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A/N: Cindermane here. This is a story I've had in my head for a little while now.

This prologue takes place roughly three months after the provisional hero license exam, though the events that start everything begin a couple months earlier. It includes events through chapter 119 of the Manga or the end of season 3 of the anime.

It's been something I've wanted to do for a while now, a My Hero Academia fanfiction. It was inspired by the works of SevenRenny and Scandinavian Sensation's "Take Me Home." Check them out, they are both pretty awesome.

Without further ado, Chapter 1 of The Weight of a Broken Soul.

The Weight of a Broken Soul

Part One: The Burden of Choice
Chapter 1

Izuku Midoriya sat in a hard, plastic chair in the far corner of the ER waiting room. Antiseptic and sickness filled the space, wrestling with each other, and while that was to be expected, there was something else as well, he could feel it.

Trapped energy.

How had he never noticed before, the fear and panic that permeated the emergency room's air? The anxiety that seemed to bounce from person to person, off the walls, ceilings, and floors. Someone nearby descended into a fit of frantic coughing. He flinched. Somewhere a baby began to cry, sobbing, screaming. His muscles contracted even further. Two months. Two months, he'd been searching, waiting, building to this moment.

He still remembered that Monday with crystal clear clarity. Aizawa's blunt statement, holding nothing back. "Uraraka's been kidnapped." The class had been completely silent for what felt like forever. No one knew how to respond. Some shouted, some cried. Izuku simply asked "Why?" over and over again in his head. Now he had his answer.


He stopped himself. He had to remain focused. He had to stay where he was. "Be in the moment." He told himself. He couldn't let himself go back there. Not now. Not yet. His hands were shaking. His heart racing. His chest began to tighten as he slammed his eyes shut.

He was being pulled back, back into the alley, back into earlier that night.

"No." He whispered again. His hands began to clench and unclench the loose material of his pant legs. He had to remain calm, he told himself.

And yet, he could not unsee what he'd seen, could never forget what had already been remembered.

The smeared trail of blood mixed with the shadows, trailing out of the alley, pulling him in. The echoing whimpers he heard before he'd even turned the corner. His name, "Deku," barely audible, rough, dry from a throat that hadn't seen water in days, hadn't spoken for longer.

Her naked body. What wasn't bruised and broken was cut and mangled. Splotches of crimson blood mixed with dirt and grime. It was a mosaic of horror he would never forget.

He'd never felt panic like that.

Trembling eyes took in her shattered form. A compound fracture on the leg. An arm bent in a hideous, unnatural direction.

"Midoriya." Someone was calling his name, he could hear it, threatening the memory being played out in his mind, but refused to acknowledge it.

Lifeless fingers twitched, the pink pads having been burned off one by one. "Dek...ku…" Her bloodshot brown eyes reached out to him, meeting his deep greens. Her eyes, those eyes…


Her eyes were so empty, as if the spirit behind them was gone. He wanted to reach out to her, to touch her, to help her… but he couldn't. Paralyzed, he could only stand there in shocked, horrified silence.

"Midoriya." Hands shook his shoulders, tearing him back to the present, to the noisy ER waiting room. He screamed. A pair of concerned eyes, one gray, one blue, met his gaze.

"To… Todoroki." Izuku's words tumbled out between his gasps for breath. He cringed at how pitiful he sounded. The red and white-haired teen knelt before him, hands on the smaller boys shoulders. Behind him stood several members of Class 1-A. Yaoyorozu, Ashido, Kirishima, Iida. "What are you…"

"Midoriya, are you alright?" Todoroki moved to sit by Izuku's side, one hand still on his shoulder, as Iida spoke. "What happened? Aizawa's text only said you'd found Uraraka and the name of the hospital."

"Is she okay?" Ashido chimed in.

"How'd you find her, dude?" Kirishima added.

Izuku's eyes darted from person to person, question after question. No time to answer. His mind left to struggle through what felt like a barrage of words. He needed to answer, he knew he should. Why couldn't he? He was better than this, he knew that, but it was all too much.

"Enough." Everyone went silent, all eyes pointing towards Yaoyorozu. She'd been watching the boy. She'd seen Izuku retreat more and more into himself with every question. It was so unlike the boy she'd come to know. They'd begun to catch the eyes of the other occupants in the waiting room who stared at them and all the commotion around them. She sat on Midoriya's other side, placing a hand over one of his. He was trembling.

"Midoriya." The curly haired boy didn't respond. She rubbed her thumb against the back of his hand. "Midoriya." She tried again. He looked up. There was so much fear in those normally strong eyes, it nearly took her breath away. She had seen him go toe to toe with people of unbelievable power. She had seen him put his life on the line time and time again. Yet somehow, here, in this hospital room, he was more terrified than she'd ever seen him before.

She swallowed hard. "Midoriya, tell us what happened."

There it is, chapter one, a beginning.

How I'm naming the chapters will be in sections related to major events, triumphs, defeats, trials etc... for our main characters. I don't know how long each part will be, but Part One will be specific to Izuku. You will see in the future.

I'm not exactly sure where I'm taking this story (in the end). I do know some things I want to happen, but other than that I'm planning to let it evolve on its own. It will mainly focus on Izuku and Ochako, including their personal development and journey, but other characters will get a spotlight. Feel free to leave suggestions on what you wanna see.

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