Hey everyone! This fanfic is made by both me and .charlotte. We hope you like it!

It's the holidays and a friend living in the United States invited me to come. I get off the plane and go get my suitcase. In the hall, I see my name on a sign. She is held by a young woman with smooth black hair. She must be May. I wave to her and approach her. This is the first time we see each other in real life so it's pretty weird. I go to the parking lot and we go to her house. Once installed, she suggests that we go for a walk in the corner. We discuss the tastes of each other but especially the manga that brought us to talk to each other, One Piece. We both enjoy the Charlotte family and their eccentric characters.

She prefers Cracker because she think he is cool and amazing and he have a very nice character desagine. " I think, I would act the most like him if I were ever born in One piece and if I have a cool devil fruit. " she said

I prefer Perospero because I find him funny and sadistic. He talks a lot and often to make fun of people, but he stays nice with the kids. Anyway, in all the mangas I love, my favorite is always the deranged sadist. I'm pretty sad that he joined the club arm less.

We pass in front of a confectionery. I look at her, eyes sparkling with joy. I love sugar! A wide range of candies spread before our eyes and we do not know which ones to take. Apart from us, the shop is empty. I look at the clock, it is 12:36. Everyone must have gone home to eat.

The manager, after greeting us, remained at the cash register. She looks at us, looking pensive. Meanwhile, we choose a little bit of everything. We will have the opportunity to come back so it is useless to take tons of a sudden.

"Hey! A candy cane. "

I turn to May with a big smile and pulling out the tongue. I'm 18 years old, I'm still pretty kid in this kind of situation.

"Candy Wall! "

" Oh-h-h my god! That is hilarious! Hahaha! We got to get that candy cane, now! "

I put the cane in my already filled candy bag. I think we'll stop there. May, she's done too, so we're going to the cashier. She examined us from the corner of her eye. Now she has a knowing smile and a gleam in her eyes. We are too busy talking to realize it.

"Young womens. "

We focus on it.

"I just finished creating a new confectionery and I would like an opinion. Would you agree to taste it. "

Who refuses a free candy? We accept on the field and she brings it to us. It has a small cloud shape with patterns on it. She tells us that taste depends on the pattern. A tree is drawn on mine and a book on that of May. We eat them of course.

The candy has a peachy taste, it's nice. I raise my head to talk to the cashier but, as soon as I move, I feel that everything is around me. I fall on my knees and notice the manager smiles. May is also down. Everything becomes blurry and I lose consciousness.