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Train Rides from hell

"So it called you 'Child of the Spring Forest'?" Ron asked with a slight confused frown on his face, "What does that mean?"

And that just showed how far the English magicals had strayed from their roots, Calla thought with a inner sigh as she explained, "It's an old term used to describe where certain species of fae come from. Magical creatures like that Basilisk can feel which realm a fae comes from and address them as such," She scratched behind Shukaku's ears as the train chugged down the tracks, "It is a sign of acknowledgement, homage, and respect."

"How can a statement like that mean three diffrent things?" Vivian asked scrunching up her nose.

"It can mean more than that if you consider how the tone it's spoken in and the posture of the speaker," Calla added earning a blank look, "Fae are weird, Viv. Most long-lived magical species are,"

Vivian shook her head, "And to think you've got to learn all that before you're presented," Calla scowled at her and the other halfling held up her hands, "I'm just saying that I feel sorry for you having to deal with that bullshit."

"Anyway," Hermione cut in causing Leon to radiate disappoint since he'd probably been hoping to see a fight, "What did you mean about it meaning three diffrent things?"

Calla looked at Hermione as she said, "The basilisk was acknowledging my origins. It was also paying homage to the lands of my people. The respect aspect mostly means the basilisk understood the danger I presented to them."

"Danger? No offense, Calla, but how exactly are you dangerous?" Ron asked with a slight frown, "You're pretty small and doll-like after all,"

Calla smirked a bit at him as she stated in a sweet tone, "I am far more dangerous than you know, Ron," Ron went a bit pale, "But in this case, the basilisk knew it would only take a single word from me and it'd be dead. The basilisks created and bred in the fae realms are under what's known as a magical geas. Should any fae feel the need to, they just need to utter a single word and the creature under it would be dead."

Hermione let out a horrified gasp turning a bit green. Vivian turned a bit pale, but seemed interested. Leon radiated a sense of crooked amusement and consideration. Luna just smiled lightly as if Calla had been describing the weather. Ron and Draco looked slightly horrified with their skin looking like it couldn't decide whether to turn pale or green. Hermione burst out, "That's cruel."

"The fae are a cruel species, Hermione," Calla told her levelly, "Long-lived species often are due to the long period of time they've lived and the instincts that they have, you'll find it to be especially true once you get to those that have lived for more than a hundred years," She eyed Hermione for a moment before deciding not to explain that they'd like become cruel as well once they snapped, "Of course, the geas is in place for more reasons than that. Basilisks are extremely dangerous creatures and if one were to go on a rampage especially when you consider the diffrent types, it would be a massacre of apocalyptic proportions,"

"That's why breeding them was banned in England," Ron commented rather shakily as Draco nodded likely having grown up on stories of the creatures.

Hermione looked at him before looking at Calla as the hybrid added, "In most mortal countries, the breeding of basilisks is outlawed especially given how much they're like rabbits when it comes to breeding. In the other realms, it depends on the realm in question. A majority kill any basilisk they find to prevent big death tolls unless it's a basilisk from the fae realms. With those basilisk born under the hands of a fae, they're considered a safe option and rarely culled especially given that they usually keep the amount to a decent level."

"Which countries don't have the a breeding ban on them?" Hermione seemed to decide not to think about the butchering of the species.

"Mostly those in Africa, the magical governments are usually either too busy trying to kill each other or rebuilding their countries," Calla answered as Shukaku nibbled at her fingers and she reached into her bag to grab some of the fruit she'd save for him, "The ones that can do something usually aren't able to do anything thanks to tribal laws and such. They'd end up lynched trying,"

"Not to mention dealing with tribal shamans can be a pain in the ass," Candy Pop commented as he entered the compartment, "Interesting talk, Kiddies. What brought it up?"

"I was telling them about the basilisk and the whole 'Child of the Spring Forest' thing," Calla answered as Shukaku took an apple-slice, "Everything okay, Poppy?"

"Yeah, we're just going to be taking a mini-detour after leaving the station," Candy Pop looked at Hermione, "You're coming home with us, Hermione,"

"What?" Hermione looked at him in alarm, "Why?"

"We'll explain later, but let's just say it has to deal with your mother," Candy Pop said making Hermione look even more alarmed, "She's in the hospital, but she'll be okay, Hermione,"

"What happened?" Hermione asked looking panicked and worried.

"I don't have all the details, but she got into a fight with her husband over something," Candy Pop looked a bit reluctant to answer her question clearly not sure if saying no would be a good idea, "She ended up in the hospital and her husband in the police station. Thankfully, Jay had been going to visit them about having you come over for the summer and managed to keep it from turning really bad,"

Hermione stiffened a bit as she bit out, "'Keep it from turning really bad'? She's in the hospital!"

"She could have been killed, Hermione," Calla pointed out making Hermione pale and start trembling.

Hermione shook her head, "H-he wouldn't do that to her. He wouldn't do that to her."

Calla shook her head, "Most killers don't mean to do it at first, Hermione," Very few of the pastas actually meant to kill their first victim, "But it still happens. Even if he wouldn't usually do that to her, it isn't out of the realm of possibility."

Clinical, Calla felt as surprised as everyone else in the compartment that her words came out like that. She looked up at Candy Pop wondering why she'd said it like that. Candy Pop gave her a look of concern before both turned to Hermione as she shouted and her cheeks flushed in anger, "My father wouldn't kill my mom!"

"But he'd beat her," Calla couldn't stop herself from saying, "And you,"

Hermione's mouth shut as she paled and Calla had a feeling she'd gone a bit far. Vivian sucked in a deep breath giving Calla a startled look. Ron and Draco paled at her words. Luna just simply eyed the situation not speaking. The sound of a slap echoed through the compartment as her head snapped to the side in correspondence with sharp pain flashing through her right cheek. Turning her head back slowly, she found Hermione standing across from her with a hand raised in a position that told the hybrid who exactly had slapped her.

A sense of anger that she'd never felt before flashed through Calla as Hermione hissed, "Don't you dare. You don't know anything."

Calla bared her teeth, "You're the one who doesn't know anythin-"

A hand clamped down on Calla's shoulder pulled the hybrid from her anger and she found herself tensed as if about to lunge at Hermione. She looked at Candy Pop who stared at Hermione with a frown on his face. He looked at Calla, "Take Shukaku and go to my compartment with Hoodie, I'll be there in a few moments."

Calla nodded slowly and quickly gathered her things before doing as Candy Pop asked feeling unsettled. Hoodie looked up when she entered the compartment and his eyes widened at the sight of her already bruising cheek, "What happened?"

"Candy Pop told Hermione about her mother being in the hospital," Calla answered as she set her things down and took a seat on one of the benches in the compartment, "They talked and Hermione couldn't understand how her mother could be considered lucky. I told Hermione that she could've been killed and she denied that her father could've done it," She looked at Hoodie felt unsteady, "I was clinical, Hoodie. I told her that most killers don't mean to do it at first, but it still happens. I told her it wasn't out of the ordinary. I," She swallowed heavily, "She tried to deny it and I couldn't stop myself from saying that her father beat her mother. That he'd beat her," Hoodie's eyebrows rose, "She ended up slapping me for it. I got really angry. Angrier in a way I haven't been before. Candy Pop pulled me back from it. If he hadn't, I might've lunged at Hermione,"

"Damn," Hoodie eyed her and winced, "Come here, Calla,"

Calla quickly moved over to him and found Hoodie pulling her into hug. The hold was a bit loose, but secure. Tears pricked in her eyes, she burrowed her face into Hoodie's shoulder trying to calm down. The thought that she'd hurt one of her friends due to anger shook her to the very core. The compartment door opened not long later and Candy Pop spoke as it closed, "What happened?"

"She looked like she needed a hug," Hoodie answered rather gruffly.

Candy Pop let out a sigh, "Come here, Little One."

Calla slowly extracted herself from Hoodies grip and Candy Pop scooped her up. He tucked her head underneath his chin once she'd gotten settled on his lap. She slowly began to relax as he began to hum, "I didn't...I don't know what happened, Poppy. I felt angry in a way I haven't before."

"We'll figure it out, Little One," Candy Pop soothed as she closed her eyes, "I promise,"

"Is Hermione okay?" Calla asked not wanting to have upset her friend anymore than she had with those misspoken words.

"She'll be fine, Little One," Candy Pop promised her, "She'll need to see her mother though. You really messed her up with those last words,"

"I shouldn't have said them," Calla teared up, "I know I shouldn't have said any of that like I did," She sniffed, "I don't know why I did it,"

Candy Pop hugged her tightly, "We all say things wrongly, Little One. When the train ride is over, you can apologize to Hermione."

Leon was in control of Hermione the next time Calla saw the bushy haired girl. She still apologized and planned to do so again once Hermione was in control. Leon gave her a nod though stayed silent seeing as they were around those that weren't in the know. Candy Pop brought them home before taking Hermione to the hospital to see her mom. Vivian turned to her with an unreadable expression on her face making the hybrid flinch a bit, "Cal, that was a bit fucked up."

"I know," Calla looked down, "I don't know why I said it like that or pushed Hermione so much. I just..."

"You looked ready to kill Hermione before Candy Pop grabbed you," Luna said with a light smile, "I've never seen you like that, Calla,"

"Why are you smiling?" Vivian demanded as Calla flinched back a bit.

Luna looked at Vivian and shrugged lightly, "I suppose it's due to the fact this is amusing."

"Amusing?" Calla snarled at Luna, "How the hell is it amusing?!"

"Because you're freaking out over growing pains," Luna answered causing Calla's anger to abruptly disappear as confusion filled her, "Creeps aren't exactly normal, but even they have growing pains. Not to mention, you're half-fae,"

Calla opened her mouth before closing it as Vivian said, "That makes sense, it's better than thinking you're about to snap."

"I'm going to be screwed, aren't I?" Calla asked earning a strange grin from Luna.

"Not for a few years yet," Luna sing-songed with a weird giggle.

Calla inched away from the blonde suddenly fearing for her sanity. Vivian seemed to be doing the same. Looking at one another, they nodded and quickly beat it up the stairs dragging their trunks while making sure the two animal cages weren't being jostled too much. Vivian spoke once they'd reached Calla's room, "Luna is weird as fuck."

"Even weirder than LJ when he's drinking cooking sherry," Calla shook her head lightly, "Or smoking that really weird Elven pot Candy Pop picked up awhile back," She let Shukaku out, "Let's just stay up here for awhile and hope she goes to the mansion soon,"

"Good idea," Vivian eyed Calla, "Do you think she's right?" The hybrid gave her a confused look, "About you getting screwed in a few years,"

"Fuck if I know or actually care," Calla scrunched up her nose, "I don't see the appeal in that kind of stuff,"

"Me neither," Vivian released Johnny, "So what do you want to do now?"

Calla spotted her playing cards, "Want to practice playing poker? I want to nail Jeff the next time we play him."

"Not Masky?" Vivian asked as Calla snagged the cards.

Calla snorted as they cleared off space on her table, "Masky cheats at poker and only Hoodie ever actually wins against him."

Candy Pop looked at Jason as Hermione was led into her mother's room, "So what caused the whole fight?"

"Apparently the douche had ties to that one demon cult we exterminated awhile back," Jason answered earning a raised-eyebrow from Candy Pop since last time he'd checked the man was one of those nearly fanatical Christians, "I know it surprised the hell out of everyone else looking in the bastard," Jason chuckled a bit, "Anyway, it turns out one of the trinkets they managed to get their hands on and we never recovered ended up being some kind of memory charm thing. Thanks to the big man being able to short out low-level stuff like that just by his mere presence, Jean started getting her memories back. Memories that poor Thomas wanted kept quiet like her being with Liu and Hermione's real father, I'm not all sure what other memories had been messed with, but it was more than enough to piss the dear lady off,"

Candy Pop winced a bit feeling no small amount of pity and sympathy for Jean Granger since the woman had to have been in quite a bit of pain because of the memory charm being shorted out. Those things were nasty even if they're a low-level version, Candy Cane would probably need to heal her since non-magical stuff wouldn't cut it. He raised a hand to his head feeling a flash of phantom pain as Night Terrors growled darkly. They would know better than anyone what it was like to be under one of those fucked up things. Jason placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed lightly offering some silent support. Night Terrors muttered, "Fucking humans need to stop playing the bearded bastard with a cross stuff so far up his ass sunlight glints off of it."

Candy Pop inwardly snorted as he said, "I'll talk to Cane. She's going to need all the help she can get to recover from that shit," Jason nodded with a grim look on his face, "Hermione is likely going to be a bit frosty towards Calla," Jason gave him a look of confusion and anger, "It's the Little One's fault, Jay."

"What happened?" Jason looked a bit shocked not that Candy Pop could blame him.

The whole bit on the train had been out of character for their favorite hybrid after all. Candy Pop explained the situation and just how terrified Calla had been when he'd come to check in on her. Jason's shock turned to surprise then concern. He finished with, "The Little One was really shaken, Jay."

"I'm not surprised," Jason frowned with worry on his face, "I'll need to check on her as soon as possible,"

"Check on who?" Candy Cane asked as she walked up carrying a plastic bag, "Hey, Pop. Everyone get home just fine?"

Candy Pop nodded as he explained the situation only for Candy Cane to burst out laughing when he spoke his concern. Anger flashed through him as Night Terrors growled at their sister and flashed his fangs, he hissed at her, "What's so funny?"

"Calla's going through puberty, remember?" Candy Cane giggled at them earning confused looks, "Girls mature faster than boys, you two. Given that she's half fae and pasta, she isn't exactly going to stay our nice little kitten,"

"So this is normal?" Jason asked looking a bit pale.

"I thought we only had to worry about when she's on her period," Night Terrors sounded a bit worried and Candy Pop couldn't blame him.

A violent Calla was a scary thought especially if it became a constant thing. Candy Cane grinned at them, "Welcome to puberty, Guys. Our little kitten is going to be bearing her fangs and claws as she becomes a tiger."

And with that, the book is at an end. The next installment shall be up at some point soon. I do hope those that intend to read it will enjoy. Perhaps I'll play around a bit more with killings and such, I am open to suggestions either review or PM me. Love you guys and hope to see you again soon.