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Don't you see me prayin'?

But the Lord said, "Go to the devil"

He had been waiting at the bar for what seemed like hours. He had come to Los Angeles to speak with his old friend. He thought it too much on the nose for the King of Hell, to make his home in the city of angels. Angels and demons existed and it was a well-hidden secret that he took delight in keeping from the rest of the world aside from his siblings. It did no good to tell the world, especially the supernatural world, that there were beings more powerful than he. There was only one other supernatural he ever knew that knew about angels and demons and that was Sarah Bennett. She never shared how she knew about them.

However, his goal here tonight was not to be made to feel insignificant but to make a deal with another king to save the life of his daughter. That hollow was coming to devour his daughter's soul and he needed a way to defeat her. Hayley had done her job by waking him and his siblings up and saving their lives. And Marcel well that was not something he would discuss.

Then the lights dimmed and a piano began to play. Then Lucifer was there and singing.

"Baby you understand me now

If sometimes you see that I'm mad

Doncha know no one alive can always be an angel?

But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good

Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

Then a bright light appeared on the stage and a woman's body appeared. The entire audience in Lux turned their bodies toward the stage. The band on the stage took up the harmony and then she began to sing. Then as the woman bathed in light sang, his mind swirled with memories.

Ya know sometimes baby I'm so carefree

With a joy that's hard to hide

And then sometimes again it seems that all I have is worry

And then you're bound to see my other side

But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good.

Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.

As the light faded and he was able to see her. Her hair was a light brown with coppery highlights that glinted like fire as she swayed to the music. Her amber skin glowed against the black silk dress that fell down her body like black waves of a midnight ocean and ended in crests of white. Then she opened her eyes and he knew they were green cat's eyes with flicks of gold. He knew this girl. He knew this Bennett Witch. Her name was Bonnie. And she was supposed to be dead.

If I seem edgy

I want you to know

I never mean to take it out on you

Life has its problems

And I get more than my share

But that's one thing I never mean to do

Cause I love you

Oh baby

I'm just human

Don't you know I have faults like anyone?

Sometimes I find myself alone regretting

Some little foolish thing

Some simple thing that I've done

I'm just a soul whose intentions are good

Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

Don't let me be misunderstood

I try so hard

So please don't let me be misunderstood

The music faded as she faded back into darkness. Lux erupted in applause and wolf whistles. Then Lucifer stood with the mic and said, "Thank you, everyone. If I can ask the songstress back on stage?" And then again there she was bathed in light, sparkling like a gem.

"Everyone, I would like to present to you, Bonnie." He walked to the stage and held out his hand to her. She took it and stepped into his arms. "She is my greatest treasure and I am extremely proud of her." He looked down at her with eyes filled with love. "I love you, sweetheart." Then he kissed her forehead. Then she whispered into the mic for all to hear. "I love you too, Daddy." Then he recognized the emotion that swirled in the devil's eyes because he had felt it whenever he looked at his daughter.

The audience awed and clapped at the private moment between father and daughter but neither one worried about the others because it was just a father and his little girl. They separated when a dark-skinned man walked up to her and bear hugged her. He heard over the clapping. "I am so proud of you baby girl." And she replied, "Thank you, uncle Amenadiel." Then at that moment, the crowd's attention was diverted back to the stage where a DJ began his mix.

The crowd parted like the ocean for the three of them as they walked towards the bar. A spark of recognition filtered through Lucifer's eyes when he spotted him but Bonnie merely passed him over as her head turned from side to side. He whispered something to Bonnie and she nodded. Then she was escorted to the other side of the bar by her uncle and up the ladder never once looking back at him. He felt himself frown as she had failed to recognize him.

Then he was in front of him smiling a smile that was sharp and promised to cut him to shreds. He caught him staring at his daughter.

"Klaus Mikaelson," he said. "Lucifer Morningstar," Klaus replied back. Neither one seemed inclined to stop their standoff.

"What brings you here, old friend?" Lucifer finally said.

"I heard you were on earth again and I felt it was due time to reconnect with you," Klaus said. It would not do to ask for a favor so soon. Lucifer widened his smile and nodded. "Yes, it was the 1500s correct?"

"Yes, it was."

"Well it seems you are doing well," he paused. "And it seems you managed to break your curse, so Katerina proved helpful?"

"Eventually," he growled out with a bit of anger. Katerina's deception still rankled him from time to time but she was dead and in hell where she was supposed to be.

"Oh don't be like that old friend. I told your brother that the doppelganger was there and that she would prove to be helpful. I never said when she would be," He said laughingly. "That is true," Klaus conceded. Elijah had made the deal for the information and all of the three of them paid the price.

Lucifer laughed and then said, "Come old friend let's go up to my penthouse to catch up." The words were friendly enough but the darkness clung to the syllables with claws that promised to rake him bloody. Klaus had never shied away from a challenge so he followed the devil up to his castle in the sky.

They rode in silence with no music but the faint sounds of piano strings tinkling. As they got closer, the voice that accompanied that music became strong like a siren's song. She had always been beautiful to him but she was firm in her conviction to oppose him at every turn. She had been the first one to put him in a coffin and he hated her for that because it had given hope to his enemies. That spark of hope had bloomed into a raging fire that eventually put him into a coffin for years.

As soon as the doors opened he saw her back. She had taken off the dress and exchanged it for a tank top and shorts. Lucifer clapped his hands and she stopped and turned to them with a brilliant smile. He had never known her to smile. He was sure she did but the only face he ever saw was one full of anger and hatred. He found that she had a lightness to her as she smiled. It reminded him of Caroline and he could see the two girls laughing in the sunlight together without a care in the world.

The last time he had seen Caroline, the sunlight had dimmed considerably. The last time he had heard from the witch was when he had called her to consult about the fate of the supernatural purgatory. She never said anything but he read between the lines. She would not survive. He blurted out, "Does Caroline know you are alive, Love?"

Father and daughter looked at him then. "I'm sorry, do I know you," she asked squinting her eyes as if to get a better look at him. Lucifer's eyes burned with blood and gold behind her. His daughter only seemed confused. He took the warning.

"No, I am sorry. You look like someone I once knew." He said meekly. Bonnie looked back at her father but he had reigned in darkness but the hard stare was still there as he gazed at him. Then she smiled again and lift her hand. "Bonnie Morgenstern and you are?"

He gripped her hand and turned it over to kiss it. Her hands wiggled as he stared deeply into her eyes. He was willing her to remember him but she only smiled shyly as a shiver of heat ran up her spine.

Lucifer cleared his throat. "Sweetheart, you do not want to be late." She snatched her hand from him and turned to her father. "Yeah let me get my purse." And she walked away from him for the second time without a glance backward.

Lucifer stepped into his line of vision and his face was lined with shadows from the moonlight and candles placed along the penthouse. Klaus smiled to ease the tension but the King of Hell was not amused. Then she walked back, the moonlight following her steps. She rose on her feet and kissed the devil on the cheek. "I'll call to let you know if I need help." He only nodded but never took his burning gaze from him.

Then she looked at him and smiled again. "It was a pleasure to meet you…."

"Klaus Mikaelson." He said smiling at her. She shook his hand once more and walked around him to the elevator. He turned his body around and she glanced back at him shyly. When she was settled in the metal box she turned but could not meet his gaze. He watched her hungrily till the doors closed and beyond.

The clinking of crystal against crystal caused him to move his head to the side and he watched Lucifer approach with two glasses of scotch. He extended one glass to him. "Just so you know, Niklaus, it would not be wise to steal from the devil."

"The last time I spoke her, she was on the verge of death," he said accepting the glass and brushing off the threat.

"So, you knew my little bird in her previous life," Lucifer said leading him to the sunken living room in a pool of moonlight and shadows. "A sad little life it was," Klaus said. Lucifer paused then continued to walk. "Yes, unfortunately, it was." Lucifer lounged on the sofa like a cat but his eyes watched his every move like a wolf.

"Does she know what kind of a monster you are?" The fallen king asked the fallen angel.

"Does your daughter know about you?" He asked and then took a sip of the drink. Surprise filled him but he quickly smacked it down and replaced it with anger.

"I am sure others have told her about me." It ate at his insides to not have been able to be there. To not be able to show her that even though he was a monster, he was one for her sake.

"Daughters pretend to be blind to their fathers," Lucifer said in a still voice that meant to sooth the offense. "But they see us." Klaus finished for him. The King of Hell nodded to him.

"So, I assume you are here to ask for a favor," he asked after a moment of silence. "Yes, I need something powerful to defeat a rather aggravating foe that wants to harm my daughter."

"I can send Maze to help as soon as she is available," Lucifer said. "And I assume you would want payment for your assistance," Klaus stated.

"My daughter is not for you," he said. Klaus did not need him to elaborate. A soul was usually the payment for a deal with the devil and if he satiated his curiosity, he would lose the little bit he had left and there was no supernatural purgatory to stop him from reaping his soul. He was the villain and he was selfish. He would leave the princess in her tower with the red dragon.

He finished his drink and made his way out of the penthouse.

Three days later, Marcel came in to tell him he had a visitor. He made his way to the garden. She was standing beneath the magnolia tree smelling the white flowers. She wore a light green dress; whose lace patterns were leaves. She was standing in a pool of sunlight.

"Maze was supposed to be the one here," he said to the girl.

"I remembered your eyes," she said without turning. She plucked a flower. Then she turned to him and he heard his brother gasp when he recognized the resurrected witch. "After that night in my home, I remembered their fire. I asked Maze about you but she had nothing except that she was supposed to come to help you." She ripped petals off the white flower and watched them float down to her feet. Then she looked at him.

"If I help you, will you tell me how I know your eyes?" Her eyes glinted like emeralds in the sunlight.

He smiled at her.

She smiled at him.

All on that day

I cried, power

Power to da Lord