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We Three Kings

I'm a movement by myself…

Her fingers traced the rim of the glass. It was the first drink of the night. As Elijah brought her the drink, the bluish-white sheen danced along the thick gold liquid in swirls. She couldn't remember what it was called but it smelled like cinnamon and chocolate. He sat it down in front of her and said that it was best to sip it slowly.

"Miss Bennett," Elijah began. "Bonnie please, Elijah," she said. "Bonnie, how are you alive?" He asked her with his eyes licking across her skin. He was handsome but he had her father's obsession for suits. But unlike her father who wore his suits like a second skin, Elijah wore it like armor and they made him look like a department store manikin. And that put her off and considered him nothing further than as Klaus's brother.

She mulled his question as the spice pricked at her taste buds. She could point out that while her father is the King of Hell, he was also an angel and as such would have the power to bring his daughter back to life. Grandmother Charlotte was the goddess of creation for heaven's sake. Or she could point out that she was Nephilim and that gave certain abilities. But as Maze always told her, it was better to show what you could do rather than say it.

So, she settled on, "My family loves me." She could tell that he hadn't been expecting that which made her mind wonder what went on in her old life. In the last six years, she hadn't wondered about it. Her father told her that she had exchanged her memories for a favor. And there was no sense of true loss attached to that realization, which meant to her that her life was better not remembered.

That had been until she met Klaus in her home. She had liked how the candlelight made his eyes flash like fire. And if she told herself the truth, she liked how his lips were a bloody red like he had just eaten an enemy's heart and soul. But he had shadows behind those flashing eyes and she wanted to shine a light to chase them away.

"Tell me about yourself, Elijah." She said turning her eyes back to him. And he started on his ponderous journey. She noted that he was the oldest brother due to the death of an elder brother with their witch sister being the oldest out of the bunch. She wondered briefly about what it was like to have siblings. Her father had a whole host of brothers and sisters. And they doted on her even more than her father. She loved to hear them talk about their stories. She smiled and laughed with them. Uncle Amenadiel was the best because his laughter would boom and thunder through the penthouse.

Then he mentioned a few names but she failed to recognize them; Helena and Carolina or Virginia; her name was a state or something. There were wisps of nostalgia. Then he got to his involvement with the Strix. Elijah had formed the group to effectively control the world. But she like her father could see the secret desire that swam like a leviathan trapped in a fishbowl. Elijah was their king and he wanted the world to know it.

Just great, she thought. She loved her father, she really did but his rebellion was a vanity project. And now she was dealing with a vain megalomaniac. It was cliché for him as a vampire. She hoped Klaus would not be the same.

Thinking of the hybrid had summoned him from behind the bar and his conversation with the bartender. He walked with a drink. He set the cup and its saucer in front of her. She went to pick it up but he said, "wait till it warms up, Love. It will taste better that way." The drink was a dull yellow resin at the sides of the red cup. Then right before her eyes, milky white tears eeked out and crept slowly down. Wisps of white smoke crept upward and tendrils filled with incense, that tickled her nose.

She smiled brightly as she had never seen a drink do that before and she glanced up at Klaus and he smiled at her. She lifted the glass to her lips and swallowed, taking in the smoke and the white drink but she only tasted his burning eyes on her tongue. She wondered what it would be like to be loved by him. Desire was obsessive like a hot brand that became a painful permanent scar when cooled. But love, she wondered what his felt like. She decided to take it.

"Your brother tells me that there is some knowledge needed to combat this revenant," she said to him.

"Yes, it would seem that a group calling themselves the armory has information that is vital. Hayley will most likely leave tomorrow to retrieve the information," he answered.

"You and I will go instead," she said. She filled the secret spaces between the words with hot kisses that would brand him as hers.

"Is that wise," Elijah's voice clanged like a hammer against glass. She growled low in her chest. "I would rather get the information for myself so as not to risk receiving it wrong."

"There is no need to worry for Hope's safety. Hayley has done an adequate job so far," Klaus said.

"That's because you were in a coffin," the voice of the King of New Orleans interrupted. He stood next to her and placed one hand on her shoulder. She burned his hand and he laughed.

"Let us not forget who put me there," the fallen king said. "Yes, let's not forget," and she had the feeling of Marcel's eyes on her.

Marcel then took a seat next to her and slid a wine glass in front of her. The dark cold liquid had streaks of white frosting. She lifted the glass and the sweet liquid snaked down her throat like oil leaving a bitter aftertaste like lemons. It was good and he smiled brightly at her.

"In all the years I have spent in New Orleans, we have never hosted a Bennett witch before," he said.

"Probably because New Orleans never seemed interesting," she said. He scrunched up his face as he digested the bitter words.

She knew his temper was short like an exposed live wire but she delighted in seeing the rage in the red dots in his eyes. She threw her head back in laughter. In this world of angels and demons, vampires and werewolves, witches and hunters, there was only one person that scared her and that was her grandfather.

"Marcel," Klaus growled. "She is just having a bit of fun," Elijah said. Bonnie only smiled at Marcel. She grabbed the wine glass and stood from the table. It was time she left to enjoy New Orleans and find something to distract her from the interesting thing that drew her to the city.

Klaus stood then, "let me show you around the city, Love," he said extending his hand. "Elijah, we will be leaving in the morning," she said taking his hand.

…But I'm a force when we're together