AN: Hello, and welcome to a new project of mine. This is an attempt to localize the recent Ex-Aid Novel that people may or may not know about. I do not own Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: ~Mighty Novel X, the credit for that goes to the series main writer Yuya Takahashi. The only thing that I own is making this… "adaptation" of it. Please enjoy because this will finally answer the truth of the Zero Day and who was the actual one responsible for it.

It's been three years since the end of the Bugster Virus and the death of Dan Kuroto. Using the data left behind by God Maximum Mighty X has proven to be an ironic blessing. Almost everyone that died in the Zero Day have been completely recovered because of the regenerative properties that the Gashat's data holds. Hojou Emu, now a real doctor lives a semi peaceful life alongside Parad, his Bugster. Although they had a rocky start, the two are as close, or are even closer than brothers. The Final Game had ended... yet something felt amiss, as if the end was just another beginning. Why did it feel as if there was a gap in the story? Was Dan Masamune the real culprit behind the Zero Day? Was there a missing gap between Masamune and Emu?

"The past and future of that person will be revealed!"

AN: Sorry that this is so short. I promise that things will quickly pick up at chapter one. It's going to be a wild ride for sure. All of this is actually canon in the Ex-Aid series, but I'm merely writing this adaptation since it'll take awhile to get an official translation and that the only fans lucky enough to read it are in Japan and/or understand Japanese. So… for the first time…