font-family:="""""" georgia;"=""""""A four year old little girl, was happily walking home from the creek, where she picked flowers for her mother. Her long locks were being held up in a high ponytail, with some of her bangs escaping and framing her round face. Her eyes were taking in the scenery around her, admiring the trees and birds that lived in them. Oddly enough she felt a special connection to the Village she lived in, to which she couldn't quite explain it.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"=""""""Contrary to belief she was very smart for her age, only being four a lot of people talked to her like they would any other kid. But she would always scowl at them and just stare. Either until the people left, or until her Mother would scold her. At that point her mother would fuss about her acting just like her father, and that she looked like him even more when she did that. And every time, the poor girl would ask who and where her dad was. Her mother would sadly smile at her and say that it was a story for another time.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"=""""""Upon spotting her house she began to run, growing excited to show her mom the flowers she picked. She ran up to the red door, took off her shoes, and pushed it open with her shoulder.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"="""""""Mommy! I'm home, and I brought flowers!" The young violet eyed girl exclaimed, while making her way to the kitchen for her mom.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"=""""""She found her mom laying on the floor of the kitchen, and she giggled walking up to her.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"="""""""Mommy your silly, I know you are faking! Get up, I want to show you the flowers I got you." The child smiled and put the flowers down to shake her mom.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"="""""""Mommy get up!" She shook her a little bit more.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"="""""""Mommy, it's not funny get up!" She raised her voice and continued to shake her mother until she rolled over.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"=""""""Her mother had a gash on her hairline, that was bleeding. Her breathing was short, and labored. The young girl remembered her mother telling her that she was sick as a child and sometimes the sickness would come back.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"="""""""Mommy, please get up!" The fear stricken child began to cry and hurriedly stood up, but slipped and hit her head on the floor.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"=""""""She hastily got up, despite her now throbbing head, and ran outside yelling.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"="""""""No! Somebody help! Someone help my mommy! She's hurt! Someone please!"

font-family:="""""" georgia;"=""""""She was thankful that their house was close to the ninja training grounds. Because, luckily three guys showed up shortly after her hollering.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"="""""""What's wrong little one?" A man with spiked blonde hair asked her.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"="""""""My Mommy! She is laying on the floor, her head is bleeding, and she won't wake up!" The young girl began to cry anew.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"="""""""Don't worry we will take her to the hospital. What is your's and your mommy's name?" The Blonde man asked as she showed them to her mother.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"=""""""He knelt down next to the red haired woman who was unconscious. Her eyes were closed, and he could see her breathing was labored. She looked rather pale, and her head injury was still bleeding leaving a small pool of blood on the floor. She had no marks of self defense, or abuse, so he ruled out foul play. His guess was that she fainted, but was already sick hiding that fact from her daughter.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"="""""""My name is Reina Uzumaki, and my mommy's name is Kaiya Uzumaki."

font-family:="""""" georgia;"="""""""Obito and Kakashi walk Anatsu to the hospital, I am going to take her mom there as quickly as possible." The Blonde man instructed the younger boys, as he picked up Kaiya off the ground.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"="""""""Yes, Minato-Sensei!" They both replied and watched as their sensei vanished in a yellow flash of light.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"="""""""Where did he go, and where is my mommy?" The young child began to grow scared.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"="""""""We're Ninja kid. He used a Jutsu, and took her to the hospital like he said he was going to. Weren't you listening?" The silver haired boy sighed as he began to walk out the door.

font-family:="""""" georgia;"="""""""Hey Kakashi, that's no way to talk to a kid! She scared, she came home to her mom passed out, of course she isn't going to be thinking about everything else except her mom!" The now named Obito yelped while moving to hold the girls hand and taking her to the hospital.

They made it to the hospital and into her mother's room. But when they got there doctors and nurses were rushing around her mom ,with machines and wires. Anatsu could only catch small phrases of what was being said here and there.

"-told her not to over do it."

"Why does she push herself?"

"-third time in a month."

"The gash is bad,-"

"Did she hit something-?"

"Still alive-"

"For now-"

"-isn't getting enough oxygen."

"-heart is straining."


"She probably won't make it." A doctor had said as he rushed past Reina, and that rang clear in the child's mind.

'My mommy will die?' After her mind had whispered those words, she snapped.

"NO MOMMY, DON'T DIE! YOU STILL HAVE TO TELL ME ABOUT DADDY! AND WHAT HAPPENED TO TRAINING ME SOON! YOU CAN'T DIE MOMMY!" Reina screamed as she rushed past the nurses and doctor to get to her mother.

Kakashi swiftly grabbed the young girl and dragged her out to the waiting room. Minato collected the wailing girl from Kakashi, as he struggled to keep her in his arms.

Minato clutched the little girl close to him attempting to comfort her. She wiggled, trying to pry her way out of his arms, but he was too strong for her. She eventually tired herself out, and began to dissolve in her tears.

Obito felling bad for the poor girl walked over to her, and tired encouraging her.

"Hey Reina, do you think your mommy is weak?"

"No, she's the strongest Ninja I know." Reina calmed down enough to answer, still having her eyes closed, yet her tears wouldn't stop flowing.

"Then do you think someone that strong is going to give up? Do you think she would want to leave you here, by yourself?" He continued talking to her.

"No. She never gives up. She tells me that my dad says, to give up is to admit defeat." Little Reina rubbed her eyes, as they began to feel itchy, probably because she was crying so much.

"Well how about you have faith that your mom is going to make it." Obito smiles at the little girl, who gave him a shaky smile and opened her eyes.

But she stunned him into silence. For her eyes weren't violet anymore, but a scarlet red. She said she was an Uzumaki, so why in the world did she have a Sharingan!?

Her smile slowly started to vanish as his eyes had widened, and his face became slightly pale. So her gaze traveled to Kakashi and Minato for reassurance, but they did the same thing and just stared at her.


That was until Minato spoke to the two boys, "Kakashi go get the Hokage, and Obito go get Fugaku. Now!"