With the wedding finished Ste & Harry are back home starting to pack for there honeymoon

Harry So you looking forward to our romantic trip Babe

Ste 1000% to spend a whole week just the two us

Harry with out any to complain bout how many times we have sex aswell

Ste I can't wait for that aswell

Harry better make sure we have got everything

Ste I have double checked babe

Harry Ok

Well Ste & Harry put all there stuff in the car and all the village wave them off while they are driving Harry is so happy

Ste Why are you so happy

Harry I just can't believe all this has happened I have never been this happy

Ste We have been threw alot of the last year but it all paid off in the end

Harry it sure did after the honeymoon I think we should find somewhere of our own to live with the kids

Ste Excellent idea I have been asked to take over the loft as manager

Harry Cool wow we have arrived this place is awesome

So Ste & Harry arrive at the place where they are saying for there honeymoon and the place is massive so the porter takes there luggage up to the room

Ste well what shall we do now we have unpacked

Harry only one thing Sex

Ste thought u would neva say it

Harry rips off all Ste's clothes till he is naked and Ste does the same to Harry and they have sex for most of the day

Harry wow that was so awesome

Ste it truly was well lets get up and go for our romantic dinner

So Ste & Harry get dressed up really smart and head down stairs for there romantic dinner for there first night of there Honeymoon while they are eating all they do is just look at each other and there rings they have on there hands

Ste so you enjoying your food babe

Harry yea it is awesome but I am looking forward to more romantic sex

Ste well lets have dinner and afterwards we can go for seconds

Harry I did forget we need to get a photo of us two as a Married couple and when we get back get one with the kids aswell

Ste That will be awesome and will get you name as there adopted father then every thing will be finalised

Harry Thank you babe to be part of your family I just am one of the most happiest person atm

Ste well lets enjoyed the rest of our meal then will go for a walk and look round the rest of this place

So Ste & Harry finish the rest of there meal then they got up and went for a walk around the house always smiling at each other cause after everything tht happened they are now married at last so after they had finished they went to the bar for a few drinks

Harry what wuld u lk to drink Babe

Ste Orange Juice you know what happens when I drink alcahol

Harry Ok two glasses of pure Orange Juice

Ste you can have a pint

Harry I have decided to give it up

Ste Oh ok

After they had a few glasses of Orange Juice Ste looked at Harry

Ste So shall we go back to our room for some romantic time

Harry I thought u would neva say I have been waiting all evening

Ste lets go

Ste & Harry return to there room and they put the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the outside of the door So they start kissing passionatly then Ste takes Harry jacket off then his tie Harry does the same to Ste after that Ste undoes the buttons on Harry's shirt and takes it off exposing his gorgeous Body Harry does the same to Ste exposing his body aswell then Ste takes off Harry's shoes and socks and then undoes Harry's belt then the button on his trousers Harry does the same to Ste then Ste pulls Harry's trousers off until he is wearing only his boxers Harry does the same to Ste they are still kissing all the way through then at the same time they pull each others boxers off and threw them on the floor now they are completely naked while they are kissing they rub there hands down each others bodies enjoying every second they then fall onto the bed Harry is lied on the bed and Ste is rubbing his hands down Harry's chest feeling his muscles Harry grabs Ste and pulls him down and they start having Sex and they continue having Sex all night until the morning

Harry WOW what a night shame we have to go home today

Ste it deaf was I don't want to go back either but we have more to look forward to

Harry yea we do getting our own place you starting as Manager of the loft

Ste yea so much for us to look forward to

So Ste & Harry pack the stuff in the car and they leave where they are staying and drive back to the village and both families welcome them both back and say hope you have had a awesome Honeymoon Mr & Mr Thompson