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The Burden of Choice
Chapter 5

There were few things that could shake the unshakeable Tsuyu Asui. It was why she could stay level headed in almost any situation, be it casual conversation or the heat of battle. She prided herself in her ability to be reliable for her friends, to be a steadfast pillar of support that those she cared about could lean on when tragedy struck.

From the USJ incident to the Summer Camp Attack, she hall stood tall and strong as that pillar for her friends and classmates. Nothing could shake her. That is, until her best friend disappeared. Two long months later, the pillar Tsu felt she had to represent had begun to crack. It wasn't noticeable, not yet, but still, she could feel those cracks, annoyance, impatience, frustration, creeping up in her thoughts as of late. She hated those feelings, hated what they did to the people she cared about, what they did to her.

She turned off the water in the shower stall she stood, taking in a deep breath of the hot, steamy air. She had recently taken to having long, hot showers on the weekends as a way to unwind and relax. She had to remain strong. She couldn't break, not now. Not when her friends needed her the most.

Tsu stepped out of the stall, grabbing a towel off a nearby rack. As she began running it over her legs and up her body, her mind began to wander. It had been two months. Two months since all of class 1-A's world was turned upside down. Since Uraraka disappeared. She still remembered the last time she saw her. Ochako's father had come to pick her up, a surprise visit, supposedly. Tsu's hands tightened around the scratchy surface of the towel. She'd had a feeling that something was wrong. A feeling of dread that had settled deep in the pit of her stomach. She had wanted to stop Ochako, but how do you tell someone not to trust their own father.

Shaking her head, Tsu tried to regain her focus. She finished drying her body and quickly drew on her clothes. Running her towel over the nearby mirror, she stared into her own reflection. When had the bags beneath her eyes gotten so dark? How much sleep had she had last night, or the night before that or any night since Ochako had gone missing? Closing her eyes, she forced herself to push down the doubt. It wouldn't help her or her friends.

The door to the women's bathing area flew open, admitting a panting Hagakure. Tsu blinked her eyes several times before regaining her composure. "What's wrong Toru?" She said, moving to her friend's side after grabbing her second towel off the wrack and beginning to wrap it around her hair.

"What?" Hagakure responded, breathing hard. Due to the utter surprise in the invisible girl's voice, Tsu could only imagine what her facial expression looked like. "You- You didn't- get the message?"

Tsu, having finished her hair, placed a finger to her lips and tilted her head to one side. "My phone's in my dorm ro-" Then the realization hit her, and she dropped her finger and grabbed Toru by her shoulders. "Midoriya?" She asked, her composure all but crumbling. Izuku had left that morning to spend the day with his mom, and when he had, Tsu had felt the same sense of dread as before. "Midoriya, is he safe?" Thought after panicked thought flew through her mind like speeding cars. This couldn't be happening. Not another one. Not another friend gone.

"Yes," She said, her words mixed with a breathless laugh, and Tsu couldn't help but feel the tension release throughout her entire body. Toru swallowed hard and continued. "Yes, he's fine, and he found Uraraka."

Tsu's world froze. He'd… He'd… She vaguely heard Toru say "Come on" before grabbing Tsu by the hand and pulling her towards the door. She followed, barely conscious of her own movements. Her mind was somewhere else. Midoriya. Midoriya had found her. No one, no one, was allowed off campus without supervision. The fact that Midoriya had somehow found her the one time he left U.A.…

Tsu should have felt happy, overjoyed even, and yet a deep running anxiety began to bubble within her. Was Ochako okay? How had Midoriya found her when Pro-Heroes all over Japan hadn't even been able to find a trace in two months? The pillars she relied on so wholly began to crack further.

Toru dragged her to the commons area. The rest of the class was gathered there. Iida was trying to say something, but everyone was talking, trying to get information, drowning out the class rep's words. Tsu just stood there in the ocean of noise, head down.

She had to remain strong. To not let this fear take hold of her. She couldn't let her friends see her like this. They needed her, needed her strength. Toru sat her on one of the ottomans beside the windows. Tsu's hands were shaking. She felt dizzy and sick to her stomach. She wanted to vomit, wanted to scream, wanted to- a sudden explosion silenced both the room of high schoolers and Tsu's panicked thoughts. "Everyone shut the hell up," yelled an angry Bakugo.

"Thank you," Iida said with a downward swipe of an arm. "Now, for all of you wondering about Uraraka's and Midoriya's condition, I'm afraid you know as much as I do. Mr. Aizawa wants Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, Ashido, Kirishima, and I to go to the hospital where Midoriya is."

"And the rest of us?" Sato asked. There were several calls of affirmation from his fellow classmates. Iida just looked pained.

"I'm sorry." His voice was filled with regret. "Mr. Aizawa said he wants everyone else to stay here."

Tsu felt a cold snapping feeling from within. Stay… Here… she thought. She'd spent two months not knowing if she'd ever see her friend again, two months holding in all of her anger and frustration. Now Ochako had been found and she was being forced to stay at the dorms. The pillars that supported her began to crumble and collapse.

"Will you all just settle-" Iida was cut off as Tsu snapped.

"No," she shouted. Everyone went silent as all of her anger and frustration, having never been given a voice, began to bubble over. "We haven't heard anything for two months, and you just expect us to wait here." She was all but yelling.

"Tsu-" Iida tried, but she didn't let up.

"It's not fair." Iida moved forward and opened his mouth to speak. Tsu did the last thing any of them expected, even her. With both hands she physically shoved him back, shouting, "She's my friend too."

Everyone fell silent with shock. Tsuyu had been the last person they'd expected to lash out. After a minute, Iida finally gathered himself enough to respond. "Tsu, I'm-" His head dropped. If it was up to him, they'd all go. He didn't want to do this, but he didn't have a choice. He was the class rep. It was his duty to keep order, especially in the midst of chaos, to ensure that the rules were followed no matter what. "I'm sorry, Asui. These are Mr. Aizawa's orders." He straightened his back and forced himself to look into the frog girl's eyes. They were of full tears, something he'd only seen once before, right after they'd moved into the dorms. It shook him, but he refused to budge.

"I-" she said. "I-" She looked around. All her friends were staring at her. They were all worried, all scared for Ochako and Midoriya. And here was Tsuyu Asui, in the middle of a breakdown. "I-" She was supposed to be a pillar to lean on, a shoulder to cry on. "I-" That pillar was gone, and those shoulders now shook with the burden of her own long-repressed anxiety. She swallowed hard and made her choice. "I'll be outside." And with that, she forced her way past her friends, her family, and left the dorm alone.

She sat on the front steps of Height's Alliance as her columns of strength lay in rubble. She let out quiet sobs, too tired to hold them back. She had nothing left to give.

Tsu vaguely remembered Iida and the others chosen to go trying to get her to head inside. She refused to move, and eventually, they had to leave anyways, though Iida forced Tsu to promise she wouldn't leave the campus. She didn't know how long it was before she fell asleep. Was it a few minutes, an hour? When she woke up, it was light outside. She could see her breath as it came out her nose in twin streams of white. It was cold out, but she wasn't. Upon further examination, she discovered she had been bundled in several thick blankets.

She sat up, trying to clear her foggy mind.

"You're awake." Came a voice from beside her. Tsu flipped around to find Tokoyami, arms crossed, leaning against one of the columns next to the doors.

Tsu looked back down at the blankets, and then towards Tokoyami. He nodded at her. "I remembered you don't do so well in the cold."

Tsu pulled the layers of fabric tighter around herself. It was chilly outside, but the blankets were quite warm, more than enough to bring her comfort. "Thank you, ribbit," She said, her voice quiet and timid.

Tokoyami looked to the sky, to the dark clouds on the horizon, blowing in from the north. "It's a cold morning, for October." He said, his voice holding its usual gravity. "The weather is fitting, given the circumstances."

Tsu looked to the north and shivered, this time not because of the cold. Memories of last night resurfaced, followed quickly by a sense of shame. Tsu buried her head in her knees. She was supposed to be the dependable one, someone her friends could rely on no matter what. Last night had shown her just how wrong she was. She turned towards her classmate. "Tokoyami, I-"

"Don't." He didn't look at her as he spoke, but there was no judgment in his words, no annoyance. "Last night wasn't your fault. You're always there for us. I guess we never realized that no one was there for you. Of course," he shrugged. "Even if we wanted to, we can't help if we don't know there's something wrong."

Tsu didn't respond.

Tokoyami was the last person, in his own mind, that should be giving emotional advice. He rarely shared his feelings, and when he did, he intentionally veiled them so thickly in metaphor that no one could understand what he was saying. It was better that way, safer. He understood where Tsu was coming from, thinking she had to be some kind of support for the rest of her classmates, but to believe she was the only one? How could his friend not understand that she didn't have to bear this burden alone?

Tsu was all too aware of her own shortcomings. Tokoyami was right. She had tried to take on her friends' burdens, all the while neglecting her own anxieties. Why hadn't she talked to someone? The answer was all too painfully simple. Ochako, the one person she would've confided in, was the very reason the entire class was hurting.

It was with crystal clarity that Tsu recalled the day they'd been told the news, the silence that had filled the classroom. Something stood out to her, more than Mineta's denial, more than Bakugo's outrage. Midoriya had been silent, and not just in class. Tsu couldn't recall him speaking the rest of the day. That had seemed wrong to her, somehow. Had that been the start? Had the emptiness she'd glimpsed in him been the driving force behind her actions over the past two months. She looked back towards the boy behind her.

"Tokoyami," Tsu began. Her mind was jumbled up and exhausted, but she couldn't hold things in any longer. She went slow, forcing herself to put into words what had only thus far been emotions. "You wondered why I tried to help everyone? I think… I think it was something Midoriya said during the Sports Festival that's stuck with me, ribbit." Raising her head, Tsu looked out towards the U.A. main building towering above them, imposing in its brilliance, like a massive castle of glass and steel. The rays of the rising sun caught the windows in such way that caused the light to dance across the ground in front of them. "A smiling, dependable, cool hero… That's what I want to be. That's why I'm giving it everything. For everyone." She let her gaze fall as she retreated back into the warmth the blankets provided. "He's been taking this the hardest, ribbit, I could tell. After what happened with Bakugo, with them going after him… I thought if I was a pillar this time, if I gave him someone to lean on…" She trailed off.

"He wouldn't try and go after Uraraka the same way."

She nodded, face buried in the blankets. "I- I tried to show him I was there. I wanted to help him, I think. He's always trying so hard, helping all of us. He deserved to have someone help him for a change. I guess, instead of lifting his troubles, I ended up trying to take on everyone else's too."

Tokoyami smiled from where he stood beside the column. Izuku Midoriya. There was something different about that boy. Something that set him apart from the rest of Class 1-A, something that couldn't be defined in words. "He'll be fine."

Tsu shivered. "I know he will. But will she? And if he went after her by himself-"

Tokoyami stopped her. "We don't know the full story. All Might was with him. If Midoriya snuck off, we would have heard about it sooner, don't you think."

Tsu turned back towards her fellow classmate. "Then how'd he find her?"

Tokoyami shrugged. "I'm not pretending to have the answers, but-"

"It's just so frustrating." Came a voice, cutting off Tokoyami. Both of the students turned towards the path leading to the front of U.A. It was Kirishima. He, Iida, Ashido, Yaoyorozu, and Todoroki were heading their way from the front of the school. Tsu didn't hesitate. She jumped to her feet, the several layers of blanket falling into a loose pile on the ground, and took several hops forward, landing right in front of Yaoyorozu. The rich girl let out a loud yelp and fell backwards. Todoroki caught her, and she righted herself.

"Tsu-" Momo began before the frog girl grabbed her by her shoulders.

"Ochako? Midoriya?" Tsu looked around, hoping to see at least one of them.

There was silence. Why was there silence? Tsu's emotions, still raw from her blow up the night before, threatened to lash out. She stopped them, barely, instead taking a step back and looking at her friends. They were tired and overwhelmed, and this clearly wasn't helping.

Tokoyami caught up just as Ashido began to speak. "Midoriya's still at the hospital." The normally cheerful girl was weak and subdued in a way Tsu had never seen her.

"Aizawa sent the rest of us home," Kirishima said as he placed a hand on Mina's shoulder. She shirked, pulling away. Everyone was shocked.

Tsu looked closer. Mina looked manic as her eyes darted from person to person. "I'm-" She swallowed. "I'll be in my room." She pushed past Tsu and Tokoyami and headed towards the dorms.

Tokoyami's gaze lingered on the retreating girl for several seconds before he turned to Iida. "What happened?"

The class rep shook his head. "It's… It's best if we get everyone together first." He moved towards Height's Alliance, the rest of his classmates behind him. Tsu held back, watching them go, Tokoyami by her side.

"You don't think she's…" She couldn't finish, the thought too horrible to even put into words.

Tokoyami shook his head. "I doubt that's the case. If something like that had happened, I'm sure they would have told us earlier."

Tsu nodded half-heartedly. She looked to the sky, to the brewing storm far to the north, unable to shake the feeling that their troubles were only just beginning. Whatever had happened, it wasn't good. Ochako would need her, but did Tsu have the strength to help her friend in her greatest time of need? She didn't know. She did, however, know one person who could. Closing her eyes, Tsu cried out a silent plea before heading inside.

Midoriya. Don't give up. For our sakes, and hers.

Aizawa led his student through the winding labyrinth of the hospital. As they walked, Izuku couldn't help but feel the weight of their conversation pressing down on him. He glanced at the small white business card in his hand. It was tempting. Peace, security, the guaranteed protection of his mother, his friends… all just a phone call away. Aizawa had said that Tsukauchi was one of the only people who knew where his mother was, and All Might had trusted the detective explicitly. If Izuku wanted to disappear, he had no doubt in his mind that the detective would be able to make it happen. But as tempting as the offer was, Izuku knew he couldn't take it.

He'd made a promise, not just to himself, but to All Might and, in a way, the world. He alone bore the torch of One for All. For better or for worse, he had sworn to become the world's next symbol of peace. If he gave up now, it would be no better than letting the league of villains win.

That left only one other option. Stand and fight. Which was a lot easier said than done. Could Izuku really keep fighting if doing so risked everyone he cared about? He couldn't let All Might down, he had to keep his oath. At the same time, those he loved and cared about hadn't signed up to be targets on his behalf.

He shook his head clear of such doubts. He was going to talk with All Might. He hadn't seen the older man since the alleyway. His mentor would no doubt know what to do. He had to. If he didn't-

"We're here," Aizawa said, pulling Izuku from his thoughts. They were in the waiting room of the Hospital's Surgery Wing. It was nearly empty, save a few people. An older man quietly comforting a sobbing girl who looked to be a few years younger than Izuku. A couple trying to wrangle two younger boys as they ran about. And, directly across from the entrance, a thin, blond, skeletal-looking man. All Might.

The retired hero sat leaning over his knees, head in his hands. To most, he looked despondent, but Izuku knew better. He saw the tightness in the man's shoulders. The slight shaking of his clenched hands. He wasn't discouraged, he was enraged. None of the occupants of the waiting room paid any attention to Aizawa as he walked over to the retired hero.

"I brought him." He whispered. All Might's head rose at the sound, and his deep shadowed eyes met Izuku's. The boy couldn't help but take a step back at what he saw. In those brilliant blues burned a righteous fury unlike any Izuku had seen before. A second later, that burning fury abated, as All Might focused in on his successor.

He whispered back to Aizawa, but Izuku didn't quite catch it. He stood, and the two teachers walked towards their student.

"All Might," Izuku said. His teacher looked exhausted.

All Might rested a thin, bony hand on Izuku's shoulder. "How are you making it, my boy?"

"I'm-" He started to say fine, but couldn't, so instead settled for a, "I'm making it."

His mentor nodded and moved past him. "Come on, we have a lot to talk about." Izuku followed the retired pro, pulling up beside him.

"And not a lot of time. The car will show up in fifteen minutes. I expect you to have him out front by then," Aizawa stated, hanging back by the door to the waiting room.

All Might nodded, his tone of voice clearly showed this was not the first time his colleague had mentioned it. "I know, I know. We'll be outside by the time the car gets here."

Several moments passed in silence before Izuku got the courage to speak up. "All Might."

"We're almost there. I requested an office so we can talk in private." All Might's voice was raw, the words thin and quiet. It caused Izuku to hesitate. He'd never heard the retired hero speak like that. That begged another question. What did All Might planning to say?

They navigated the stark white halls of the hospital quickly, eventually coming to a hallway with a line of doors on either side. All Might referenced a small piece of paper and then went to an office with a 3A written on it in black lettering. He held the door open for Izuku. "After you."

Izuku headed inside. It was a standard office. A large, black, L shaped desk and bookshelf dominated the small space. Thick books and medical journals filled the shelf, and a black computer monitor sat on the desk. There was a green, stereotypical office plant sitting in the corner underneath the window, a splash of color in an otherwise barren environment. A simple, metal chair sat in front of the desk.

"Sit down," All Might said as he moved to the window. Izuku obeyed as his mentor looked out over the hospital parking lot. Several seconds past in silence. Just as Izuku was about to say something, All Might spoke. "It's time we discuss your future, young man."

"All Might, I-" Izuku began, but the ex-pro held up a hand for silence.

"Enough of that for now," The blonde said as he turned towards Izuku, leaning against the window sill. "I have some things I need to tell you." Izuku nodded.

"First, there is something you need to understand. Izuku Midoriya," Izuku stiffened at the use of his full name. "This is not. Your. Fault." Izuku opened his mouth to speak, but the former symbol of peace stopped him. "Young man," he began again. "All of this," All Might's fists clenched at his sides. "All of this. Uraraka's kidnapping, the threat to you and your mother, was not caused by your actions or your choices."

Izuku simply stared into All Mights deep, cavernous eyes. Those twin, blue flames burned into him, shining a spotlight on the guilt Izuku was feeling. All Might was right, Izuku knew that, but deep down, past all the logic and reason, he couldn't help but blame himself. "All Might-" He tried again.

The man turned to face the window, leaning against it for support. "I know how you feel, young Midoriya. I know the guilt. I've felt it before. I feel it now." The retired hero looked down at the parking lot, at the old, cracked, sun-baked asphalt. There were only two or three cars that he could see from where he stood. It looked desolate. "I'm the one who placed this burden on you, who put you on this path. If I still had my power,"

"It's not your fault," Izuku shouted as he jumped to his feet.

All Might turned back to Midoriya, and could almost see the guilt and anguish oozing from the blow that Shigaraki had dealt to his spirit. Images entered the ex-pro's mind, images of the alley the night before. Images from before then, before he'd met Midoriya, before he'd become the symbol of peace, when he'd lost his own master. If anyone could understand what Izuku was going through, it was him.

All Might would give anything to help his young student. He'd take up arms himself so he didn't have to, if he could. But, this was no longer All Might's fight. He had passed it on, just like his old master had passed it to him. He had to get Midoriya to see that, to understand that it was up to the hero "Deku" now.

"I know that." He said finally, "but for the same reason, you can't blame yourself for this. Now, sit down and let's talk." Izuku obeyed and All Might continued. "You've been given two paths. Either let this be your end or stand up and fight. The choice is yours to make."

It took about a minute, but eventually, Izuku nodded. All Might smiled as a veridian fire began to return to those eyes. "Has Aizawa told you your options."

Izuku nodded, withdrawing the small, white business card with the number printed on it. "He said if I wanted to disappear, I'd just have to call this number."

All Might nodded. "Yes. You can trust Tsukauchi," He said, rubbing the back of his head as he did. "But something tells me it's not an option you're willing to take"

Izuku sighed. "I would be lying if I said I didn't consider it." As he talked, his mentor couldn't help but think how broken the boy looked, as if he was barely able to hold it all together. Then, the ex-hero watched as something changed, shifting within young Midoriya. His muscles tensed, his back straightened, and in that moment All Might knew exactly what was going through his successor's mind.

"Then," The young man continued, "I thought of all you've done, all you've given up so that I can succeed." His eyes fell to his gnarled and crooked right hand. "I thought of all the people who helped me get this far. My mom, Mr. Aizawa. Uraraka." His voice broke softly at her name and he looked up to meet All Might's gaze. Those twin points of veridian fire lit up into a raging blaze. "I can't give up. Not yet. Not when I've come this far."

All Might smiled. "I knew you'd say that. Since that's the case, let me offer you a third option."

Izuku looked confused. "A… third option?"

"Aizawa wants to increase your personal training at the school, which is all well and good, but in the end still puts you and your fellow students at risk." All Might moved, taking the seat in the swivel chair behind the desk. "We can't deny the fact that Shigaraki is trying to get to you through the ones you care about."

Izuku grimaced. "But why go after Uraraka? Why not my mother. And why me?"

"I don't know, but visited All for One shortly after he was imprisoned. He recognized you as my successor. If he knows, then probably so does Shigaraki. He'll do whatever it takes to get to you."

Izuku's eyes widened. Shigaraki knew about One for All. It only made sense, of course. That didn't change the fact that it was a harrowing thought. "Then what do we do?"

"Independent study. You'd be training with me and only a few others. It's not preferred, and it's no way a perfect solution. It won't be nearly as comprehensive as studying at UA, but if we do it, then we can draw Shigaraki's attention away from your classmates. We'd disappear, head of the grid, showing up as a distraction only to vanish again. We'd train, day and night until you were ready to take the exam for an official license and face the League of Villains head on."

It made sense. It was the safest option, for everyone. However, All Might was right. It wasn't a perfect solution. "But…" He said, a question to the word.

"But… You would be leaving UA, and your friends, and your mom. This is not an easy decision, and really, there is no right answer. But, it is a choice you have to make."

Another choice. It was one thing to decide not to give up. It was something else entirely to choose to leave everyone he knew. To just vanish. It would be to protect them, but did that make it okay? What would Kacchan think? Iida, Todoroki, Tsu… Uraraka. Izuku's mind ground to a halt at just the thought of her name. He saw the blood, the alley. He drew his mind's eye to the girls face. There were scars there, several burns. Above her, the image of IZUKU was written in black over red brick. A pain shot through his chest as he forced himself away from the memories. He had a feeling he'd be fighting those images forever, never able to shake them.

He turned his eyes to his mentor. "All Might, what will happen to Uraraka?"

The man quirked an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"Mr. Aizawa, he said…" Izuku struggled to find the words through the muck that was his thoughts. "I mean, he told me that- Uraraka's physical injuries- I mean, we should be more concerned-"

"With her mind," All Might finished, nodding. "He's right. The body heals, and while physical injuries can last, they almost always heal better and faster than any damage done to someone's mind. The sad truth is, depending on the scope of the trauma, she may never fully recover. Even if she does, she won't be the same girl you knew two months ago."

Uraraka was Izuku's friend, his best friend, his first friend. After years of being shunned and bullied for being quirkless, she had been the first person Izuku's age to truly treat him like he mattered. He remembered with crystal clarity the video All Might had shown him, how Uraraka was willing to endanger her own place at UA just so he'd have a chance. All Might was right, he hadn't tortured Uraraka. He hadn't left her in an alley to die. Still, the young man couldn't excuse himself from all the blame. They had taken her to get at him. They had tortured her to get at him. As far as Izuku was concerned, that made him responsible.

All Might watched his young successor closely. He could picture the boy's emotions waging war behind that calm exterior. He still blamed himself. That much was obvious, All Might could tell. "You still feel guilty." He said with a sigh.

Midoriya didn't respond. In truth, he didn't know how to respond. Logically, he knew that this wasn't his fault. He knew that this was Shigaraki, that this entire situation had been out of his control. Still, something held him back from denying what All Might said.

"In any case," his mentor began, his voice low and comforting, "you don't have to decide now. I've talked to Nezu. He gave you a week to make your choice."

Izuku's eyes closed as he clenched his fists. "A week," He whispered. He ran his hands down his face. Even now, after he'd gotten at least some rest, he was tired, so very tired. All Might was right. It would be foolish to make the choice now. He needed to sleep on it, to pick apart the choices, to find the right answer, whatever it was.

Several moments passed between them in silence before All Might finally spoke, rising from his chair. "Come on, we should be going. Don't want to keep our ride waiting any longer than they have to."

Izuku nodded, hesitating a moment before rising. Without another word, All Might put an arm around his shoulders and led the young man out of the office and back to the hospital proper.

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