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Last time on D.I...

" Big brother Pero, you surly must not believe her?! Do you? "

" ...Yes, I do. " he answer back

Perospero Pov:

I-I can't believe I just said that but it the truth. How else did she know about Katakuri mouth.

" I can't understand what going on but I-I believe them, perorin. " I said, stepping in

" Yeah! We really are telling the truth! How else did we know about those information! " The black haired girl shouted and that cause even more argument from everyone

" Well, how do we know that you didn't get those information from spy's? " Ask Mont-d'Or

" Well, how would you get those information? I mean, we know about Mother Carmel and Katakuri mouth and how Brulee got her scar and all of that! " The brown hair girl yell at Mont-d'Or face.

" Lea! Um, I am so sorry about her but-! " she stops midway and began to have this surprise look at her face.

She then exclaims that she has proof!

" I have proof! I have proof! I can prove it to you! " She then reaches for her pocket and pulls out a little black box and I can see Katakuri face lit in shock. What's going to happen, perorin? ( Future May stop writing and look up at him: You-you actually say that in your mind?! Perospero: Why of course~perorin. Now let go on with the story. ( he said as he sips his tea. )

" This is what we called an iPhone in our world! We can search up any information in this and here! " She then wipes out a video of cracker fight someone!

" This happened when Cracker-sama was fighting an intruder in the seducing woods and tell me, how does that not look like him! Or even sound like him! He even out of his amour! " She said as I focus all my attention on the thing and it-it shows Cracker attacks and it basically acts just like him!

" What! It's impossible! What kind of devil fruit works is this! I-I never did any of this you brats! " Cracker shouted at them as we watch what he is doing on the little box. The Iphone was it?

May Pov:

So far everyone is looking at my phone while Lea is just standing there and we both made eye contact and we both agree that I should pull out even more good video of them. I already got a list in my head. ( Future May: Anyway, Lea it your turn to tell the story! I'm going to interview Daifuku while swimming in lemonade and maybe take a few notes on how to improve his devil fruit. Future Lea: Okay then, here we go! )

Lea Pov:

May is doing a good job. They are all completely passionate about her phone and videos. But, well, our knowledge is limited and we do not know what will happened before the straw hats arrive (and fuck the brothel). Added to the fact that we have to tell them that, they were ridiculed and beaten by a bunch of kids and two minks, it is not the best way to attract their sympathy. I'll have to talk to May about that in private.

Either way, we have to tell them what's is going to happen and the straw hats are going to dead, or we keep it for ourselves and they will take revenge in the furture because we will have not told them now. So, on one side, the future king of pirates meets a deadly end, on the other it's us that will meet our end.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I did not notice that the videos were finished and that a conversation about our future had begun.

" Your life is safe as long as your knowledge is useful to us. You could even learn to fight and ensure your survival in the crew, Mama mama. "

" And on which island will we reside? If we landed on Candy, there must a reason-! " May then cut me off suddenly.

" What we mean is that, it would be better to live on Candy island because we were there first and we kinda like it... " she said with a simile as she walk toward me and stand next to me and secretly whisper in my ear.

" If they know that we could possibly go back to our world if we were to stay on Candy island, they would make sure that we are far from there. Since they wouldn't want to have us "escaping" here because they want to have our future knowledge. " she explain her suddenly cut off toward me.

And like that, we escape Whole Cake and the Big Mom crises. I mean seriously, we are less resistant than the all of people of this world. They can smashed against a wall and just bleeds slightly. While I already fell off my bike to rush to the hospital. Just a jerk with his haki could send us flying and give us a concussion or a broken neck. No thank you, I pass on that. I take a look at May to see if she agrees. Apparently, she just had the same thought process.

" Perorin! It is not a problem to have to house them. In addition, they can return to Whole Cake in record time and in emergency, through mirrors. "

" Well then, I'll let you go, Perospero. "

" Thank you, Mama. "

We heading towards the doors when Cracker intervene.

" Hey, Peros-nii, can I come to see more videos? Also, there are some drawings, I would like to see more. "

" If you want. You're always welcome but do not forget your duties as a Sweet Commander. "

" Yeah of course! "

And we go back to Candy island with a Cracker worshiping in front of the phone.

May Pov:

I can't believe I get to have the " Great Sweet Commander Cracker " right next to me asking all short of questions! Like " How's does this thing work? " " What can it do? " " It does even more stuff!? I can't believe it! " " Oh show me more of this video of this! ". I also can't believe that we are on the ship ( *again ) and that the views here's is amazing with the sea and the sun shining beautifully today!

" I umm, I-I-I really really like you as a character! You were my favorite when they introduce you! Can I please take a picture of you?! " I said really really fast, I didn't even think he heard me but he did and said:

" Wait- you can talk and take pictures with that thing and with all the other things you can do! " Apps " was it? " he ask with the same level of surprise that he use with all his other questions

" Yeah, it can, do you want to take some? " I ask innocently ( Furture May: I should have never ask that... Cracker peer in the room: Did you said saying about me? Future May: NO ( and she slam the door in his face. )

" Of coruse I want to, show me how. "

" Here just go here and press this button and there you go! "

" Wow this is so cool and so much easier then snails! Hey whats this? What a-a-apps is this? " he ask pointing at my interview app, which is a way for me to keep track of all my friends and there likes and dislike and all their other things so I could sound cool and awesome when it is being bring up. I'm kinda like the people that keep track of all things about something or someone like Izuku ( My Hero Academia ), Mizuiro ( Bleach ), Nagisa ( Assassination Classroom ).

" This is a interview app that I use to keep all my friends dislike and likes and all the their other things, it kinda fun for me to do. Here I'll show you. " I click the app called The Info Keeper and it open to my friend Antonio:

Antonio: The "Brother"

[ his picture ]

Age: same age as me

Land of birth: Canada

Sex: male

Race: Half Italian and Half Chinese

Job: he the big boss of a wine company

Birthday: 05/8/9

Likes: Minecarft, geometry dash, legos, art, food, tv, fiction long chapter books, the color orange.

Dislike: Eggplants, asparagus, mowing the lawn, and the boring parts of school or college ( if there is any ).

Quirks: he can talk and play games at all times and he is a good talking buddy but always talk about video games all the time. His mom also came from the same place where I came from, Guangzhou and his dad always made the best Italian dish and it so good~. I think of him a a good friend and brother sometimes since we came from the same place and know each other since 6th grade. Still don't know how we became such a good friend but I won't complain. I also think his father family and him was hiding a secret or something, like they were in the mafia or some thing but it just a theory. Beside, it kinda ridiculous...

Private info: Interviews: Lock...[Password]...

I show him it and he was just skimming through it and he then look at me and say something that is the beginning of something amazing.

" Can I have one? This seem kinda fun to do. I have never done a interview like this before, most of the time it was just boring question about what I think on boring other things. " he ask me with a straight face and I just can't say no!

" Sure! Here just let me take a picture of you and ask a few questions and then, if things happens I will ask your thoughts on it. Just make whatever face you want on your profile. "

" (▰˘◡˘▰) Is this good? "

" Yeah it is. Now just hold still..."

( Future May: You know, we should also write down your conversation with Perospero ? Do you agree with that Lea? Future Lea: Of course, our second discussion was so nice and fluffy * sarcastic * )

Lea Pov:

Those two behind us seem to be having fun interviewing. Maybe I should also began to interview Perospero. According to the SBS, he likes all kind of sweets ( naaaan, we would not have done it! ) except those with peppermints. I agree, it's very disgusting. But now, I should get more info.

" By the way, Perospero, can I ask you a few questions? "

He raises an eyebrow at me with a unamused face.

" You're polite all of a sudden. "

" No, I'm always polite! "

" ...If you say so. Anyway, go ahead, ask your questions?

" Ok, so firstly, is this blue dotted triangle your hair? "

" No , and if your other questions are like that, you can- "

" No need to become vulgar. This is only a question. Second, who is your father? "

" Streusen. Aren't you supposed to know that already? "

" You just confirm a strong doubt. Still, an adult who raises a 6 year old girl and puts her pregnant 12 years later ... it's not great ethical level. Do not get me wrong, eh? "

" No problem, you just said that my birth was morally questionable. Any other questions before turning into candy, perorin? "

" Yes. Is it by pure sadism that you put a timer on the people you candify? "

" Come on, perorin! Me, sadist? The people who are attacking us are just crazy! Beside, most of the time, I leave a chance for the weakest to escape, I am not without heart. On the other hand, if they decide to stay, I shall give no mercy. It's my family they're trying to hurt, why would I do nothing to stop them? "

" It's true that you and Katakuri had to deal with keeping your family safe, being you are the first son and he is the second. In any case, from what I saw, it's not too hard to have a captain who does not think more deeply and is only interested in her own interests. "

He stops walking, which stops May and Cracker talking and look at us and pay attention.

" You're going on a slippery slope, kid. "

" Like candy? "

He does a facepalm.

" You're even dumber than you look, Perorin. "

I grin at him.

" We do not mistrust the one who plays the fool. "

He finds his grin and starts walking again.

" That is true. We will see what I can get from you when we arrive. I can not wait to see how far you can play this game, Perorin! "

May and Cracker seem uncertain about our discussion. She then finds the courage to ask a question.

" Say, are not you going to kill each other? "

May Pov:

Dude, they look like that they were about to kill each other. I could feel the coldness coming from the two of them and it scares me.

" He he, look, they are not going to kill each other, I know my brother and he just like playing games with people, like your friend. Anyway, we be nearly there, so how about I ask the questions this time? "

" S-sure. " I mange to speak. I just trying not pass out right, oh I feel so much like Hinata from naruto!

" Yeah, anyway, what was your name again? "

" Umm - - but all my friends call me May. " I said as we continue to talk to each other.

" Okay, so are you good at any weapon? Can you even fight? You look like a you can fall at anytime? " [ Which is only true when I am near you! ๐·°(৹˃̵﹏˂̵৹)°·๐ ]

" I can shoot a bow but it's a special kind of bow back in our world so I can't do much good now but if I get one of them, then I can shoot it perfectly 75% at the time. I'm also good with a rifle. But I can't fight fist to fist, like I probably die if I do, sorry if I suck. "

" Hm too bad, well I'm definitely going to make sure you can at lest fight a paradise pirate. You need to be ready if your going to be living here. "

" Can't I just live as a civilian? I mean, it's not like you guys have enemies attacking all the time... Right? "

" Hmf, fine but don't count on us saving you all the time. "

" Nah, we'll be fine. Any more questions " ( He still didn't answer my question! )

" No, we're almost there now so I just ask them later. "

" Oh, o-okay, so what does the island look like from afar-


" He he, get ready to have a sugar rush kid. You have enter Candy Island! "


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