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Chapter 15

Leia curled up on her side on the bunk on the Falcon, still reeling from everything she'd learnt and yet…part of her wasn't surprised at learning Luke was her brother. She wasn't ready to even think of their paternity but the idea of being the daughter of Padme Amidala was far more welcome. Though, how could that woman have ever been with a monster like Vader? Her last words… had she truly believed there was anything redeemable about him? She rolled over at the sound of a knock against the wall, finding Han in the doorway.

"Hey, you okay?" he asked, and she sat up, going to say she was fine but…

"No," she admitted softly, and he moved into the room, slowly taking a seat beside her. She leant her head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around her.

"I'm sure Luke's fine," he offered.

"In Vader's hands?"

"You heard Lady Tano, Vader doesn't want Luke dead."

"He cut off his hand, Han," she fought to keep her voice steady.

Luke was her brother, her twin brother, older than her by mere minutes and now he was in the hands of the Empire. Even if Vader didn't want him dead, Luke was known as the one who destroyed the Death Star, a lot of Imperials would wish him dead for that.

"Luke's smart and capable of being sneaky, we have to trust he can keep himself alive. You heard Lady Tano, even she would work with Vader to bring down the Emperor. We just have to trust him to survive."


Luke woke up, momentarily disorientated before remembering where he was. He stretched and then sat up, getting up to shower and dress in the clothing that had been delivered the night before. He stared at his image, he supposed he looked rather smart, even if the clothing was a bit too Imperial in fashion for his liking. Still, it was well made and comfortable enough, easy to move in should he need to fight. He left the bedroom to hear someone pressing the door chime. "Enter," he called and the door opened to reveal an ensign with a tray of food who entered warily and put it down before leaving quickly.

Luke went to the desk and looked at the food, his Father had been right about the quality. He sat down and ate before going to look over the technical specs of the Executor, finding it fascinating. He spent time practicing as well, if they were going to go after the Emperor at some point then he needed to stay in top shape.

His routine remained the same for several days, with no sign of his Father, although he could sense him all around the ship. He didn't feel concerned about anything, simply busy. Luke did wonder how much the crew knew and what they thought about his presence, especially since he wasn't locked up in a cell.


Vader approached his son's room, he knew Luck had sensed his approaching presence. He had not meant to leave him alone so long, but if he wished to keep his presence from his Master then he had to continue as normal. He'd felt Luke occasionally check on him, which was strange, but the boy had been keeping himself occupied. He felt Luke's welcome and so simply opened the door and entered the suite to find his son standing, waiting for him. His ability to remain calm was truly amazing given everything.

"Father," Luke greeted him.

"Luke," his helmet dipped slightly as he greeted his son, pleased to see he was fully healed. "You have been keeping occupied?" he was unsure how to speak with the boy, it had been decades since he had attempted to just talk with someone. He saw his son's lips twitch slightly, well, at least he had amused him.

"I've been studying the ship schematics and keeping in practice," he shrugged slightly.

"I have some time now, the more we practice together the better," he stated.

Luke hesitated but nodded. "Alright."

"Very well, come with me."

Luke grabbed his shoes and lightsabre, following him to Vader's private training rooms.


Ahsoka sighed and looked away from the screen, needing a break. Going through Cracken's files was not enjoyable but necessary. They had to find out just what his issue with Luke was, even though the man was now locked up over placing a bounty on him without authorisation and a few smaller charges. She had been chosen to do it because she was a Jedi, they were hoping the Force would point her in the right direction, plus she'd been gone so long that she was seeing all the intel with fresh eyes.

She had felt no further pain from Luke, she hadn't felt much of anything. She was worried about him, she knew how seductive the Dark side was, how easy it was to Fall without even realising you were on the path. She hoped that Luke would agree to face the Emperor with Vader if it was offered, that Vader would agree to it without pushing Luke to turn. That would be the best outcome because she knew he wouldn't let Luke just leave…not unless it was the only way to keep him alive. Even as Anakin, he had been obsessive about keeping those he loved safe. She wasn't sure he was capable of love anymore, but he definitely wanted Luke to live.


Luke sat down, drinking from the supplied water bottle. He was exhausted and he could feel his Father's weariness as well. After three weeks, he no longer felt the instinctive fear whenever his Father's lightsabre got close. He was moving passed the fear caused by their Bespin duel and the loss of his hand. That was good, it would make it easier to fight side by side.

He picked up his towel and ran it through his hair, breathing deeply, using the Force to help refresh himself.

"You are improving in every spar, Luke," his Father spoke up.

"Thanks," he stood up and stretched. They left the training room and headed back to their rooms.

"I wish for you to meet my Admiral."

Luke glanced up at him, so far the only people he'd seen were the ones who had handled his wardrobe and those who delivered his meals. His Father's section of the ship was kept empty for his privacy. "That's Piett, right?" he asked to be sure, he knew his Father could go through senior staff rather rapidly at times.


Luke had seen the Alliance file on the man when he was made Vader's Captain. He'd been promoted to Admiral during the mess after Hoth he'd heard but hadn't seen any briefings on it due to being gone.

"Your Admiral?" he stressed, and his Father nodded. "Alright," he agreed.

"I am meeting him at thirteen hundred in my office."

"Which isn't here," Luke eyed him again, and Vader nodded. Luke smiled slightly, looked like he was getting a little more freedom.


Firmus walked into the office when the door opened at his approach, something he had become used to in his time serving with Lord Vader. He saluted and stood at parade rest, only then noticing a second figure in the room, someone he had only ever seen in holo's….Commander Luke Skywalker. He was out of uniform and unrestrained, seemingly at ease in the presence of the man who had hunted him across the Galaxy. He'd heard of the new bounty on the younger man that were not Imperial funded, heard rumours that he'd split from the Alliance… was it possible it had all been a ruse? Was he actually one of them?

"Admiral, I assume you recognise Commander Skywalker. Commander, this is Admiral Piett," Vader actually introduced him, and then the young Commander offered his hand.

Bemused, Firmus took it, finding he had a firm grip and strangely enough, no calluses on his hand at all.

"Admiral," Skywalker greeted him.

"Commander." He had known the Commander was the captured rebel but had seen and heard nothing, assuming Lord Vader had executed him personally at some point. He turned his attention back to Lord Vader who was watching them.

"The Commander shall be remaining on board for the foreseeable future. Certain plans will be put into action soon and he shall be aiding us in them."

Well, that made sense, the Rebellion did want the Emperor dead after all. They said Skywalker was a Jedi, perhaps Lord Vader had sought his aid to end the Emperor since they were both Force users?

"I understand Sir. Is he to be given full run of the ship?" he asked politely.

Lord Vader looked at Skywalker who met his gaze calmly. "Yes, my son is to be allowed full access."

Son?! Firmus felt like his brain shut down for a few minutes. Lord Vader had a son? Luke Skywalker…did that mean…he'd recognised the name Skywalker, who hadn't known of General Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars? Did that mean that Lord Vader was once Anakin Skywalker? How had they ended up on opposite sides of the war? Then again, that made him being undercover with the Alliance more likely, except he had destroyed the Death Star and killed millions. He was very confused.

Skywalker frowned slightly as he watched him. "I am a member of the Alliance, not the Empire. I grew up believing my Father was long dead and only found out the truth shortly before our meeting at Bespin."

"I see," well he didn't, not truly. He supposed finding out they were family would change things though.

"Admiral, if you would show him where the Officer's mess is?"

"Of course my Lord, this way Commander."

"I shall see you later," Lord Vader nodded to his son who nodded in return.


Luke could feel curious eyes on them as they walked through the ship, doing his best to ignore them. His Father must trust his whole crew to allow him free reign, if any were the Emperor's men then he would soon know where Luke was. "I'm sorry for the way that was sprung on you," he offered.

"Working under Lord Vader prepares one for the unexpected," the Admiral answered, and Luke chuckled.

"I guess it would." They stepped into a turbolift and Luke felt his shoulders relax at the absence of stares. "You can ask."

"Were you really captured?" Piett asked, and Luke nodded.

"Technically, I turned myself in to buy time for the rest of those with me. I had a take alive bounty, they didn't."

"I see."

They got out and made their way into the mess, Luke pausing to stare around. The Alliance had nothing to match it! Officers did have their own areas but nothing so nice, they basically had the same as everyone else did but a bit of privacy.

He felt Piett's pride at his admiration for the place. Alright, so the Empire could give its people more luxury than the Alliance could, but the source of that wealth was questionable. They made their way to the bar and Luke fought not to boggle at the menu, he'd been eating food from here the whole time, but obviously he'd been given the plainer options.


Allowing Luke free access was risky, would he try to run? He had done nothing to try and escape since being brought onboard, he wanted to believe Luke would stay. Then there was the other risk, of someone reporting his presence. They had worked carefully to ensure the Executor's crew was loyal, but if someone let something slip to someone not on the ship… they had to be ready before the Emperor learnt of his presence.


Wedge flopped back onto his bunk, exhausted. How did Luke do it? He better come back soon because he was not cut out for command. He'd asked the Princess, since Cracken had been arrested, but something felt off with her answer. She was hiding something, then again she was part of Command and he was only a Captain, and a newly promoted one at that. They'd had to make him a Captain to let him stay in command of the Rogues, even if he hadn't been up for another promotion. At least they hadn't jumped him right up to Commander like Luke had been.

What really worried him, was that he'd seen the old soldier who had left with Luke back with the Fleet. So where was Luke?


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