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The Basilisk

Once again when test time came around, Calla ended up stuffing fruit into Hermione's mouth to get some form of peace from the bookworm's constant babbling about the tests. Until Laughing Jack sent along some taffy that stuck her mouth shut for a few hours, they all got some blissful silence even if the she got a detention for doing that. Not that she minded, Professor Flitwick always had interesting books for her to read during the detention or had her work on mastering certain charms. Hermione managed to take the hint for a day before going back to her usual frenzied babble about their tests. Despite the distress Hermione had been in, Leon didn't even get angry at the hybrid when that happened understanding just why it was so annoying especially since he couldn't really escape. Learning that Hermione tended to not shut up about the tests even within the sanctity of her own mind wasn't quite surprising, the girl could get rabid when it came to tests.

The tests were harder than last year, but not to the point where Calla had to struggle through them. She thought she'd done better on the history test than she had last time. Though that was mostly because Candy Pop managed to help her study what was going to on the test, he was able to actually make it interesting. After the tests were done with, she happily relaxed with her friends after threatening to stuff some of the taffy she still had from Laughing Jack in Hermione's mouth if the brunette didn't settle down.

Candy Cane popped into Hogwarts after cleaning off the blood from her latest kill and reporting to Slenderman that her job had been a success. She headed to Candy Pop's rooms and found the three that she was here to see sitting around. Clearing her throat, she held out her arms to Calla, "Kitten, I'm here!"

"Cane!" Calla squealed and jumped off of Candy Pop's bed to launch herself at the succubus.

Candy Cane let out a laugh and caught Calla before swinging them around, "I missed you, Kitten."

Calla giggled as she hugged the succubus around the waist, "I missed you too," Candy Cane smiled down at the kitten glad to see just how well she'd recovered from her drained energy, "How are things going?"

"Great, I managed to get Siri a trial in a few days and ensured that no one will try to fuck everything up," Candy Cane pulled back with a slightly guilty look on her face, "I did have to use your fame, Kitten,"

"If it means Siri gets freed, I don't mind," Calla's lips pulled into a bright grin and her eyes gleamed with eager excitement, "So are we going to go see that snake now?"

Candy Cane giggled softly as Candy Pop and Hoodie chuckled. It just went to show you how diffrent Calla was to other children. What child was actually excited at the prospect of seeing a gigantic killer snake capable of turning you to stone just by locking eyes? It also showed how much she trusted them to keep her safe in a situation like this. It warmed her heart to know that Calla trusted them so much. Candy Pop spoke up with a grin, "Yes, but first, Cane did you grab them?"

"Yup," Candy Cane reached into the same pocket she kept her hammer and removed the bag that Jareth had given her.

Calla looked at it in confusion, "What's in there?"

"Just in case the snake ends up being hostile, we're all going to be wearing these," Candy Cane pulled out one of the special pairs of sunglasses, "These will keep the snake from turning us into stone," She handed Calla a pair and took out one for herself before tossing the bag to Candy Pop, "What are Luna and Vivian doing?"

"Keeping the other three from finding out what we're doing," Calla answered as she put on the sunglasses, "Leon knows about what's going on, but Hermione doesn't mostly because she'd end up freaking out. I'm fairly sure they're going to drag everyone into doing something while claiming that Poppy has me studying for that test this summer,"

"Not a bad lie considering the fact you'll be spending a majority of your time doing that until the exams," Candy Cane had to admit it was a clever lie that actually had some truth to it, "The teachers?"

"Busy grading tests or keeping an eye on the students," Candy Pop answered as he put on his own pair of sunglasses, "Huh, I definitely forgot how awkward it was to wear these,"

"What do you mean? It's awesome to see just how bright and detailed everything is," Calla looked at him in confusion.

"That's because you're a fae, they're meant to be used by fae," Candy Cane answered as she put on her own pair and grimaced at the way her vision twisted for a few moments before returning to normal if a bit too bright and cloudy around the edges, "They've been adjusted to work for other species, but they'll never work for anyone as good as the fae,"

"Am I allowed to keep these?" Calla asked likely thinking of ways to use these.

"Not this time, you can ask Jareth for a pair next time you see him," Candy Cane replied earning a pout from the kitten, "Sorry, Kitten. As cute as you are, they aren't mine to give away and I really don't want Jareth to get pissy at me,"

Calla continued to pout at her for a few more moments before giving up on it, "So can we go now?"

Candy Pop stared at the tunnel for a moment before looking at everyone else, "So anyone got any ideas?"

"Kitten, mind seeing if some stairs will appear?" Candy Cane suggested earning a nod.

Calla gained a concentrated look on her face before hissing sharply as her pupils briefly became slitted. Night Terrors whistled as he took a closer look at Calla's eyes, "Huh, I wasn't expecting that."

'What do you mean?" Candy Pop asked as a low rumbling grinding sound echoed through the bathroom.

"Lily's eyes didn't change like that when she spoke. Not sure if it means anything though," Night Terrors murmured as stairs formed in the tunnel, "I have not seen that much slime and grime since we were in those dungeons back in the bitches' realm,"

Candy Pop shuddered slightly while withholding the urge to gag. Before he could get rid of the shit on the stairs, Candy Cane raised her hand and a burst of fiery pink tinted red energy ripped through the tunnel scorching away everything save for the stone. Calla let out a soft whistle with a excitement in her eyes as smoke slowly wafted from the tunnel, "Cane, can you teach me that?"

"I'll need to test if you can use that and then ask your father if I can teach you," Candy Cane answered earning a confused look, "Not everyone can use soul fire, Kitten. Much less the kind I used,"

"Soul fire?" Calla's eyes lit up causing Nigh Terrors to chuckle, "Like from that Manga? Katekyo Hitman Reborn?"

Candy Pop nodded after thinking about what he knew of the manga for a few moments, "Kind of. We'll explain later on."

"So let's get going then," Calla said bouncing in place.

"Dear Lucifer, she must really want to meet that snake if she's acting like this," Night Terrors chuckled with a shake of his head.

"Have the entrance close behind us, Kitten. We don't need anyone following us and fucking things up," Candy Cane told Calla as Candy Pop took the lead.

Calla nodded and hissed once they'd all gotten on the steps. Everything went dark for a few moments before lighting up as they created some magical lights. Hoodie walked behind Candy Cane and Calla ready to grab the hybrid if the snake turned hostile. Thankfully the passageway was somewhat large, Candy Pop did not enjoy the thought of having to squeeze through any small spaces. It was still a bit tight leading him to say, "We'll wait until we're in the chamber proper to summon LJ."

"How far down until we reach the ward line?" Hoodie asked as they continued down the steps.

"Shouldn't be too far," Candy Cane answered likely feeling around the wards, "Wizards, even those among the founders caliber, rarely extend their wards below ground unless the goblins are involved. Even then, they don't extend further than the ward stone,"

"Shouldn't there be more than a single ward stone?" Calla asked with a confused look on her face, "Especially for a place this size,"

"Given that this is a place wizards made," Candy Pop answered with a shake of his head, "It was also made during the time when most species were pretty much abandoning this realm for green pastures. Which means..."

Calla's eyes narrowed, "Which means they're working off the most basic tethering method to anchor the wards. They must have a pretty huge ward stone, but..." Her eyes widened, "The wards will fail within the next two hundred years even with the goblins strengthening them."

"Yup, but thankfully, you won't be going to Hogwarts when they do fail," Candy Pop said tossing a grin over his shoulder at her.

"I wonder if they'll end up exploding," Night Terrors grinned brightly, "That'll be quite the light show,"

'Light show? The castle will probably end up falling in on itself,' Candy Pop replied with an inward snort, 'More a massive dust cloud,' Candy Pop heard a crunch as he stepped off the stairs and levitated his light to get a good look at what that sound had been, "Bones?"

"Rats, mice, and a few other small rodents," Calla said as she stepped down next to him, "Mostly rats though, the snake's bound to be starving given how small it's available prey has been,"

"There are some birds too," Candy Cane said as she stepped off the stairs, "Not too many, I'm guess it got a hold of some owls or other birds when they were hunting,"

"I wonder if there might be some bigger bones somewhere," Calla said as she looked around curiously, "If it can get out somehow, it might've killed something bigger than this,"

"Maybe we should have LJ bring a few deer or a cow," Candy Pop said as he started moving down the rocky tunnel, "It might smooth things over,"

"Or maybe some calves, we shouldn't pick anything too big since there's no telling how big the snake's mouth will be," Candy Cane said as she took out her cell, "I'll warn him,"

They walked down the tunnel that was slowly declining and Calla asked, "Cane, are we past the ward-line?"

"Now we are," Candy Cane placed her cell against her ear, "Hey, LJ. We've past the ward-line, so we're good to go with that plan. Any chance you can get some calves? We figured having some food present when the snake appears would be a good idea," Candy Cane made a small sound of surprise, "Why in the world would you even have thirteen calves?"

"Seriously? What the actual fuck?" Night Terrors shook his head, "Honestly that clown can be fucking random,"

"Okay...Jack, that's random even for you," Candy Cane shook her head, "Look can you part with like two or three of them? Four should work I think. Yeah, we'll call you soon. Thanks Jack," Candy Cane ended the call, "Sometimes, it makes me wonder what the hell goes on in his head,"

"I wonder what kind of prank he's doing with thirteen calves...well nine or ten," Calla commented with a light grin, "Sounds like it'd be pretty interesting,"

"Or a complete mess," Hoodie snorted softly.

"But the funnest messes are always interesting," Calla grinned at Hoodie earning snorts from the rest of them.

Entering the chamber, Calla said, "We have to be under the lake."

The unmistakable scent of diluted sea water stings Calla's nose making her shift a little uncomfortably. The fae within her screamed to get the fuck away from this dank dark place where no sunlight existed. Only death awaited her, she'd never see sunlight again or feel warm wind brush through her hair as she raced through a forest. She shivered wrapping her arms around herself trying to push away the feeling of wrongness. An arm wrapped around her shoulders as Candy Pop spoke softly, "Easy, Little One."

"What's wrong?" Hoodie asked as Calla molded herself against Candy Pop's side working to calm herself down.

"It's something to do with her fae heritage," Candy Cane explained as Candy Pop bent down to pick Calla up and hold her, "Places like this always unsettle fae from Jay's clan, it's against their nature to come to a place like this," She took out her cell reaching out a hand to rub Calla's back, "Pop, create a ball of sunlight. It'll help her out,"

Candy Pop nodded as he created a bright ball of sunlight making sure it floated over Calla's head. She slowly turned to look at the sunlight feeling a bit better. Laughing Jack appeared a few moments after Candy Cane called him tugging the ropes of four calves. He took in her position and winced, "You doing okay, Kitten?"

"Just want to get this over with," The earlier excitement had fled Calla and she almost wished that they didn't need her help.

They made their way towards the statue after Laughing Jack got his own pair of sunglasses. Calla did her best to ignore the sound of sloshing water and the chill in the air as she focused on the ball of sunlight hanging in front of her. Reaching the statue, it was silent until Laughing Jack commented, "That's one ugly fucker, a lot uglier than the Rake and Jeff combined."

Calla giggled at that feeling just a bit better, "Or maybe Mr. Widemouth."

Candy Pop chuckled softly while setting her down carefully keeping the ball of sunlight above her, "Alright, Little One. Let's call up the snake."

Calla nodded and focused on the image of a viper that Laughing Jack once got to use for a prank on one of his victims, "Open."

Calla frowned when nothing happened and looked at Candy Cane, "Kitten, try something else."

Nodding slowly, Calla looked back at the statue trying to figure out the best way to get the snake to appear. She decided to try some random words that deal with Slytherin, "Speak. Hogwarts. Founder. Salazar Slytherin. Slytherin House."

The statue stayed still and silent. Laughing Jack snapped his fingers, "Gum Drop, this founder is supposedly a narcissist, right?"

"Something like that," Calla nodded slowly unsure as to where he was going with this.

"Try a phrase that sounds just like something a narcissist would say," Laughing Jack advised her.

Turning back to the statue, Calla spoke as her mind ran through the possible combinations which was actually fairly long, "Speak Salazar Slytherin Greatest of the Four."

The statue let out a loud rumbling grinding sound. Candy Pop asked, "Little One, what did you say?"

"Speak Salazar Slytherin Greatest of the Four," Calla answered earning a raised eyebrow, "I ran through a lot of diffrent ones before trying that one,"

"Hoodie, be ready. It's coming," Candy Cane said as the statues mouth opened.

Hoodie nodded as the large form of the basilisk slid out of the statues mouth. Calla's eyes widened as she took in the emerald green scales, "T-that's one of the jewel basilisks."

"Looks like it," Candy Pop nodded as he glanced at Laughing Jack, "Push the calves towards the snake,"

In a rather disgustingly interesting to watch scene, the basilisk devoured all four calves almost ripping into them sending blood and gore splattering across the floor beside it's head. The scent of blood matched with the bloody scene actually helped settle Calla though she couldn't say why exactly. When the basilisk finished it's meal, Calla spoke as it's eyes focused on them, "Great King of Serpents, I am Calla Maker current student at Hogwarts."

"Speaker," The basilisk's words were a little slurred, "Hatchling. Why do you come to this cold place, Child of the Spring Forest?"

Calla explained speaking slowly and clearly knowing that the snake was likely not fully awake from it's hibernation. When she finished, she told it, "And here we are."

"Brave of you all," The Basilisk tasted the air shifting a little, "Tell me, Child of the Spring Forest, what lies next for me?"

"We'll remove you from this place if you so wish," Calla informed it, "A better place than this,"

"I have lived here for many years, Child of the Spring Forest," The basilisk hissed softly, "My master hatched me here and I expected to die here. It has been so long since I've seen the sun,"

"All we ask is for some venom sometimes," Calla murmured softly, "In exchange, you'll be cared for with food, water, and shelter,"

"Will I see the sun, Child of the Spring Forest? Be able to slither among the trees and breath in fresh air?" The basilisk asked with an almost wistful and mournful tone to his voice.

"Yes," Calla replied earning a soft sigh.

"That sounds perfect, Child of the Spring forest. I will go though I have a request," The basilisk murmured looking at Calla, "The wretched boy that threatened my master's school, is he dead?"

"No, but he will die as soon as we can manage it," Calla promised earning a soft hiss of acknowledgement.

"Make him suffer," The basilisk hissed at her.

Calla nodded as she turned to Candy Pop, "It will go with you. It wants sunlight and a forest."