Sam's older brother finds certain news hard to believe. (Written in 2011 for the B2MeM "Mithrim" challenge.) (A double drabble)

March 3, 2011: Some people have difficulty embracing changes and moving on. Write a story or poem or create artwork that shows the consequences of refusing to change. (Written for the B2MeM "Mithrim" challenge.)

Believe It or Not!

"Sam's the new Master of the Hill?" The incredulity in Hamson's voice was nearly comical. Home for his first visit to Hobbiton in over three years, he'd found the changes wrought by the troubles hard to accept.

"Aye," said the Gaffer. "Our Sam." Hamfast's voice held resignation.

"But- our Sam?" Sam's oldest brother shook his head. "But why would Mr. Frodo do that? I know he's fond of our Sam, but Sam? Master of the Hill?" He simply could not fathom his youngest brother, who in his own mind was still the child he'd been went Hamson had gone away on his apprenticeship. Yes, he'd seen Sam since, but once he was away, the picture of his brother in his mind reverted once more to that of a child on the cusp of tweenhood.

"When Mr. Merry explained it, he said it was because Mr. Frodo thought of Sam more as a brother than a friend. I know Mr. Frodo's not thought of Sam as his servant for a long time, but I never thought he'd up and give him Bag End."

"Sam? The new Master of the Hill! Don't that beat all! I don't know as I'll ever believe it!"