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Abigail's Baby

No rest for the wicked

Shadow steps echoed in his head and brought him back from the edge of sleep. He was walking in the garden again. Branches and laughter breaking into pieces at the edge of his memory. And fiery eyes over the river where fireflies became stars.

He disentangled himself from the limbs that chained him to the bed. The cold sweat that clung to his body was evidence of the directionless nature of his debauchery. He grabbed his robe that was hung neatly on the wall. No matter the state of his room or whether it was filled with food, oil, dildos, whips or chains, his robe was neatly placed on the peg. It was his will so it was done.

He noticed the shadow standing impossibly in the light of the moon. He could make out the fine cheekbones and the fiery eyes that all the women in her family shared.

"I should congratulate the bastard that managed to kill you, Sheila?" He said sitting on the bench of his piano.

He heard the ghost sigh and say, "I need your help Lucifer."

"The only thing you have left to trade is your soul and Qetsiyah made sure I would never be able to touch any Bennett witch after their death," he growled at her. Qetsiyah had tricked him and taken his essence to create immortality for herself and that fool Silas. She then had the audacity to banish him. They were the only ones that knew that spell. They were the only ones that were always able to get close enough to use it. Chava had broken her word. Qetsiyah had tricked him. And Abigail had never believed him. Save for Sarah, the Bennett women had been curses to him.

"Well not anymore," she said. "The Otherside will be destroyed. All the souls within will go to where they deserve."

"Well Justice served than," he said turning his back to the ghost.

"Abby never wanted to banish you," she said. "My daughter loved you, Lucifer."

"And she still let you banish me," he yelled at her. The heat rose in his throat and the rage took over. He was done with the Bennett witches. He was done with hell. And he was done with his father.

"Because she knew you would never be able to protect her," Sheila said sadly.

"I cared about her. I would have protected her," he said.

"Not Abby, you foolish child. Her daughter," she said. "Your daughter," she whispered.

His mind fizzled and bubbled with sparks of thoughts but he was too slow to catch one. He would have known. He would have….he would have…

"What did you do," he snarled at her.

"She was an impossible child, Lucifer," she said. "She was never supposed to exist. Humans would have called her monster. The supernaturals would have hunted her down to grease the wheels of their plans. Even your fallen warriors would have used her as a battering ram to take the Silver City. And what would your siblings have done," she cried.

"I would not have let that happen," he spit out like an angry bear. He sent the piano into the wall. It broke into splinters at the edge of his vision.

"Lucifer, it would have been you against heaven, hell, and earth," she whispered softly. "I had to seal away her powers and that part of her," she continued. He seethed.

"But that doesn't matter now. She will die," she cried out. Pain cracked each word into shards of glass.

He stood and walked to the shadowed ghost. He grabbed her hand and said, "I will give you my word that she will be protected."

He squeezed and she was filled with burning light.

"Do you think it will hurt?" She said turning to Damon. His hand was sweaty and cold in her hand.

"I don't kn…" he trailed off as the wind stilled. A silhouette of a man got bigger with each step in the blazing light.

Damon pulled her behind him so quickly that she barely had time to focus on the man coming towards them. The footsteps echoed in the silence and stopped.

"Right, I don't need you, vampire," and with those words, Damon was swept aside and his hand was ripped out of hers.

And then she saw him. He was tall, dark-haired and dressed in a suit. He vaguely reminded her of Elijah.

"Hello sweetheart," he said smiling. She stepped back. And then Damon was there rushing at the man. The man grabbed Damon by his throat and held him up like a rag doll.

All the fear that she kept locked in her heart bubbled in her stomach and she screamed," Don't hurt him." Then the man turned his face and he had eyes of fire and blood. The fear spread from her stomach and coated her heart with ice.

The anger in the man's face melted and sadness appeared there. "This is going all wrong," he whispered and dropped Damon. He walked to her slowly. "I gave Sheila my word that I would protect you," he said. "Grams," she said. A rush of pain at her grandmother's fate and the darkness that would take her soul pierced her heart.

"Who are you," she asked. She was confused. Why would her grandmother send this man or whatever he was to save her? "I can explain everything once I finish saving you because time is of the essence, my dear," he said. "No, you will explain now," she said.

"Bonnie, I am your father," he said. She laughed high and loud. "No, my father is dead and you definitely don't look like him."

"I can assure that Sheila was not lying." He said seriously. "And we are running out of time my dear," he said looking around. And for the first time, she noticed that the invisible edges of the Otherside were breaking. Deep cracks revealed the dark between the worlds. She could feel its hunger for her. She was scared that for a minute it would reach out with tentacles to drag her into the oily, watery black. She told Damon the truth that day in her dorm room. She didn't want to die.

She walked to him. Then she remembered Damon and she stopped short. "You have to save him too," she said. "I only came to save you. There is nothing I can do for him," he said. She didn't move. He came to stand with her at the end of her life and she wouldn't leave him behind.

"I will save him but I want all your memories of your life," he said. "My memories? Why would you want my memories," she asked. "That is the price to save his wretched hide," he said. It was a ridiculous request but somewhere deep inside something clawed at the lifeline she was being given. She would forget everyone and in time everyone would forget about her. She didn't want to die. She nodded her head and took his hand.

The burning light filled her.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing

Only I will remain