Your Love Is All The Magic I Need

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Chapter One: The End, and what came next

The Battle of Hogwarts

Voldemort lay dead. Harry stood triumphant. For a moment her heart sang as she saw him there.

And then he fell.

She wasn't sure how she managed to get down to the courtyard as quickly as she did. But she reached him before anyone else.

"Harry!" She cried, pulling him against her.

"Fleur?...I didn't know you were here?" His voice was soft, too soft she thought, "He's dead...Voldemort is dead.." He smiled weakly, when he opened his eyes she noticed that he wasn't looking at her. He wasn't looking at anything.

"You did it Harry, you won and we're safe. Madam Pomfrey will-" She started, but stopped as she saw the great crimson stain spreading under his left arm.

"P-promise me something Fleur." He whispered, his face turning pale. "Promise me you'll be happy..."

Harry Potter died in her arms. He saved the world, and hers ended.


The day before Fleur's family went back to France

She stood there watching as Harry gave Gabrielle a hug. Fleur smiled watching as the little girl threw her arms around the boy who had become her hero.

"'Arry, may I talk to you?" She asked him, as the tournament had progressed the two had become closer. He looked up from Gabrielle and nodded, "Sure, what's on your mind?"

"Not 'ere, will you follow me?"

He rose, Gabrielle ran back to her parents as he and Fleur walked away from the crowd. She led him into an empty classroom. "'Arry..I..I just want to.." Words failed her and she pulled him in for a kiss. When they kissed, she felt her magic singing to his and it terrified her.

"Fleur...could we..go to Hogsmeade together?" He asked her. Her heart said yes, her soul said yes, she opened her mouth,



Presenting Mr and Mrs Bill Weasley

"Harry looks miserable." Bill said to her, "Go and dance with him, that might cheer him up."

She didn't want to dance with him, her mind told her that. Her heart, however, was crying out to embrace him. She needed to hold him, to kiss him again. She wanted nothing more than to take him into her arms and apparate to the hotel she and Bill were going to spend their honeymoon.

"I.." She nodded and went over. Harry did look awful, but no worse than she felt. When their eyes met she could feel her magic singing again, but the song was much fainter. That faintness scared her, but the idea of losing herself in those green eyes scared her more.

"'Arry, would you dance with the bride?"

He went to answer, and that was when the death eaters attacked.


Fleur finds out about the shattered bond

Apolline was furious, "Why didn't you tell us Fleur? You were bonded to someone besides William. Do you know what happens when a Veela rejects her bondmate?"

Fleur lay in her bed, pale and weak. She hadn't risen in a week. Bill had left her in the care of a nurse before throwing himself into his work. He had written to Apolline, telling her the symptoms. She had come the very next day.

"It doesn't matter Maman...he is dead now." Her voice was ragged, it had been nearly twenty years since the battle of Hogwarts. In the rare moments when she slept, she still saw his eyes. She still heard his plea to her, 'Promise me you'll be happy'. She had broken that promise the moment his heart stopped beating.

"Who was he?"

"It doesn't matter." She drew in a deep breath, "I broke his heart time and again and now I'm paying the price. I will die. Perhaps in the afterlife I will be able to find him and apologize for what I did."

"Who was he? Please tell me.."

"H-harry-" Then her breathing stopped and Fleur Weasley was no more.


"Now, it's your turn."


Grimmauld Place, six thirty-six pm.

She had came into the library with him. He looked nervous, she gave him a reassuring smile. "What's on your mind Harry?"

"I uh..I wanted to know if we could..will you come to Hogsmeade with me when I go back to Hogwarts?" He blurted it out, just as he had done with Cho.

"Harry Potter, are you asking me on a date?" She asks, her hair slowly turning a rosy pink.

"It's stupid I're could have anyone.." He said, "But yes.."

She smiled. "I'd love to."

She didn't show up. She had confided in Molly Weasley and Molly had convinced her that she was too old, he was too young.

"What would the papers say? 'Boy-who-lived and adult witch found canoodling'?" As Molly had put it. It was her own fears repeated back to her that erased her nerve.

From her hiding spot, she watched as Harry stood there with flowers. The rain was pouring down and she could see the anticipation turn to worry..and then resignation..and finally he turned and walked back towards the castle gates. He dropped the flowers at the corner, once he was out of sight she ran forward and grabbed them. Later she would write an owl, telling him that she had been held up by work and had been unable to come and that it was probably best that they didn't try again.


The Tonks flat, one evening in late summer.

They were sitting on her bed. She placed a hand on his knee, "I know what you're planning.." She said softly, "You're going to bring the war to him."

He nodded, "I have to. It's the only way to free the world from him."

"You're mad. You know this right?" She chuckled softly, "Before you go...I want to do something for you.."

She kissed him. That night they sleep together. The way her body responds to him terrifies her. When its over she's laying there, her arms around him.

"Tonks..I lo-"

"If you finish that sentence I swear I will obliviate you. You cannot love me. This was just sex. You're going to be risking your life for us. Least I could do was show you a good time." Her voice is soft and deadly serious. Her arms move from around him, "Maybe I should sleep on the couch.." His arms came back around her, and against her better judgment she slept in his arms.

She was gone when he awoke.


Shortly after New Years Eve the same year

"I've found Professor Lupin. He's on his way here." Harry sat on the bed beside her, for the first time since Remus had left her hair changes color from dull washed out brown to a light yellow.

"You..paused in the middle of looking for those tell my husband to-"

"To get his shaggy ass back here before his son is born." He smiled, but when she heard him call the baby inside her Remus' son, it killed her.

"Harry..will you do one more thing for me please?" This was a terrible decision, but it was the only way she could see this working.

"Of course.."

"Just..just close your eyes." He did as she asked and she leaned in and kissed him. She could feel hot tears spilling onto her cheeks, she reached for her wand and pointed it at his temple."


She took his memories of loving her, all of them. She replaced them with memories where they were just friends. She rose and rushed out of the room before he snapped out of it. If he couldn't see her crying, she wouldn't have to explain it.


Gringotts, a few days after the Battle.

He'd named Teddy his heir. Her little boy was the new Lord Black. He'd made sure that she and her mother were back in the family as well. Her mother was given Grimmauld Place, her childhood home.

He'd left a few letters, one for her and one for Fleur Weasley.

'Dear Tonks,

If you've been given this, then I won. He'll never hurt you, or anyone else ever again. I don't blame you or Fleur for saying no when I asked you each to be with me. It was too dangerous, I had a giant target on my back and if something had happened to either of you...

It's not so bad, at least I'll get to see my Mum and Dad, Sirius too.

Be Happy,


She cried after reading the letter. He must have written this before coming to see her the last time. She never got a chance to tell him the truth, that Harry was Teddy's father.

She had told Remus a few days after the reading of the will. Not about Teddy, but about what she had done to Harry.

"You stole his memories?"

"I..I had to, I couldn't be the reason he hesitated." She tried to explain to her furious husband.

"Have you ever done that to me? Wait.." He held up his hand, "Don't answer, I'll never know the truth."

He'd left that night, taking Teddy with him.

A few days later, his and Teddy's bodies were found in an alley. Death Eaters who had escaped after the battle had killed them seeking revenge.

Her mother had cast her out of the family when she told her about what she had done.

She moved in with Fleur and Bill. In Fleur's final days, she and Apolline did their best to make her comfortable. They had become friends, bound together by their sorrow over their treatment of Harry.

When Fleur died, Tonks brewed a draught of death and joined her.


"And that's why you two are here now..."

Tonks and Fleur each blinked rapidly. They were sitting inu a very mundane looking office. Before them was a large screen the words "How you screwed up..." and standing at the side of the screen, a small black object in her hand was a very, very angry looking dark-haired woman in black robes.

"I suppose you would like to know what brings you to my little office?" She said, waving her hand and the screen vanished. In its place was a large dark wooden desk. Sitting behind the desk she pulled out a very large file marked 'Potter. Harry, James.'

"Right then, Harry James Potter. Born 1980, died 1998. C.O.D. That's 'cause of death', blood loss/broken heart. Preceded in death by Lily Evans Potter, Mother. James Charlus Potter, Father. Sirius Orion Black, Godfather...Survived by Nymphadora Druella Tonks-Lupin, Fleur Isabelle Delacour, true loves. Theodore Edward Tonks-Lupin, son...the Dursleys, but no one cares about them.." She flicked her eyes up at the two women, then back to the file, "He defeated Tom Riddle, saved not just the Wizarding World, but the Muggle one as well...and continually did his best for the women he loved, regardless of how they treated him."

Tonks didn't speak, She's right...time and again we abused his love for us.."It could be worse..." The woman said as she made a note in his file, "He could have had the knowledge that he loved you ripped from his mind..oh did that." She said evenly looking at Tonks.

"Where are we?" Fleur asked finally, "Is this-"

"No. It's not Hell." The woman said, "I am Hecate, the reaper assigned to the Potter file. You are in my office, normally I would have the two of your processed and sent on to your final destination..but this is a rather special case."

"What makes it special?" Dora said, "We're dead. He's dead because of us. Why aren't we burning?"

"Because that overly noble imbecile wouldn't let me." Hecate finally admitted through clenched teeth, "Trust me, I wanted to send you both to Hell, but the Powers That Be offered Harry his hearts desire as a reward for the thankless task set before him. His hearts desire is that you two got a chance to live a better life."

As Hecate spoke, the wall behind her split open, showing a nearly blindingly white haze behind her. Standing in it was Harry Potter, looking just as he had that day at Hogwarts.

"He might see you, but he won't speak. He hasn't spoken more than three words since he got here." Hecate explained, her voice soft and sad. "He was offered the chance to live his life, but he didn't see the point, the two women he loved more than anything were both married. He'd said his goodbyes when he wrote those letters, so he didn't have any unfinished business..."

Tonks could feel her heart breaking yet again, she didn't care if he wouldn't respond, or if he even knew they were there, "Harry! I'm so sorry...I ruined your life the moment I stumbled into should have never met me.." She lowered her head and cried softly, for a moment she felt something very soft on her shoulder, when she looked up nothing was there, but Harry was moving back into the light, and Hecate looked as if she was about to throw something at her.

"You see this? Even now, he tries to comfort you." Hecate said, her fingers clinched around a bright red mug with the phrase 'Best Reaper 1066' written on it.

Fleur too was crying, she had felt Harry's spirit, but that contact had only made it worse. He was my missing heartbeat...why couldn't I just admit it then? She had known she loved Harry shortly after they kissed at Hogwarts. Walking away from him had felt like she was walking away from part of herself. She kept it quiet from her mother and father, but Gabrielle had noticed.

"Fleur, why are you so sad? Will you miss Hogwarts that much?"

"It's not that..Harry and I kissed.."

Gabrielle clapped her hands, "That's wonderful! Then he can be your boyfriend and then you can get married and have a bunch of babies and I can be their Aunt Gabbi!"

"Gabbi...I...I told him that we couldn't be together. This is my last year at Beauxbatons, he still has his fifth, sixth, and seventh years left...three years where all I could do is see him on holidays and some weekends." Fleur sighed, ignoring the look on her little sisters face, "It's better this way...he'll get over me and find someone his own age."

But he didn't..Fleur thought sadly, He never stopped loving me, even as he found a place in his heart for Tonks..

Hecate watched them, "So, this is the part where I explain how this little exercise will work; you two idiots are going back to the critical moment for Harry; the Tri-Wizard tournament. Unfortunately, due to the rules set forth by the F&D department, I can't let you have all your memories because it would drive you both crazy. But you'll see enough in your dreams that you should be able to figure things out."

Tonks looked at Fleur and then to Hecate, "So what? May the best woman win?"

"No, dimwit. Harry loves you both. You're going to make this work or I'll let my special guest haunt you forever." Hecate said, "Speaking of my special guest, I think it's time she had a word with you two.."

With that Hecate snapped her fingers and Lily Potter stood there, cradling a small black haired baby in her arms.

Lily looked at Fleur, "So, you were my sons first love. You ran from your feelings and broke his heart. And it killed you. If you would have just listened to your heart you would have lived a long and happy life with my son."

Then Lily turned to Tonks, "You. You knew he loved you. You threatened him and when he stopped fighting Voldemort in order to bring your wayward husband back you stole memories. And he still died, you killed him. Both of you did. You took away his reason to keep fighting. And what did you get out of it? This little one died at the hands of death eaters."

Tonks noticed that the baby in her arms was Teddy, "My baby.." She cried, reaching out for him.

Lily moved away, "Why would I give you your baby after what you've done to mine? This little one, even if he hadn't died, would have never known his real father. I love Remus, he was one of our dearest friends, but he was a coward. Even if there hadn't been a war, he would have ran away eventually...but Harry..he would always have stayed with you."

Tonks was crying again, "I know that. I knew it when I oblivated him. It was the worst thing I ever did, but...I couldn't be married to Remus while Harry was in love with me...but I couldn't go back to Harry after how I treated him.."

"He still loved you. Both of you." Lily softened looking down at the child in her arms, "At any time before that final day he would have taken either or both of you back."

Lily pressed a kiss to Teddy's forehead and then placed the child in Tonks' arms. "Give this child a chance at a better life...I don't want to see my grandson until he's an old man."

"I will." Tonks promised, looking into her sons eyes, "I will..."

"And you," Lily said, turning back to Fleur, "Unless you like the ambiance of this office I would recommend you learn how to listen. Not just to your brain," she smiled to her, "but to your heart."

"I will, I swear it." Fleur said

"Right then, it's time to send you back. You're each going to wake up in your respective homes before the Tri-Wizard tournament was announced." Hecate said, "try to pay attention this time.."

With that, the room went dark and the two witches were sent back into the mortal world.

Scene Break

Tonks woke up in her flat, her head was buzzing and she felt dried tears on her cheeks, Merlin what happened last night?

Dreaming of a man in her arms wasn't unknown. She had dreamed of Charlie Weasley when they had dated. But dreaming of a black-haired wizard that she'd never met before that one was new. Who was that bloke? Why did I wipe his memory? If I wiped his memory then he must be a muggle..but then why was I crying?

Annoying thoughts, and thoughts that even a cup of hot black coffee and a plate of bacon and eggs wouldn't remove. Obliviation of a wizard was considered very close to unforgivable, so if this mystery wizard had been obliviated, it had been something big. Her wand began to buzz and she cast a quick tempus. It's time to head into the Ministry... She rose and drained her cup of coffee before vanishing with a crack.

Scene Break

Fleur too had woken up crying. I must find the wizard I saw in my dream. I was in a wedding gown, but he wasn't dressed as the groom. But he was the one my soul was crying out for. But I was marrying another. She wiped the sleep and tears from her eyes and rose from the bed.

Her final year at Beauxbatons would be starting soon. Then she would find her place as a witch in the world. Her plan was to get a job in the French Ministry, that or work for a private firm as a liaison. She could speak several different languages, both muggle and magical. I can speak the goblin tongue, so perhaps Gringotts..

She dressed and made her way down to get breakfast. She bade her parents good morning as she grabbed a croissant and began to butter it. Her parents were discussing the usual boring Ministry issues and Fleur felt her mind wandering. Until her father asked her a question.

"I am sorry Papa, I didn't hear you.." She said, "I was still a bit hazy from the night before.."

"I said, Beauxbatons will be sending a delegation to England this year. Our Ministries, along with the Bulgarian Ministry are bringing back the Tri-Wizard Tournament." Jean Luc said, "Minister Dugalle has authorized me to increase the training budget for our security forces. Each country will have a delegation from their Department of Magical Law Enforcement present to act as security. It would be rather silly if we had students from the three most illustrious schools in Europe together at a tournament known to be dangerous and not have increased security."

Fleur found herself excited by the tournament. I'll have to send a message to cousin Evangeline...She thought to herself. Jean Luc recognized the look on his daughters face and smiled, "Flower, do remember that I have technically given you classified information. Try not to tell Evangeline Lalaurie everything at least before the beginning of the school year."

How does he always know? She wondered before finishing her breakfast and going back upstairs to her room. Ever since she was a child, her father had always been able to read her better than nearly anyone else. That was going to stop her from telling her best friend of course, it just meant that she wouldn't use an owl. I suppose I can sit on this information until I see her at Beauxbatons.

Scene Break

In her cell at Azkaban, Bellatrix Lestrange was trapped in a familiar nightmare. She saw herself standing in a bright white room. A strange dark-haired wizard was beside her. For some reason, being near him seemed to make things easier though. It was a nightmare to her because she knew the truth. No matter who this wizard is, she couldn't find him in this place.

She was crying. Bellatrix Lestrange didn't cry. But here she was, bawling and this strange wizard had his arms around her. She drew in a deep breath and tried to stop the tears. "Why?" She asked him.

"Because you deserve it." He said softly, "You've been hurting for so long because of what they did to you. I will find you, and I will set you free." He stroked her back and Bellatrix continued to cry.

She kissed him and then there was a bright flash of light. She saw herself sitting in a chair in what looked like someone's study. Across from her was a dark haired woman wearing black robes and cleaning her fingernails with a silver letter opener. "Bellatrix Lestrange. Cause of death: Cursed by Molly Weasley. I was hoping you'd show up sooner rather than later, but it appears that you won't be staying with me." The dark-haired woman rolled the letter opener and it became a silver quill. The woman scratched something onto a parchment and Bellatrix watched as the parchment vanished. "Right. You're going back. When you get back to the mortal world, try and remember to not be a murderous psychopath this time, if at all possible..."

"I didn't set out to be one.." Bellatrix began but stopped, "But I did become one..I don't know how to change what I've done.."

The dark-haired woman sighed, the quill turned back into a letter opener. She set it down on the desk and looked at Bellatrix, "What you do is learn. Let go of the hate and the madness you let overwhelm you."

Bellatrix awoke in her cell. The Dementors came as they always did, but for some reason she felt a warmth within her that she hadn't felt before. It was as if that wizard she'd seen in her dreams was standing beside her.

Scene Break

Narcissa looked at her nude form in the mirror with a skeptical eye. As always, she was able to spot the wrinkles and imperfections that no one else would see. She sighed and leaned in, noting a very slight darkening under her eyes. Lucius had made very clear what she was to do. Seduce Harry Potter, however she could and lay with the boy until she was pregnant and then blackmail him for the money in the Potter vault as well as the Black Vault.

"You know as well as I do Narcissa that Black will never allow Draco to be his heir." Lucius paced as Narcissa sat watching, idly combing out her hair, "I know that the Potters are related to the Blacks, so he would most likely seek to make that brat his heir. A halfblood as the heir to House's too disgusting to think of."

Narcissa rolled her eyes, offering a silent prayer to Maeve that Lucius was pacing and not looking at her.

"What you'll need to do is convince him to sign the fortune over to us. Since he hates our family I doubt that you'd be able to get him to do so willingly." Lucius mused, "The Imperius won't work...magical contracts are nullified by compulsion spells..."

"Why don't I just leave you and marry him then.." Narcissa muttered. Lucius frowned but then smiled nastily.

"Narcissa, I think you've given me an idea.."

Lucius had practically ordered her to drag him into a broom closet. She knew that in order to prevent her husband from badgering her it would be better to just get it over with. Surely even a teenaged virgin can't be as bad as Lucius was on our wedding night..She thought with a tiny smirk touching her lips.

Who knows? Maybe Potter will be attracted to mature women...She knew that barring the use of a lust potion, she would have to rely on her looks and her cunning to make this plan work. It wasn't a very good plan, she mused, but it's best to let Lucius think he's had a brainstorm.

Her mind continued to wander as she applied scented oil to her body. She'd had the strangest dream. She'd seen herself holding a small baby.

"This is that mongrels brat. Amycus wants it to hurt. I'm thinking we see how long it takes a baby to die from Cruciatus exposure..." Alecto Carrow inspected the wriggling child as if she was holding a dead fish. "It's a metamorphmagus like its mother. We can't find her, so we'll leave their bodies in the Alley as a warning to the blood traitors."

Narcissa took the baby from the other woman, "Killing an infant hardly seems like a proper expenditure of our time.." The baby looked into Narcissa's eyes and shocked the witch when his hair turned her shade of blonde, "This is technically my nephew, you know.."

"Who cares? If you're too weak to kill it, I'll do it then." Alecto reached for the child and in that moment Narcissa did something she'd never expected. She killed Alecto Carrow. She'd never used the killing curse before this moment, but she used it now. "I am sorry little one, but my act of rebellion isn't going to fix anything. I can't take you anywhere safe, no one would trust me and I don't know where the others are hiding...all I can do is make our passage as painless as possible.." Narcissa reached into her pocket and took out a vial of poison. She gave the baby a dose and rocked him as the poison took effect and the baby stopped breathing. His hair returning to the soft brown it had been before.

Narcissa pressed a kiss to the baby's head and then took her own dose.

Amycus Carrow came into the room a few hours later. Finding both witches and the baby dead he nonetheless had a good idea of what had occurred. Luckily for him, as long as the baby was dead the plan could continue. He would mourn his sister later, for now he had two corpses to deposit.

Narcissa found herself in a white room, watching as a dark-haired woman passed the baby to a strangely familiar red-haired woman. She vaguely remembered Lily Potter from her days at Hogwarts when she was still known as Lily Evans. Seeing her accept the baby puzzled her.

The dark-haired woman came to sit in a chair that appeared before her, "She wasn't expecting her meet her grandson like this. You saved him from a terrible death, and you have her gratitude for that."

"Her grandson, but that was-" Narcissa began, but was stopped by the woman, who held up a hand.

"All you need to know is that you don't know anything that you think you do. Teddy Tonks-Lupin should have been Teddy Tonks-Potter. He's the son of Harry Potter and Nymphadora Tonks. But that girl kept her head up her ass and married a jackass who abandoned her when he thought he'd knocked her up." The woman frowned and the silver pen she'd had in her hand turned into a full sized scythe. "Shit, lost my temper. Sorry, I just really hate people like that, you know?"

The woman shook the scythe and it turned back into a pen, "Anyway. We're resetting this bitch and you're going to go back and try to live a better life. I'm sure you have a lot of questions, but I've got your sister Bellatrix as my next appointment, I've been keeping her in limbo since Molly Weasley dropped her like a bag of sand."

Narcissa did not pretend to understand her dreams. But the thoughts hadn't left her mind since. Perhaps it was telling me to try and reconnect with Andromeda...She doubted very much that her older sister would welcome the reunion, but she would still try. Perhaps after I seduce Potter, I can talk him into making her a Black again, assuming she leaves the mudblood...

Scene Break

Harry was in History of Magic doing his best to not fall asleep as Binns continued to drone on and on about some Goblin named Ulgrok the Ulcerous or something similar. The constant scratching of Hermione's quill was hypnotic and soon lulled him into a dozing state.

Harry was having that dream again. Watching as women he didn't know were yelled at by a woman who'd introduced herself to him as Hecate. Hecate, had explained what was going on, though Harry was unsure what anything she'd said had meant,"Well, here's how it works out, you died and saved the world. But the Powers that Be, otherwise known as the two jackasses who sign my checks, have decreed that you deserve something for the way they screwed you over the last go 'round. So, they're giving you anything you want." Then the woman conjured a screen and vanished to the other side of it.

He couldn't hear anything from his side of the partition he was behind. But he could see it. The first set of women were sobbing, one seemed to look at him and try to say something, but he couldn't read her lips.

The next two came in alone, the first one he did recognize as Draco's mother. He'd met her at the Quidditch World Cup, though he was unsure if he could call it meeting. She'd sneered as she and her family went past Harry and the Weasleys.

The final witch though, for some reason Harry felt an overwhelming sympathy for the lost look in her eyes. It reminded him of the first and only time he'd accidentally called Petunia Dursley 'mum'. She'd hit him with a frying pan and fractured his wrist. It had been a terrible fourth birthday.

Each woman looked miserable and Harry just wanted to help them. Even Mrs Malfoy. She looked as if she'd seen horrors before she came to wherever they were. Then they were gone and he stood before the dark haired woman again, "Is there anything I can do to help them you were speaking to before?" He asked, watching an angry look overtake Hecate's face.

"Of fucking course you want to save them too. You realize that they are each a partial reason for you being here? Tonks and Fleur took away your will to live, Malfoy tried to trick you into giving her everything, and as for Lestrange...that's the bitch that killed Sirius.." Hecate raged at him then rolled her eyes, "They knew that's what you'd want. I already told those four that they were going back to do things properly this time. So, try not to die this time until you're an old man. I don't mind you visiting, but keep it on a near-death level alright?"

Harry was awakened by Hermione shaking him roughly, "Come on Harry, I want to see the Goblet of Fire. It's such a fascinating artifact." Harry rose and walked with his friends out of the classroom.

"I'm not going near that thing. Look at every year I've had at Hogwarts. There's no way something isn't going to happen that will result in me nearly dying because of that stupid cup..." Harry said as Hermione led him and Ron towards the Great Hall.