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The sun rises on Pride Rock as Simba and Nala wake up.

"Good morning!" the happy couple exclaims to each other and their kids, earning a groan from Kopa.

"So now you know how it feels," happily states Simba, who finally gets to see Kopa acting just like himself most days.

"Waaaaaah!" screams Kion, who somehow notices the fact that everyone woke up without him.

"Eah. Eah-eah." gurgles Kiara.

"Hurry up kids. Kion's presentation is today," Nala says.

"Gaa-gaaa," and "Oh yeah! Hooray!" are the sounds filling the once quiet den.

"We have to be ready in an hour. Hurry up!" exclaims Simba, which causes Nala to roll her eyes.

'Once a cub, always a cub. But I love him anyway.' sighs Nala.

All the animals gather at Pride Rock. Rafiki arrives and gives Simba a hug. Rafiki draws a mane with gourd juice and sprinkles it with sand, causing Kion to softly grunt. Rafiki carries Kion to the top of Pride Rock and presents him to the animals, who erupt in cheers.

Little does anyone know that the leader of the Lion Guard is being lifted before them.

So, what did you think? I know I made it short, but having short chapters makes the moments easy to savor. Besides, the next chapter is a long time from now, so I had to stop.

Yes, the whole entire family is here. But I'll deal with Kopa in my own special way. Don't worry, I'll publish every week, so (hopefully) there will be no suspenseful waits.

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