CH 53

Duncan had waited by the car to keep far enough away from Kaede and Methos so he wouldn't be detected by the other immortals, but close enough to help if Kaede needed him. He was expecting a quickening light show, that was no surprise, but the length and intensity of it was. He'd never seen a lightning show as big as that before.

Fearing something had gone wrong he jogged towards the waterfront and met Methos coming towards him, Kaede leaning heavily against him. Her clothes had burn holes in them. Meeting them, he asked, "What happened?"

Methos grinned. "Your daughter must be out of her mind. She took all four of their heads at once. What a show that was."

Looking up, Kaede said in a pained voice, "That really hurt."

Duncan got on the other side of Kaede. She immediately grabbed onto him for support. "Never do that again," she said weakly.

Knowing what one quickening did to him, Duncan said, "I'm surprised you weren't knocked out."

"Nearly was," she admitted in a whine. "I wanna go home."

"Car's right up here."

Duncan and Methos got her in the car. Methos left as Duncan got in and drove away.


Kaede's watcher, Mike, had seen everything. Of course, Kaede had called him to let him know she was going to deal with an immortal problem. All he had to do was follow her and Duncan down to Brightsea and witness the event. What an event it was! The size and amount of lightning bolts had been amazing. It was like a fireworks show, and nearly evrt one had hit Kaede. He was surprised she wasn't dead.

He had recorded everything, and getting back to Glen Finnen, he went into Joe's bookshop and up to their library to type up all his notes for the archives. Joe came hobbling in as he did.

"What happened?" Joe asked.

Mike looked at him and said, "It was amazing! I've never read anything like this in the archives before!" He told Joe about he men coming to bracket Kaede, then her making all four go down below the sea wall and the fantastic lightning bolts that followed that not only put Kaede to her knees, but knocked her down and he suspected out. She didn't move for a few minutes after the show was over.

"I'm telling you Joe, she beheaded all four at once, and out of the sight of the public. Methos was there, he helped her get back up once it was all over. She had trouble walking. Duncan arrived and they got her back in his car. I never even heard of a quadruple quickening before!"

Joe shook his head. "That's a historical first, for sure. You know, I've always been hoping that Mac was going to end up as 'The One'. Now I think it is going to be Kaede. Just to be able to get back up after that… and to be able to take out four at once, no one has a hope of beating her one on one. You said the bodies are below the sea wall?"

"They are. Where they are, I don't think they will be found for a while," Mike told him. "With that big of a lightning show, people saw, but all they saw was Kaede being pounded by it. I think when the bodies are found, their demise will be attributed to that."

"Yeah, let's hope," Joe said vacantly.


As suspected, Kaede's electrical adventure was in the news. Thankfully, Kaede was wearing a wig, and wasn't recognized by the long range shot. The fact she was pummeled by multiple, strong lightning strikes was. The news anchors wondered where the unusual bolts came from and were amazed she lived through that and a man came over to help her to her feet. The strange incident was talked about but there was no conclusion.

Kaede watched the broadcast while she laid on the couch, her head on Kouta's lap.

"Well, it's good they didn't know it was you," Kouta said as he petted her hair.

"I'm never doin that again, that hurt bad," Kaede replied.

"You were on the edge of being way too public," Duncan noted.

"I was," Kaede agreed, "But I didn have much of a choice."

"Lead them someplace less visible then," Duncan told her

"I will, fer sure. An take'em separately."

"How are you feeling?" Inari asked.

"Lit'le quivery still. It's goin away."

Duncan chuckled. "You ate a ton of energy all at once, hon. Gotta be expected."

"An it sucked."


The rubdown Kouta gave Kaede when they went to bed felt amazing and put Kaede to sleep. He petted he a while after he heard her snores.

Kaede sat on a round ball in a dark void. Around her many men and women were gathered. Looking down, it wasn't a ball, but the globe she sat on. She knew it had to be a dream, but it felt very real. Looking at the faces, she saw her Dad watching her. So was Connor, Cassandra, Methos, Richie, and Amanda in the small crowd. No one spoke, they all just looked at her as if waiting for her to speak. Kaede did, saying what she knew.

"After thousands of years, the game is over. The fighting to be the one is over. I am The One. Not the only one alive, but The One with the power. That was what the game was about. I know … everything. I am … everything. I sit upon the world to rule … everything. Not nations, not continents, but the world. You are my agents. Put down your swords against each other. I know what you do… who you are, where you are. My arms reach around the world. There are places in turmoil. That is what needs to be fought now. Assist me, my agents. Any who do not do so will be absorbed back into the power."

A man stepped forward and drew his sword. "I challenge you!" he announced.

Kaede raised her arm. He cried out as his body glowed then turned into mist as his essence was drawn into her hand. Into her.

"You are all brothers and sisters. It is now time to act like it and support one another."

Kaede then drifted off into other dreams that were no so intense.


Methos woke up from an odd dream of watching Kaede sitting on top of a globe and telling him and an assembly of immortals that she was The One. It was a real odd dream, but yet, it felt so real.


Claire was getting stronger. Today Nana and Jeff were with her. John and Cameron needed foundation stone for their cabin, so Nana came with her to get the stone while John, Cameron and Jeff worked at finishing the trench to lay the foundation in. Since the foundation needed to be three feet deep into the ground, they were going to use the 2X3 foot stone blocks buried to ground level, with three inch thick, 2X3 cap stones on top of them so the logs would be above ground level.

The large stones were still beyond Claire's ability to load, but she could do the smaller stones now. She could even manage two at a time while Nana was loading three big blocks at a time. Kouta had told Nana only three big blocks high on the truck. As they loaded the truck, Nana saw why. The truck was sagging down as they worked their way to the back.

With the big stone on the outside and the smaller stones toward the middle, they got the truck loaded back to the tape mark Kouta put on the truck. Claire thought they hard work was done, then Nana backed the truck up to the trenches for the house. Now, they had to unload and place the stones.

Claire helped Nana place each stone down. Nana was the 'crane' that lowly lowered the stones In place, Claire guided them in so they would be tight together side by side and lined up. Even guiding them in place was hard. They got the truckload in, cap stones and all, and still had one more wall length to put in. Back in the truck and back to the quarry. Claire was getting mind-tired, but was determined to finish this job.

While Nana and Claire got more stone, John and Cameron were cutting their logs to length, cutting in the notches in the ends to put the logs together and the long groves to add the stiff material that would join the logs along their lengths. For where the doorways and window logs were, they didn't cut notches close to the ends, but 2X4 inch cuts to put pressure treated 4x4's into the ends to make the supports for the doors.

After each log has it's proper cuts done, it was laid to the sides in the order they were going to go up on, bottom logs closest to the cabin, and farther out the higher they would be on the walls. The even got the half diameter logs in place and squared up to the time Nana and Claire got back. The sun was low in the sky by the time the first logs were laid down and squared up. It was a good day's work.


With the foundation done and the logs all cut and ready to go on, the cabin took shape fairly quickly. Floor beams and supports went in, then the base floor of 2X6's was put down in a day. Kaede was feeling better and everyone helped putting the exterior logs in place. As the walls rose, It was Kaede, Inari and Nana who lifted the logs up. Cameron and Duncan were atop of the walls, making sure the logs fit perfectly and laying in the strips between the logs into the slots. John had the 4X4's getting them put in for the doorways and 2X4's into the window openings.

After the walls were up the roof beams went up, then the roof framing. The roof was covered in plywood sheeting, then the foam layer went on, followed by the metal top sheeting on the roof. The insulated windows and doors were due to arrive tomorrow. They were ready for them.


Jeff's place had the foundation hole dug down to the bedrock, which was only four feet down. The driveway was finished with packed gravel. The bedrock had to be smoothed and squared, once it was, they could begin to start putting down blocks. Jeff had wanted a six foot deep basement, so the first floor would be a little higher, not a big deal.


Duncan enjoyed working on the houses going up. He kept close track of his hotels as Amanda did, but put most of his efforts into house building. He remembered well that dream he had of Kaede sitting atop of the world and proclaiming herself 'The One' and demanding the fighting between immortals be stopped. That pleased him also. Getting challenged now was a thing of the past. He didn't know what Kaede had planned, but knowing Kaede, he was sure it was something good.

It was getting late by the time the McDonald's roof was finished. John and Cameron's place was pretty much in the dry, except for the windows and doors. There was one thing Duncan was curious about. Gathering together to head back to the castle, Duncan found John.

"Got a question," Duncan asked. "I know you have the well and septic planned, and fireplaces in the front room and kitchen, but what about electric?"

John looked at him. "I... ahhh."

"Thermal turbine in the kitchen," Cameron said as she came up.

John looked at her.

"Thermal turbine?" Duncan asked.

"Yes." She explained, "In the base, where the hole was made in the floor, is the fire pit. Directly above that will be the water tank. A small exit pipe for the steam and a large one for the smoke. The steam will run the 240 volt single phase 9 KW turbine generator for the electric then it and the smoke exhaust pipe will heat the hot water tank on it's way out."

Duncan chuckled. "Very efficient, so long as the fire in the pit is burning."

"I will monitor it for proper efficiency," Cameron said.

"Ahh, Cam?" John asked, "Most household appliances run on 110."

"The generator has opposing 120 connections which makes the 240. Fifty cycles, not 60 for items in Europe. Things like pumps, a clothes dryer and a stove run on 240."Cameron replied. "As long as we have peat or coal, there should be no problems."

"I'm glad I got you," John told her.

"Me too," Cameron said with a grin and kissed him.


With the house building done and the truck empty of stone, Claire though her mind work was done for the day. Getting back to the castle, Kaede had another job for her.

Ya've used yer hands all day huffin and haulin," Kaede explained as they went into the kitchen. "Not, it's time to do some delicate work."

"OK," Claire agreed. It should be easy, she thought.

Kaede showed her what to do. It was simply wrapping up each tableware setting in a small ribbon. Kaede did one to show Claire what she wanted. The ribbon wrapped the fork, spoon and knife together and tied it off in a bow. "Only wit yer mind hands," Kaede told her.

Claire put the tableware together and wrapped it with a ribbon. The ribbon broke. She stared at it.

"Gotta use much less force," Kaede coaxed. "That ain't heavy rock."

Claire tried again, being careful with the next ribbon. She wrapped it loose, then tried to tie a bow. She broke the bow. "Why is this so hard?" she asked.

"Yer mind hands are much stronger now, ya gotta git used to doing delicate tasks," Kaede told her.

Her third attempt only broke one loop of the bow. Being vary, vary careful, she managed to do her forth attempt and not break the ribbon. This was harder than she thought!

Claire's only dinner task was to to these ribbons on all the place settings. She got better, but she had to concentrate hard on not breaking the ribbons. She did manage to get them all done in time to go out and help set the table. Barely. She felt like she'd done the near impossible. Then she saw little Kanae climbed up in her seat with her 'sailor teddy' and use her mind hands to tie his bib on that had thin strings to hold it in place. Claire also noted the child had thicker mind hands that she did. They were more like Kaede's.

Seeing Claire watching her, Kanae beamed her a smile. "Sailor teddy needs a bib too!" the little girl explained.


Kaede had convinced Rachel to take at least one day off a week. Her husband Tom only had Sundays when he wasn't at the plant, so he and Kaede convinced Rachel to take Sundays off. Not only not open the Inn, but on Saturday nights after closing, leave the Inn and don't be back until Monday morning.

Rachel didn't like the idea at first, Sunday was her 'cleaning up and inventory day. Kaede assured her that she could take care of that. Rachel did resist, but ended up agreeing to take full Sundays off, as long as Kaede was at the Inn. Kaede agreed.

Sunday came, and Kaede arrived at the Inn at 6 AM, happy to see Rachel was no where around. Kaede even checked her room The room was cleared except for a few clothes. Good, Rachel actually mostly moved out.

Checking the guest log, Kaede noted one guest was present, a Mr. Randolph from Sweden. She got out the inventory ledger and began the weekly inventory. Working behind the bar, she started with the liquor bottles and noted the levels on each. She also noted they were on their last bottle of Glen Finnen, and it was only 3/4 full. She added that to the 'buy' list. They usually went through 2-3 bottles a week. Raspberry brandy had only one full bottle left also. Lately, that was becoming quite popular. This last week they had gone through 5. She got these done and was going through the memorabilia for the Inn when she felt another immortal close by. He was coming down the stairs.

The moment the man appeared, Kaede lifted up from behind the bar and said, "Mornin, Mr. Randolph."

The Swede with the close cropped light brown hair cast her a half smile and stopped. "Good morning. I wasn't expecting to see you here."

"Doin inventory fer Rachel, and some cleaning when the kids git here," Kaede told him. "Since yer a guest, what ya want fer breakfast?"

He eyed her a moment, then asked, "You're this Kaede, aren't you?"

"Aye, lad."

Slowly he walked over to the bar and sat down. "I had a dream about you. It felt so real, I had to come see for myself if you were real," he explained. "In my dream, you said the Game is over. That you are the One."

Kaede marked where she left off on her inventory and went over to him. "I recognize you. Yes, you were there. The game is over, Lad. Steada fightin, it's time we got tagether an started makin the world a better place. Doan know bout you, but I know a few who's really tired a fightin."

He let out a sad chuckle. "Add me to that list. I always thought that the whole ,' there can be only one,' wasn't right."

"Twasn't, Lad. I searched for where that came from. nearest I could find, was around 500 AD it originated in France. There was immortals around long fore then," Kaede told him. "Outta curiosity, how long ya been around?"

He gave a half grin and said, "My first death was in the Winter War when Russia invaded Finland. Waking up frozen cold is not fun," he stated.

Kaede grinned. "Bet not."

"How about you?"

"Not too long ago down in Mexico. Hiding and waitin in a cellar, I didn know I had backed up against a bomb. Surprised me when I woke up bein carried by a couple aliens. Got me revenge though, I kilt all of'em," Kaede said. "At first, I thought I'd just been knocked out. Me Dad told me I'd been kilt by that explosion. That kinda changed me."

Mr. Randolph pointed and said, "OK, You're Dame Kaede. I heard about you!"

Kaede had to giggle at his realization. "Yeah, Lad, and I'm nay wearin a wig or fake horns, it's all real."

"So, you're really a witch?"

"Technically, nay, witches are different. Found out I'm really an elf. Everyone calls me a Witch, I figure it's close enough. Doan wanna confuse folks."

He chuckled. "I'm Sven. So elves aren't just fairy tales then?"

"Nay. Didn't know it meself til a couple years back. Another Immortal, Mr. Demos, told us bout elves. Since them we got ta meet a couple families of-em. Fer a long time, I thought and was told I was a mutant. Come ta find out, that ain't true. I'm just not human," Kaede explained. "So, ya want some breakfast?"

"Yeah, can I get say, scrambled eggs, toast and some corned beef hash?"

"Ya can lad!" Kaede assured him. "What ya want fer a drink?"

"Orange juice?"

"Comin up, be right back, Laddie." Kaede told him and went in the back to make his breakfast. Once the food was started, she got him a glass of cold orange juice and brought it out to him. She got out silverware for him, and asked if he wanted ketchup, or jelly. He waved off those items. When the food was done, she brought it out to him. "Here ya go," she said and served him. "I'll be doin inventory over here if ya need somethin."

Sven nodded and dug in.

Kaede finished the memorabilia inventory, then checked the level of the beer and ale kegs. Getting these down, she came out of the cooler to see Sven had finished and was focused on her. "Kaede?" he asked, "How do you know you're the One?"

"Cause I am," she stated. Looked over at the post her Dad's sword was on, she noted it wasn't there now. "Why, did ya wanna challenge me?"

He answered by swinging up hard with Duncan's sword. It stopped in the air mid swing. He gaped at it. Kaede put him face down on the bar and twisted the sword in his hands on it until it was laying across his neck. Sven yelped and cried out at feeling the blade lightly pressing his neck down.

Kaede put her elbows on the bar near him. "So lad, how's that turnin out fer ya?"

"I'm sorry," he said in a gasp.

"Aye, lad, ye are," Kaede agreed. "So do I use me Dad's sword to lop yer head off, or are ya gonna follow me?"

"How? You aren't even touching me or the sword!"

"Not long ago, I ripped four guys head's off at once. They thought they could overpower me. Guess what? That was the worst quickenin I ever had! Lightnin bolts from hell I tell ya. Thing is, all four died and I didn touch one except for wit me power. If ya doan wanna follow me, I'll take ya out back an git a bucket ta bleed ya out in. Doan wanna make a mess of Rachel's bar."

Sven swallowed. "OK, Ok, you got me, I surrender."

"Will ya follow me lad?"

"Yes, I will."

"Wise choice. Put the sword back where ya found it." Kaede stated and let him go. She picked up his used dishes and cleaned them at the sink under the bar as she watched him return the sword to it's pegs on the wall.

He got it in place and eyed her fearfully. "I never believed the stories," he said weakly.

"Ya had the dream o-me, didn't ya?"

"Yeah," he agreed. "I guess I just thought being a man, I could..." His words fell off.

"All ya kin do is help me make things better," Kaede told him. "Otherwise, I can't use ya and that means I'll have ta take yer head."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said meekly.

Kaede eyed him. He was looking pretty meek at the moment. "Fer punishment, ya kin git the room here ready fer sweepin and mopin. Git the chairs up on the tables, upside down, seats restin on the tables." She flipped a chair up so it was positioned like she wanted. "Like that, do the rest of'em."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said.


Some immortals were upset by Kaede saying she was the One and the game was over. Many others were relieved. There were still a few that didn't believe the One could be chosen while there was more than one immortal still alive. Kaede felt them journeying to her.

Two days later, she felt one coming to the castle. Knowing he was coming, she went outside past the front gate and waited for him. Shortly, a black Limo appeared to come down the long drive and stopped in front of her. The driver got out and opened the back door. An Indian man in a suit and long coat emerged.

She eyed him. "Hello, Bephan. Did I pronounce it correctly?" she asked.

The man nodded. "You did. So you know, I do not normally go looking for fights. I am satisfied to let others risk their heads. I had a strange and very memorable dream. So much so that I had to come see you. Have you truly announced that you are The One?"

"I have. The game is over," Kaede stated. "There is much more to be done than killing each other."

"Then you can show me what this Prize is?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It's mostly mental," Kaede told him. "Knowing things, like your name, the company you run, knowing you were coming so I came out to meet you so me family isn't disturbed. Knowing you believe that there can be ony one, as in only one immortal. What it is, is the One with the power." She then lifted his limo up and held it over his head. The driver ran to the side, gaping at the car hanging in the air. "Ya see lad, I had power before I became immortal. Now that I am, it's greatly enhanced. Your watcher is on a motorcycle just inside the woods. He's waitin to see a good quickening. If ya got a brain, ya won't challenge me."

Bephen looked up at the underside of the car over his head. "I see," he said slowly. "Do you not fear repercussion from claiming to be the One?"

"Nay Lad, I doan fear no one."

Looking at her, he asked, "Can you please put by car down? It was rather expensive."

Kaede returned the car to the ground where it was. "So, lad, what's yer intentions?"

"I had to come and see you for myself. If you did not show me some proof you are who you say, I would have challenged you. However, it appears I would not sand a chance. I will acknowledge you as the One, Dame Kaede. I sense you have other immortals nearby?"

"Aye. Me Dad and a few others."

"Natural father?" he asked. "I didn't think immortals could have children."

"Twas adopted. He is the only father I have ever known. I did manage to have a baby before I became immortal. No others, an I probably won't have any others," Kaede explained.

"That is highly unusual," he noted. "Even so, it appears you are highly unusual. Do you have a plan for us now?"

"Nay yet. I gotta learn more bout how best to do things. Ain't gonna rush it. Hasty decisions ain't the best ones."

Beohen smiled. "So correct you are, M'lady. If you need assistance or just advice, please contact he." he reached into his suit and produced a card. Let me know if you're in France and need a place to stay."

Kaede reached out with a mind hand and accepted his card. "Thank you, Sir."

Good day," he said with a nod of his head. He motioned to his nervous driver. then man opened the back door for him, got in and they drove away.


Heinrich, the current leader of the Watchers had been listening intently to reports about this Kaede. That she killed four immortals at once with her power alone, no sword, had him very curious about her. The only known elf that was a immortal, Kaede was doing the impossible. When he discovered she had proclaimed herself as the One, and called for all the fighting between immortals to stop, he watched carefully for the results.

So far, three immortals had come. The first she subdued and made him do cleaning chores. The second she talked to, holding his car over his head. A third one came demanding a duel. She broke his arms and legs, again tot physically touching him, then let him regenerate after he submitted. She even let him keep his sword.

He also got good information on the watcher that knew the most about Kaede. Joe Dawson seemed to be surrounded by immortals. It was known he was friends with Duncan McLeod, one of the most powerful. Kaede was Duncan's adopted daughter. He called Joe Dawson to headquarters to talk to him and sent a car to pick him up.

When Joe got to headquarters, Heinrich met him in the hallway and showed the old man with prosthetic legs into his lounge. He helped Joe sit by the fireplace and took the other seat and had a man bring them drinks.

"What's the special occasion?" Joe asked.

"My primary interest is Dame Kaede Kikumura," Heinrich said. "She seems to be turning the Immortal crowd on their ears. Tell me about her."

"Wouldn't you rather talk to her watcher?" Joe asked.

"He reports to you. Besides, I know you're good friends with her father, Duncan McLeod. You were his watcher for what, close to 20 years?" Heinrich asked. Seeing Joe stiffen, he waved a hand and said, "Yes I know, you broke the rules and got better information than most other watchers. You also know Kaede pretty well, long before she became Immortal. Tell me about her."

Joe let out a huff. "Well, Kaede grew up hard. First an orphanage where she was severely picked on and abused, then Duncan adopted her and people from Japan came to kidnap her, and killed her sister Duncan had adopted when they did. They held Kaede eight years. Duncan finally got her back, and they came again, but this time Duncan was ready for them. The ones who didn't die were imprisoned. To appease the officials in England, she became a black ops assassin for the British government so they could stay in the country. The government overlooks her oddities in exchange for doing very dangerous jobs no one else can do."

"How does she do that?"

Joe shrugged. "What I understand is Kaede has a very powerful mind. It's obvious she is telekinetic to the extreme, but that doesn't explain everything. She's sharp too. At eight years old, she'd do her homework from school and play chess with Duncan at the same time, not even close to the chess board. She's a mental giant. She's also a good person, and fair. Very protective of her family too. Maybe it's due to how hard her young life was, but she doesn't like bullies or people to take advantage of others. She is also deadly. All she has to do is look at someone, and she can kill them, or bring down buildings into rubble. She's done both. She even wiped out those alien bases, pretty much by herself. One thing you never want to to, is to get her angry."

Heinrich chuckled. "Yes, I do understand getting Dame Kaede angry is a very bad idea. She has a family? Besides Duncan I mean."

"She does. Even had a baby, cute little girl," Joe said with a grin. Two adopted girls, husband, Duncan married her mother. Yeah, she's got a nice family."

"Being an immortal, she shouldn't be able to have a baby."

Joe shrugged again. "She did. Half of Glen Finnen came to see her after the birth. Kanae is the girl's name, but she likes to be called Kaene, it's a bit closer to her mother's name. Let's face it, Kaede is not a normal immortal, or normal anything."

"Very true. or all this power, I understand she works as a barmaid when she's not out assassinating people?"

"The Inn belongs to a member of Duncan's clan. Kaede helps out family whenever she can. She is very friendly and helpful to those she knows. She has the respect of everyone she knows as well."

"So she's not secretive?"

"She is, about certain things. For example, either you've been to their place, or have no idea where she lives. As I said, she's very protective of her family. She knows people are still after her, and Immortals after Duncan, so where they live is classified information. Kaede says it helps keep the body count down."

"She kills whoever comes looking for trouble," Heinrich said.

"Yeah. I know of a couple, but I got the feeling more have come and just disappeared," Joe told him. He then asked, "So I'm not in trouble for being friendly to immortals?"

Heinrich grinned. "No Joe. You get good information on them, and that is our main objective. I know in the past, there were those who wanted to shoot you for knowing McLeod, but we have a new leadership now."

A female voice announced, "That's good ya doan wanna hurt Joe. T'would be the worst mistake ya ever made."

The both turned to see Kaede standing by the window.

"Kaede, why are you here?" Joe asked, shocked she was here.

Heinrich stood up and said, "Dame Kaede, I have no intention of harming Mr. Dawson. I was only curious about you and Joe has known you the longest."

"That's good fer you lad. Dad said Joe'd been called, and from what I know, last time wasn't as friendly. I came to make sure it didn git unfriendly."

"Yes, of course," Heinrich said. "Would you care stay a bit and come sit with us?"

"Aye, I ain't busy taday, an sittin's better than standin."

Heinrich was pleased, Kaede talked easily with him and told him nearly anything. He knew to stay away from the subject of where she lived. She even told him her long range plan of using immortals to help solve problems and be alerted to possible greedy people who wanted to cause chaos. Even why she snuck in was obvious, Joe Dawson was a friend of her father's and she protected those close to her family. She also like the idea of Watchers, and got Heinrich to agree they could help let her know about any trouble before it got out of hand.

Joe was pleased also, it was a good meeting.