in the front row, they got really close and could interact with us. So when Joey stopped to high five the girl next to me and I raised my hand as well, I immediately felt two hands on my hips. My first reaction was to freeze because I wasn't expecting it, but as soon as I heard Thomas' voice I relaxed a bit and I dropped my hand. I didn't want any trouble. If he wanted to be possessive, than I would let him for now. As long as I could watch this show without interruption, I was fine with it. I would deal with all of this afterwards.

Our whole interaction didn't go unnoticed by Joey since he was right in front of us and he gave me a soft smile before continuing with the song. I couldn't help but return the smile. "Don't," Thomas whispered in my ear.

"What?" I asked him.

"Don't encourage him," he said through his teeth.

"Thomas, honestly, you're being ridiculous. We're in the center of the front row, of course he would stop here. I'm not encouraging him! I bet he didn't even notice me. He could've smiled at someone behind us. There are hundreds of people here, come on!" I turned towards the stage again.

The gang was then joined by Meredith and they finished the song.

Joe welcomed everyone and he was greeted with the loudest cheering I'd ever heard. The only sound that came out of Thomas was grunting. He was actually pissing me off now.

After a couple of songs he was getting impatient. The Starkids were singing "Senior Year" while he tried to get my attention. I ignored him and kept singing along, dancing with the other fans. He patted my shoulder, and after I still ignored him, he grabbed me by my right shoulder. He squeezed really hard and I winced.

"When this song is over, we're leaving," he hissed. My eyes went wide, because I never heard him talk to me like that before.

"Thomas, no, please… I really want to stay until the end. You promised," I pleaded. "You're hurting me…" I continued because he still got a hold of my shoulder. When he didn't react, I put my hand over his and squeezed lightly. That seemed to bring him back to his senses, and he dropped his hand.

I moved my shoulder back and forth and crossed my arms.

"It's almost over, okay?" I said without looking at him. He stayed silent.

This was going all wrong. I was glad we were in the front row and there were so many fans around us, because I honestly felt not entirely safe anymore. This wasn't the Thomas I knew and loved.

But all those thoughts were immediately shoved aside when the Starkids left the stage, except for Joey. I knew what was coming. My favorite song by my favorite Starkid: Sidekick.

As soon as Clark played the first notes, everyone else caught on and screamed at the top of their lungs. And so did I. I didn't see that Thomas' entire body tensed, and that his hands were clenched in fists because of my reaction to the song, or the performer.

Joey gave his all, and when he got to the end of the song he went towards my direction, got on one knee and sang the last sentence with his eyes closed: "And I love, I love… I looooooove….", he opened his eyes, looked me in the eyes and pointed at me while singing "Being at your side….".

I smiled at him and applauded. At that moment Thomas lost it. He grabbed my arm and pulled me backwards. I yelped in surprise and managed to free my arm of his grasp. Thomas looked around him, noticed that some people were staring at us, luckily most of the fans were still cheering for Joey. Thomas looked at me, hissed "This isn't over yet," at me and then promptly turned around and left. I felt relieved he was gone but as I looked back to the stage, I was getting scared.

Joey looked at me and while Lauren came on with the others to sing "The Dragon Song", he gave me an apologetic look and mouthed "Sorry". I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head, to notify him that I didn't mind. It's not like it was his fault.

To be continued…