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Chapter two

Calla showed Hermione to her guest room while saying, "This room will be yours any time you stay with us."

"Thank you, Calla," Hermione said looking over the rather pretty if plain room, "I didn't expect something this pretty,"

"Papa let me dictate how to decorate it," Calla informed the bushy haired girl as Hermione walked inside with Candy Pop carrying her trunk, "I usually change how the guest rooms look every few months or when I feel like it,"

"It's a fun project even if some of the ways you've changed them looked bizarre," Candy Pop said as he placed down Hermione's trunk on the foot of her bed, "If you two don't need me, I'm going to go check with Candy Cane about dinner,"

"We're good," Calla told him earning a smile.

Candy Pop bowed lightly, "Then I'll leave you two to it."

Hermione headed to her trunk as Candy Pop patted Calla on the head and left the room. Calla followed Hermione as the girl placed down her new stuffed owl by the pillows, "Once you get unpacked, I'll take you on a little tour of the place. Dinner is usually around five unless Papa and Candy Cane are busy. If that happens, I usually make food whenever we get hungry or we get take out. Laundry day is usually every two to four days unless the machines busted like it is right now," Hermione opened up her trunk and began putting her things away, "Papa's work shop is off-limits unless he's with you and says you can go inside. Poppy and Cane's rooms along with Papa's are off-limits. The attic is off-limits too unless you have someone going up there with you since there's a lot of my mom's old stuff up their and Papa doesn't like people messing around up there. You can watch and read whatever you want though if someone is watching TV you have to let them. My room's open to you, but please don't take anything without asking. If you need something, you shouldn't hesitate to ask."

"Are there any rules that I need to know?" Hermione asked her, "Other than the ones you've already said,"

Calla nodded as she sat down on Hermione's bed, "Don't be too loud in the morning. Don't read any of the books on the pink shelf in the living room, they're Candy Cane's adult books. Don't leave your room after ten P.M. unless you have a nightmare or need to use the bathroom. Don't eat anything with someone's name on it. If you're told to do something by any of us, do it immediately," Calla's mind went through all the unspoken rules she's learned, "Friends of Papa and the others tend to come by a lot. They aren't allowed upstairs. If they ask you who you are, tell them that you're my guest or Papa's. Try not to make huge messes. If something breaks, tell someone immediately rather than try and fix it yourself. Don't leave any of the doors or windows open unless given permission. If you're going to practice magic, keep it basic and avoid doing anything destructive. Other than that, you'll learn as you go."

Hermione turned to her with a frown, "But I thought we weren't allowed to do magic outside of school."

"If you live in a muggle household or area, you can't use magic," Calla patiently explained as Hermione continued putting her things away, "When you're in a warded place like this, you don't need to worry since the Ministry can't detect who's doing it,"

Hermione promptly scowled, "So Muggleborns are at a bigger disadvantage than I fist thought."

Calla nodded as she took out her wand and began playing with it, "Yup, but there isn't anything we can really do," A thought came to her, "Oh! Hermione, Cane and I usually get up around sunrise to practice Tai-Chi and self-defense. Would you like to join us?"

Hermione gained a contemplative look on her face before asking, "Can I watch the first few days I'm here then decide?"

"Sure thing," Calla got off of Hermione's bed, "I'm going to run over to my room real quick and grab something. Oh and if you want to catch up on your non-magical schooling, I'll help you out. I might not be very advanced when it comes to things like Math, but I'm pretty good at the other stuff,"

"Really?" Hermione looked at her in surprise, "I didn't know you could do that,"

"The education we get from Hogwarts doesn't count in the muggle world," Calla explained as she walked over to the door, "Cane and the others have been having me do the non-magical school work on top of my magical stuff. It's part of why I was more than a little agitated during the tests since I had to study for my non-magical ones as well,"

"What grade are you in?" Hermione asked her curiously.

"According to Tim, I would be a freshmen in high school," Calla knew she was more advanced for her age though it mostly had to do with the fact she wanted to get her non-magical schooling over with as soon as she could.

Hermione's eyes widened as Calla's words were registered, "You're only eleven."

"Almost twelve," Calla reminded her, "And I've had a lot of help not to mention no one really knows how to dumb things down which means I had to either work hard to understand it or be left to flounder. Since I want to get my non-magical schooling done as soon as possible, I kinda couldn't do things slowly,"

With that, Calla headed to her room to grab the book of Creepy Pasta stories that she'd put together with Vivian.

Candy Pop walked into the kitchen and found his sister at the stove with Jason sitting in one of the chairs. Taking a seat, he said, "Hermione's getting settled in. I'm pretty sure Calla's giving her that book of stories she put together with Vivian."

"That means we have four days before Slenderman wants Hermione taken to the mansion," Jason said leaning back against his chair, "We only need to keep everything secret for four days,"

Candy Cane suddenly giggled earning confused looks, "I just thought about us having to do something like this back when we got Calla back. If she wasn't as observant as she is, we would've been doing stuff like this."

"Very true," It would have been incredibly awkward keeping Calla from finding out about them.

A thought occurred to Candy Pop that made Night Terrors snort, "If the Doll was observant enough to figure out we were killer, how would she not know about sex? The idiots at the mansion aren't exactly careful and she has been out with Jeff. You know where that idiot likes to find targets."

Candy Pop's eyes went wide and he gasped, "Fuck."

"Brother?" Candy Cane looked at him in concern as did Jason.

Candy Pop looked at them and really didn't want to say anything. Mentally growling at Night Terrors for pointing that fact out, he said, "Night just made a good point."

"And what point was that?" Jason asked him with a frown.

"Calla is really observant, right?" Candy Pop didn't want to outright say it.

"Yeah, why?" Candy Cane looked at him curiously.

"If she figured out we were killers without much trouble, just what else does she know about?" Candy Pop watched Jason's eyes narrow as Candy Cane's widened in shock.

Candy Cane started giggling prompting Jason to look at her while Candy Pop wondered why she was laughing. Candy Cane calmed herself before saying, "Jay, I think my darling brother's inner demon pointed out that the kitten probably knows about sex."

Jason's eyes widen and he shouted, "WHAT?!"

Calla paused as she went to hand Hermione the book as she heard her father shout, "WHAT?!"

"What was that about?" Hermione asked earning a shrug from Calla.

"I don't know, but if it's important, we'll find out soon," Calla resumed handing the book over, "Here,"

"What is this?" Hermione asked looking at the rather beautifully put together book.

It was bound in black leather with golden designs all over it. A ruby red ribbon was tied around it and would probably serve as a bookmark. Calla smiled and was about to say something when she heard footsteps. Looking towards the door, she found Vivian walking inside, "Hey, Viv."

"Hey, Cal," Vivian looked at her in confusion, "Why did your dad just shout what?"

"Not sure, but if it's important, we'll know soon enough," Calla turned to Hermione who was staring at Vivian with wide eyes, "It's a book on stories that will probably help you get used to everyone that's going to be popping in. Almost everyone besides Viv and I like a certain character, they prefer being called by that character's name or nickname,"

"What is she doing here?" Hermione asked holding the book close to her chest.

Hermione's energy radiated jealousy which was a bit funny if disconcerting. Offering the brunette a smile, Calla said, "Vivian found out that she isn't actually the daughter of the guy that killed her mother. Her actual father is one of the people that work for Mr. Maurice, so we've been spending a lot of time together."

Vivian nodded with a grin, "This has been the best summer I've had since my mom was killed and I never have to see the jackass that killed her again if I don't want to."

Oh, Vivian planned on killing him and no one was planning on arguing against it. She was going to be the one to kill him either after she snapped or when she turned sixteen. Which ever came first, Calla personally thought that Vivian killing him would cause the girl to snap, but didn't mind if it didn't. So long as Vivian snapped, she would be happy. Hermione stared at them in surprise before offering Vivian a small smile, "That sounds really cool, Vivian."

"Thanks," Vivian spotted the book and grinned, "I hope you enjoy the book, Hermione. The stories are really awesome,"

Hermione offered the book a wary look before setting down on the bed, "Thank you, I guess."

"So what are you two doing?" Vivian asked them curiously, "I've got literally nothing do since everyone is busy,"

"Once Hermione get's her stuff settled, I'm taking her on a tour," Calla said as Hermione resumed putting her stuff away.

Vivian snorted softly, "At least it'll be something to do. You still grounded?"

"Unfortunately," Calla scowled at Vivian, "I still can't figure out how you didn't get into trouble,"

Hermione looked at them in curiosity as Vivian giggled, "What do you mean?"

"Vivian was part of the whole Washer incident and managed to not get into trouble," Calla glared at Vivian as the girl continued to giggle, "It isn't funny damn it!"

"It is though," Vivian snickered softly.

Growling at Vivian, Calla turned to Hermione, "Are you almost done?"

"Just about," Hermione took out another shirt and put it into the dresser, "I can put the rest away later,"

After the tour, it was time for dinner and Calla was sent to get her father from his workshop. Walking inside, she called out, "Papa?! It's time for dinner."

"Calla could you come here for a moment?" Jason called in return, "I'm in the doll room,"

Calla headed towards the doll room. It was where her father kept a majority of the dolls he made. She didn't exactly like that room as much as the others if only due to the silent screams radiating through the energies of the dolls inside. It was mostly the dolls that had only been there for under ten years, but she still didn't like the room. Most of the dolls would have liked nothing more than to kill her, the worst ones were those that had been teenagers when her father had killed them. Taking a deep breath at the door, she walked inside and found her father fixing one of the dolls. She was a newer one that had put up quite a bit of fight during the process of becoming a doll thus making her body weaker than the others. She remembered that the doll's name was Rosemary or something along those lines. She walked over to her father ignoring the sight of Rosemary's eyes following her with a glare, "Papa, Candy Cane says it's dinner time."

"I know, My precious little doll," Jason replied setting down his tools, "I have a question to ask you before we go eat,"

"Is something wrong, Papa?" Calla asked him wondering if she'd somehow done something to make her punishment last longer.

Jason shook his head as he stood up and walked over to the sink set against the wall, "Night Terrors mentioned something rather startling while we were discussing how we're to act until we can bring Hermione to the mansion."

Calla wondered what Night Terrors could have said that involved her, "What did he say?"

"We were discussing the fact that if you hadn't have been as observant as you are, we would've had to hide a lot of things from you which probably would have changed our relationship greatly," Jason said earning a slow nod, "Night Terrors said something to Candy Pop that is honestly a good point even if I'm having troubl-"

"Papa," She cut him off with a frown wondering what Night had said, "You're rambling,"

Jason took a deep breath as he washed his hands, "I...I'm just hoping that he's wrong."

"Papa, what's wrong?" Calla didn't like how unsettled her father's energy was.

Jason finished washing his hands and began drying them before walking over to her. He set his hands on her shoulders, "Calla, I want you to be truthful with me when I ask my question, okay?" Calla nodded wondering what was going on, "Do you know what..." He trailed off before shaking his head muttering, "Why is this so hard?"

"Papa, if you can't ask me the question, why don't you have Candy Cane ask it for you?" Calla offered earning a relieved look.

"That's an excellent idea," Jason said and they began leaving the room.

After entering the kitchen, Jason grabbed Candy Cane and they headed into the living room. Candy Cane looked at him for a few seconds before cracking a smile, "Couldn't do it, could you?"

"How am I supposed to ask my eleven almost twelve year old daughter if she knows what sex is?" Jason scowled at her.

Candy Cane let out a soft laugh, "And I'm guessing you want me to ask instead?"

"Either you or Candy Pop," Jason ran a hand over his face, "I didn't think I'd ever have to have any kind of conversation like that with my daughter even before Lily died. If anything, Lily would've been the one to have that conversation with her,"

Candy Cane patted his shoulder, "Don't worry, I'll ask her after we finish eating dinner. You distract the other two with Poppy."

Calla looked at Candy Cane with a confused expression on her face while the female jester began blushing lightly, "Candy Cane? Is something wrong?"

"N-nope," Candy Cane shook her head, "I need to go talk to my brother. Please finish washing the dishes,"

"Okay..." Calla agreed while watching Candy Cane walk out of the room, "What was that about?"

Five minutes later, Candy Pop was shoved into the room and she looked at him curiously. Candy Pop shot a scowl towards the doorway before walking over to her, "Hey, Little One. Washing the dishes?"

"Mhmm," Calla rinsed off the plate she was washing, "Poppy, why are Papa and Cane acting so weird over something Night said?"

"Because what Nigh said brought up a question that's really awkward for us to ask," Candy Pop answered as he took the wet plate from her and began drying it off.

"So why not wait to ask it until after 'Mione's asleep and have Night ask the question instead since none of you are comfortable being the ones to ask it?" Calla suggested making Candy Pop pause as she washed the next plate, "After all, he's the one that brought it up,"

Candy Pop resumed drying the dish in his hand and took the next one she handed him after putting it away, "You know what, I think that's the best idea."

Around ten, Vivian was finally gone and Hermione was finally asleep. Calla yawned softly and rubbed at her eyes as she walked into the living room. Candy Cane followed behind her, "Hermione's asleep."

"Good," Jason looked at Candy Pop.

Candy Pop turned into Night Terrors with a low grunt and the demonic entity stretched his wings with a groan, "We need to use our wings more often. They're getting cramped."

"Hi, Night," Calla greeted the entity as she yawned again.

"Hello, Doll," Night Terrors greeted her with a grin.

"So what do you want to know?" Calla asked him curiously.

"Do you know what sex is?" Night Terrors answered.

Calla blinked slowly before saying, "Yes."

"How?" Candy Cane asked with wide eyes.

Calla yawned again, "The library back at the mansion has everything. The guys back at the mansion aren't really quiet when they bring girls home," She rubbed at her eyes, "Can I go to bed now?"