Light's Demons

Here in the evidence room me and the black book of death. The book stares at me taunts me as if to say what are you going to do about it. My personality is now changed its split one side of me is sane and the other is descending into chaos and madness. Out there in the real world I am helping the BAU to catch KIRA I am helping catch myself. From what exactly I was never told I swore to myself in the beginning that wouldn't be the case; that I wouldn't become a murderer but yet here I am being one and enjoying its pleasures. Suddenly there's a knock at the door and this shocks Light as he quickly hides the death note out of fright.

Part of him is torn in between getting caught and the other isn't. Hearing the doorknob turn Light turns around just in time to see JJ enter; and ask him is everything alright he's been in here along time. Off to my right I can hear my shinigami Ryuk laughing his head off at my sudden dilemma; much to my disgust and his delight. Light was torn between should he tell JJ and the others that he's the killer they are seeking and get it over with. Or keep his mouth shut and play if for what it is and see how it goes. But as Light begin to think as JJ turned to leave was he willing to risk everything for a woman who he was starting to have feelings for; we'd just have to wait and see wouldn't we.

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