Ste: I have come to to see how Tegan is cause me and Ryan are moving away to start a new life

Leela: So you are just going to up and leave what bout your family

Ste: I need to start again after everything that has happened I deserve it

Leela: ok but don't stress her out she has only come out of a coma

Ste: Hi teggs I wanted to come and see how you are and say that i am moving away with Ryan and the kids

Louis: Tegan needs to rest Ste she is rele tired but Ste see's tegan is uncomfortable

Ste: are you ok let me just get you settled and see's the tablet and reads it

Ste: did you write this Ryan killed Amy

from there Louis helps Tegan with tring to explain to Ste what Ryan did with tapping her finger

Ste is in reception area and Leela and Louis are with him

Leela: I believe her

Louis: so do I

Ste: I need to contact Tony and get him to get Leah and Lucas away from Ryan

Ste:Tony I need to speak to you i am not on anything and I am telling you the truth

Tony: calm down Ste whats the matter

Ste: Harry did not kill Amy it was Ryan

Tony: Ste are you being serious after I disowned my own son chucked him out the house found out that he was selling his body for sex and made him plead Guilty and now find out he did not Kill her

Ste: I am being serious Tony I know how you feel I can't get my head round why Harry sold his body for sex

Tony: yeah he did Ste alright i will go to the flat and get the kids but you know when the news gets to Harry he is not going to forgive me so Quickly

Ste: ok thanks I will meet you out side the dog and pond

Ste goes to the dog in the pond with leela and louis to meet Tony who has got the kids

Ste: thank you Tony kids I need you to go with aunty leela and louis me and Tony need to talk

Ste: Tony I can't believe what has been happening to Harry selling his body for sex and sleeping rough

Tony: I know Ste I am a disgrace i don't know how he is ever going to forgive me

Ste: when I saw him with brusis on his face and he said he stopped a mugging I thought there was something he was hidding

Tony: what am i going to say to him I won't be able to look him if the face

Ste first things first I am going to call the police and tell them Ryan killed Amy and then we are going to get Harry out of prison