Ch 1: A Brave New World


Pain he knew. It was an old friend that reared its head to remind you you were alive.


He was cold as the heavens opened up and began to softly snow. The white flecks slowly falling down as if the heavens themselves chose snow to mourn the passing of Haku.


Rage was his right hand. It fueled him for so long, it became him. He became it. He knew nothing but rage for so many days, he forgot what it was to be without it. He raged at his parents for leaving him, he raged at his bloody upbringing, he raged at Yagura for tainting the village he grew to love, and he raged against that bastard Gato for utterly disrespecting Haku's body like that.


Oh he hated a lot of things; more things than he liked. Hatred and Rage were what kept him going in the days after his failed assassination and life as a missing-nin. Until Haku came along and those things lessened just a bit.


Sorrow was a new one, but as he gazed one last time at Haku's lifeless face on this Kami forsaken bridge, it throbbed in his chest. A sharp pain that sprung forth from the blonde haired boys words before he made his last request.


He didn't regret. He knew the life he led would be a thankless one. One filled with blood, death, heartache, and loss. That was the life he led. It was the life he knew. He didn't regret it.


Few and far in between, happiness was something he rarely ever felt. He didn't even know if he was capable of that emotion.


Pride in himself, in his brothers of the sword, in Haku. He was one of the Seven Swordsmen of The Mist. He had every right to be proud.


Had he ever loved anything truly? The face of his ward flashed before his eyes.

Darkness encroached all around him as snow fell onto his bloodied body.

Yeah, he thought as his eyes closed for a final time, I guess I have.




"Zabuza Momochi…Demon Of The Hidden Mist…"

Zabuza didn't know where he was. He couldn't move a single part of his body, and felt like he was floating? He moved his eyes around, but saw nothing but darkness. All consuming darkness. The darkness they told you about as a child to keep you on the straight and narrow.

A flicker of purple lit up his vision before it became blinding. After the light died down enough, to his right sat a deep purple flame, flickering like the light from a lamp. From one birthed another and another and another until a circle was formed. The circle of flickering flames connected to one another too form a solid ring of luminescent fire that shifted colors into various shades of violet.

"You have been judged…and here you are…,"

His eyes widened. There was that voice again. It's low, deep tenor reverberated in his being. Raspy like smoke, it seemed to choke the space it pervaded. It chilled him to his core, like he was submerged into an icy lake. A presence grew in front of him, inside of the ring of fire.

"Your soul is… peculiar...We did not think it possible… for a Human to become… a Demon… without outside influence...You are an...impossibility brought into reality…," the raspy voice continued

Was it…was it the presence in the ring of fire that was speaking to him? It is the only thing that made sense.

Not that any of this made that much sense anyways.

"You are…correct...Demon Of The Hidden Mist…We cannot come before you in my true form…or your soul would cease to exist…entirely...It is not yet time...We are curious of you and your...potential…"

His what? His potential? What would a disembodied voice want with him. What would death want with him?

"Close…but We are what comes after for those deemed...unworthy of...Takama-ga-hara…"

The words were hissed out with unrestrained disdain. A feeling he found familiar as he felt the same about Kiri. He always felt the "high heavenly plane" was a place he'd never make it. He knew his soul was destined for Yomi the day he resolved to kill his entire graduating class with naught but his hands and a kunai. It was the day Zabuza Momochi died and the Demon Of The Bloody Mist was born. If this was Yomi, there would be only one god down here able to speak to him.

Izanami-no-Mikoto, the goddess of creation and death.

What do you want with me?

"Yes… yes… I am her as she…is I, and We have an interest in you...After the Shinigami delivered your soul to us… we found it tainted with an…energy not unlike that of the demons that reside here in this forsaken realm…a powerful demon at that…one that had the power to act as my…Champion…"


"We died and am stuck here in Yomi…My own husband left me here… alone...forgotten...We hear of the tales he had weaved to the ones in the humans of how hideous We are…of how evil We are...that We are the monster...they have forgotten that it was from OUR WOMB CAME ALL OF WHAT THEY KNOW!…"

At her outburst, the flames darkened and roared with a fury matching her tone of voice. The flames grew as the goddess, now incensed, continued her tirade.

"We did all of the work while he did NOTHING. We suffered the pain, the agony of birth until WE DIED!...The sex wasn't even good...and he abandoned Us…"

The flames calmed as the goddesses voice turned somber yet spiteful.

"We weren't the ones to murder a baby… my baby boy…my little spitfire…"

Zabuza saw the flames morph and move until the vaguely resembled what he could only guess was meant to be a baby.

"...My Kagu-tsuchi…"

The flames died down and returned to the idle ring.

Zabuza was reeling after the goddesses tirade. Who knew her husband was such a prick? Leaving her here and killing a innocent baby. His own child no less. Babies weren't to be killed. Babies represented purity, innocence. Everything a shinobi wasn't, and Zabuza had made it a rule of his to never bring harm onto children unlike one of his sword-brothers.

A man with shark-esque features flashed before his mind's eye.

He considered his options for a moment. He was dead, that was much was clear to him. He had accepted his dying long before he even became a shinobi. Nobody alive would mourn nor miss him. This was a chance…to do what exactly?

"Oh...Our mistake...As Our Champion…it would be as if you were of Our own blood...Kin...and unlike those that are given…complicated tasks… We only have one for you to fulfill…"

There was a pause, as if a breath was taken for anticipation.

"...We wish for you… to exact Our retribution… onto Our dearest husband...Izanagi-no-mikoto…"

Shock. Zabuza almost couldn't render what he just heard. She wanted him to kill a god. Not just any god, but Izanagi-no-mikoto himself? He didn't even know where to start or how he'd accomplish such a feat.

"Do not worry… yourself about such things yet...We do not want you… to actively seek out Our husband...A...prick…he might be… but weak he is not… you are not yet ready to take him on… but you can be… Become Our Champion… and become…strong… powerful...a true Demon...I have the power to restore you into… the world outside of the reach of the...Elemental Nations… where you would begin anew… and carve your name into legend… and reach your true potential…All you have to do… is accept…"

Zabuza's instincts were telling him he was in over his head. That he was biting off more than he could chew if he was to accept it, and years of doing odd jobs and being hired muscle, he grew a sense for when he was in over his head. There were so many red flags about it, but…what did he have to lose? With Haku, he risked getting into something he couldn't get the both of them out of, but now? He had nothing to lose and everything to gain. A new life with no Hunter-nin chasing him. No more having to constantly look over his shoulder.

A fresh start.

Zabuza wasn't the type to get all sappy or emotional about anything, but he'd be lying if he said a fresh start wasn't something he didn't think sounded great. Almost too good to be true, but that was the life of a shinobi. Always something underneath the underneath. He'd learn what it was eventually, but for now he was sold. So he uttered the words that would change his life forever

I accept.

"Good…Then be reborn...Demon Of The Bloody Mist… Be reborn as the Champion of Izanami...Goddess of creation and death… May the world learn your name and mine once again!..."

As she spoke the violet flames gained a shade of black within them. The ring broke apart into several pieces which floated up right in front of his eyes. They began to spin faster and faster until they become indistinguishable from one another.

He began to burn.

Zabuza looked down where he felt the fire and he could now see his body.

Then it caught on fire.

It climbed from his feet, to his knees and kept continuing. He was being roasted alive! His mind screamed out in agony as the flames ate at him with a unstoppable hunger.

It was up to his chest, climbing his neck as his eyes flashed back to the spinning flames. Instead of nothing he saw a woman. No not a regular woman, a goddess.

Pale skin that looked soft to the touch, inky black hair that framed the side of her face, eyes accentuated with violet and black not unlike the flames themselves, rosy cheeks, delicate lips with the top being black and the bottom violet, and eyes the color of the sun.

"I'll be watching you...Zabuza."

His world was engulfed in flames and he knew no more.

When he awoke, Zabuza had no idea where in the flying fuck he was. His head throbbed suddenly as the memories of what occurred hit him with all the force of a swing from the Kabutowari.

Wait…was the sky purple?

Zabuza gaped for a moment at the oddly colored sky before shaking it off. He patted himself all over his body and almost whooped in joy at actually feeling his body.

The experience in Yomi left him unsettled to say the the least. Being aware yet unable to move or know you have a body was something he wished to never experience again. He could move, he could see…he could see that his body was that of a teenagers again!

He had on a basic sleeveless top, some ratty pants, and no shoes.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" He really did holler this time.

Even good voice was different. It wasn't the same low, tenor it used to be. It was a bit higher, and not at all what he had grown accustomed to. If he had to guess, he'd say he was 17 or 18 in body. He racked his memory for a moment, and let his shoulders droop in relief as he was able to recall his previous life. He licked the inside of his mouth and smiled sharply. His teeth were still filed down sharp.

Good. That made his intimidation factor still legible. Get into your opponents mind and that makes the fight ten times easier.

He could only guess why Izanami reverted him to a younger age, but left all his memories. It was an odd combination that would take some time getting used to, but first he needed to make heads or tails about where he was.

One final check, he thought to himself. Chakra.

He reached within himself where he knew his chakra core would be, but instead found…something else in its place. Where his chakra was blue, like everyone else's, his had turned purple, violet almost. It flowed just like chakra, but it felt lighter. Faster almost. Not as powerful definitely, but it felt as if he had more of this than what he had of chakra. He would take a closer look at it and see if he could actually use it later. For now, he would figure out where he was.

He could always beat someone to death his hands. He hadn't done enough of that lately.

He took a quick gaze around and saw that he was surrounded by nothing but destroyed trees and uprooted ground. It looked like a fight happened. He sniffed the air, having at this age trained his nose to be able to decipher scents, and smelled sulfur, ash, water, and… was that blood?

Blood meant the fight was over and someone was dead and the body was not far

Zabuza climbed to his feet unsteady with a grunt and almost fell right back over from the vertigo that hit him. He blinked rapidly, getting rid of the dots that shattered themselves throughout his vision and steadied himself.

Probably after effects of being reincarnated, he thought to himself.

He sniffed again and began to follow the smell of blood, which oddly grew stronger as the smell of water did. He was careful to navigate the terrain, as it was utterly wrecked.

Trees were destroyed, the ground cratered and disintegrated as if someone took a Katon technique and multiplied it by 10 to it, and the air felt heavy. It was the same heavy after a fight between two Jonin who specialized in Ninjutsu.


A resounding explosion reverberated through the ground, and Zabuza had to force himself to to be thrown across the ground. He looked up and could see smoke rising into the air.

I guess that's where the action is.

Bending at the knees, the reincarnated ninja began running towards the smoke. Most would say to run the other way, but most weren't Zabuza Momochi.

He spit in the face of danger and then snapped its neck for daring to think he was afraid.

In a few lengthy strides, Zabuza found himself at what could only be described as a village.

Or the remnants of one at least.

Buildings were on fire, bodies littered the streets. Some with weaponry poking out of them, others smoking as if they were struck by lightning, some looking as if they were missing parts of their bodies, and some dead with shards of ice in their bodies.

Some even had odd looking leathery wings!

Zabuza took a closer look and saw that some of the bodies wore identical armor. It seemed as if two opposing groups decided to do battle here in this town.

So, he began in his head as he surveyed the damage to the town. It looked like two sides clashed in the middle of this village and the civilians were caught in the crossfire.

What had he walked into?

This kind of scene he was familiar with due to the civil war in Kiri. Two sides fighting and the civilians getting caught in between.

Haku called it a waste of life, and at the time Zabuza just called it life. He guessed it was life like that where Izanami sent him too.

If he was to be caught up in some sort of war yet again, he wish the goddess had given him his Kubikiribōchō back, but he doubted it would be that easy. It was a one of a kind sword. Not another one like it in the history of the world, and… and




His eyes caught a familiar glint of metal in one of the abandoned buildings. He entered and he knew it was a blacksmith, but what gripped his attention was the giant blade resting on the wall. Zabuza smiled from ear to ear as he approached the weapon. He plucked out from the wall, waste not want not, and hefted it into the air. His arms shook with the effort, he was younger and less accustomed to the weight of it after all, but the familiarity was unable to be denied. He swung it a few times in the air, the sharp blade slicing through the space it cut into easily. Yes, he was loving this new life already. There was no way this was just a coincidence. Izanami really knew what buttons to push to get on his good side, eh?

"Kubikiribōchō," he whispered almost reverently. He snatched the harness from the stand next to it and tightened it into his back. He placed Kubikiribōchō into it and felt complete at the added weight on his back. Like a piece that he'd been missing for all of the few minutes he'd been alive had been had been found.

It felt right.


Zabuza's attention snapped to the sounds of fighting and dashed away towards it, hand on the handle of his sword and ready for a fight. He was feeling more confident with his trusted blade by his side. Chakra or no, he was still a swordsman at his core, and whoever he came up against would learn that soon.

He guessed he was in the city square. Any greenery and scenery had been scorched and totaled. Food stands and shops and houses lie in ruin around the courtyard. Some burning and some completely leveled, but what caught his attention was the scene playing out in the middle by the cracked fountain. It looked like a last stand.

There was a group of individuals, Zabuza still didn't know what they called themselves, all fighting one girl. They hadn't noticed him yet, so he decided to get a closer view of the events.

He hopped onto a roof that wasn't caved in or on fire silently and crouched low.

It would seem that it was a universal thing for people not to look up.

With a new angle he could see there were colored seal circles being summoned rapidly throughout the sky and air expelling various energy and constructs. Lightning, fire, or just pure energy from the seeming aggressors. All of this was being taken and dished right back by their target.

A single black haired girl. She was short, he noticed. Short with long black hair tied into two long ponytails that couldn't in any way be practical. Long hair was a luxury only the most skilled individuals could afford, but seeing as it was one against a group, it was a luxury she could afford.

Deep blue seals appeared in front of her and out shot bullets of water at her enemies. She was given no breathing room after her attack as she flared her wings and dodged a blazing red fireball that hit where she was.

So she's where the scent of water was coming from.

Another deep seal appeared in front of her and she shot her fists out. From the seal came a roaring water dragon with glowing purple eyes. It winded around its master before shooting out towards the one who shot the fireball. The fire user had a red seal appear in front of him, but the water dragon was too swift and blasted through the seal with the sound of breaking glass. The man was devoured by the beast and piledrived into the ground where he didn't get up again.

That seemed to anger the remaining members of the little troupe, 4 Zabuza counted, and wondered how it would play off. He glanced at the girl and saw her admittedly huge chest bouncing as she began to breathe in harder.

Did women hear not wrap their chests? Honestly he had not seen boobs that big since he walked in on Mei changing that one day. The resulting lava flow that came after him was totally uncalled for. How was he supposed to know she was changing? And so what if he didn't look away? What was he supposed to do? Act like they weren't there? That just didn't make any sense to him.

The fatigued girl took in deep breathes. That technique must've either taken a lot out of her or she had been fighting for a while. Fighting multiple opponents would do that to you. It spoke volumes of her skill that she was still standing er- floating.

"Just give up, Sitri!" One of the attackers commanded. Yellow seals appeared in front of her and crackled with electricity as she spoke. "Surrender and we will treat the low class-Devils you are guarding with the hospitality of the Old Satan Faction"

The girl, Sitri, took a breath in and Zabuza could see the anger on her face take override the exhaustion she was feeling. "The only hospitality you people know isn't hospitality at all! It's cruelty!"

Her back straightened despite the obvious exhaustion written all over her in shaky knees and labored breaths. A giant icy blue seal blazed into existence underneath her feet and the girl began unleashing her presence.

She became outlined in a pale blue. Her tattered grey uniform whipped up at the sudden release of energy. Her black hair rose as well and flared around wildly at the air that was being pushed away as she her power grew to even greater heights. Her gaze was bone chilling blue, and as her presence grew the seal got bigger. As it got bigger, the world around her got colder.

Zabuza noticed the frost creeping across the ground and up the sides of the buildings and stands. It was growing in unison to her power, no. It was coming from her!

This kind of presence was unreal! It was on par with that of a Kage-no, it had surpassed that of a Kage's! Who was this girl? How was she so strong?

The Devils around her staggered back a step, but one who spoke first seemed to regrow a little spine.

"D-don't get cocky! It doesn't matter how strong you are, Sitri!" Her voice grew in strength as she flared her own power in response and began to crackle with electricity. The other Devils around her flared their own as well and it grew to overshadow that of Sitri's.

"You will die just like the trash you are!" The woman rebuked hatefully.

In a flash of light a lightning bolt arched from her hands and towards Sitri. The lighting was blocked by a shield of ice that shattered immediately after.

He focused in harder. The ice did not surprise him due to the frost that had gripped the ground. So she used ice?

He pointedly ignored the throb in his chest, but the memory of another ice user with long black hair flashed across his vision.

Sitri threw up another hasty shield that absorbed the beam of energy that was shot from her left, and it shot it back at the attacker. The dip in her reserves made her realize not to do the again. Devil swiftly glided out of the way, and took aim again.

Sitri prepared to throw an ice spike at him, but was forced to fly backwards and avoid the sword that came flying past her face. The swordsman flew up with a rising slash, Sitri dodged it and kicked him in the chest to get him away. She had to erect another in order to block the speedy projectiles coming from her right. Pinned under the fire she decided to do something about it and pushed the shield into the Devil. It smacked into the Devil, and stopped the firing.

She was given no time to breathe as she came under assault from multiple angles. All aiming with lethal intent. She knew she couldn't keep this up forever, but she had to. For the innocent Devils hiding it and for the Devils lying dead who believed in her.

She couldn't lose. She wouldn't lose.

An explosion at her back rocketed her to the ground, and she just barely stopped herself in time to only stumble into a roll. She grimaced at her stinging back and tried to flex her wings, but they wouldn't respond.

That bitch must've shocked my wings, she realized frustratingly. She got up shakily, exhaustion and pain making every move laborious. Her instincts screamed to dodge and she barely rolled out of the way of the sword that was aiming for her head. She had to dodge fast, faster than her body took kind to, at the rapid thrusts that came for her head. She kept moving back until get back hit a wall.

She ducked in time as the sword was embedded into the house. She rolled away and tried threw a freeze at the swordsman's hands around the handle. Now frozen with his sword stuck in the wall she prepared an ice spike to kill him, but a magical missile made her change her plans. She leaped away, but right into a chain that wrapped around her wrist. It tugged at her and Serafall could do nothing as she was whipped into the side of a building. Her head rung at the impact and her vision was filled with stars. Quickly she froze the chain and snapped it, freeing herself. She staggered up and saw the blood dripping down onto the ground.

She felt softly around her scalp and winced at the wet sensation she got. Things were not looking good for her. Odds not in her favor, low on magic, 7 to 1 with no escape in sight? Definitely not how she thought her day would end up. But she refused to give up. Innocent Devils were counting on her. Her friends, her family were counting on her to come back to them alive.

She'd never forgive herself if she didn't.

Quickly she constructed a ice spear and spun it in the air. She saw the magic missle coming her way and smacked them away from her. They exploded behind her, but she paid it no mind as she focused on her opponents.

She heard the tell tale nose of chain links and her eyes darted to the bulky figure rushing her with chains wrapped around his fists.

She ducked a heavy overhead right and danced into his guard. She thrust her spear up into his chin, but to her shock the point snapped off as it failed to penetrate his skin. She stepped back quickly and went with the tried and true.

She swung her staff with all the force she could muster up right into his balls.

The giant of a man reflexively grabbed at his abused balls and staggered back. Serafall took the opening and ran with. She spun her staff and swung it into the side of his knee, bending him. She danced around his wild swing and shot a blast ice until his eyes, blinding him momentarily.

Her staff swung out and hit the back of his knee, dropping him onto one. She smacked him in the side the head with it, jarring the man, and hooked her staff underneath his chin. Her senses tingled and she looked up to see 3 magic missiles flying and a beam of lightning flying towards her. Acting quickly, she pulled the beefy man around and placed him in front of her. She held him there and let the magic attacks him.

The resulting explosion knocked Serafall away and further singed her clothes. She coughed but quickly got to her feet. She tried to move away, but her feet got caught. She locked down and saw a chain wrapped around her ankles. She looked to the cloud of smoke and felt the chain tighten magically.

In a moment she was taken off of her feet and into the air. She yelled as she was spun around and around until it let her go and she was sent flying well into the sky.

Right into a bolt of lightning.

The lightning careened into her body she was lit up from the inside out by the magic. She let loose a scream of pain as her nerve endings were assaulted by the energy, but the attack wasn't over.

The bolt of lightning kept her locked in the air until several magic missiles impacted her body. The two magics clashed and Serafall exploded.

Zabuza winced as the girl hit the ground with a dull THUMP. She lay there on her back, bleeding out, the image was overlaid with that of Haku's corpse.

"Even in another life you have me feeling sentimental, Haku," he whispered into the air. He gripped the handle of Kubikiribōchō. "I guess you're wanting me to save her then?"

He received no answer, but the girl stirring from the hard hits she just took.

"Hmm, tough girl. I guess it's time for me to play the hero," he said to himself and disappeared in a blur of speed.

Serafall groaned in pain and but her lip to stop herself from screaming out as she tried to move her body.

C'mon, get up!

She tried to sit up but it was to no avail.

Get up, damnit!

She couldn't even roll over to push get self up. The lighting must've locked her muscles up.

I said get. Up.

Muscles straining, veins bulging, Serafall tried to will herself off of the ground.

She raged against the exhaustion, against the pain, against everything in her way.

Slowly she began to rise, but a boot punting her in the side of the head took care of any progress she had made. Her vision saw for a moment before it refocused.

Her eyes trailed up the leg of the foot that kicked her in the face and snarled at the face. It was that bitch who kept shocking her. That's why her pixie cut was uneven.

"The trash can't move?" The woman asked, feigning surprise. A sinister smile grew on her face as a magical circle appeared in front of her.

"Scream for me, trash."

A bolt of lightning shot towards the downed Serafall. Serafall grit her teeth as the lightning coursed through her causing an untold amount of pain and making her sore body twitch. The lightning continued on for what seemed like hours until the woman let it drop with a sigh.

"Oh well, she won't scream," the woman cocked her hip and put a thoughtful look on her face. "Hmm, maybe we can just use you for other… purposes," she suggested with a lustful look on her eyes.

Serafall felt dread pool in her gut. No! She refused! She tried again to move, but again the woman's foot flew into the side of her face. She tried to say something but get jaw had locked due to the electricity coursing through her.

"Oh, poor baby," the woman kneeled down by Serafall and patted her face. "It's not your fault your trash just like the rest of your miserable group," she tilted her head before laughing. "Oh wait, it is!"

The woman laughed aloud as her partners came forward and surrounded Serafall.

"See, we knew you'd be here to protect the "innocents"," the woman said with air quotes. "So we were ready for you before you and your little soldiers got here. We wanted to tire you out, then get you alone, so we could finally finish you off. We knew you were too prideful to ask for help from your little friends, but as the humans say. Pride cometh before fall."

At her words, Serafall wilted. She knew rushing off was a bad idea. Sirzechs told her as such, but she was in the area and knew she could help. She didn't need a better reason than that, but they played her. Her! An Ultimate Class-Devil.

Brought low due to get own hubris.

Serafall felt something she'd wish to never feel again. The reason she grew strong as she did, to prevent this very same feeling.


Helpless and hopeless she was, Serafall Sitri refused to give in. She was a Sitri. They did not bend. They did not break. She would look her captors in the eye and let them know she would not give in to them.

Suddenly a thick mist rolled into the courtyard obscuring her vision.

Serafall could feel the magic within it. Water magic, she thought to herself, but who-

Suddenly she was pulled away into the shadows of a building. Her eyes frantically went and locked onto the face of the man who dragged her to safety. He looked dangerous. Pale tan skin framed his face, along with dark colored short spiky hair, dark brown eyes, and really small eyebrows. Honestly if the situation was different she'd point that out, but he was currently holding a hand to her mouth.

He put a finger to his lips in a universal shushing motion before releasing her mouth.

Outside she heard the Devil's clamoring about wondering where the mist came from.

Serafall knew, but she wondered what he was going to do. She saw him look back out before nodding a little. He was going back out there?

No, no way. They needed to escape. To leave while they could! She too weak and they were at least High Class-Devils themselves. He couldn't fight them. She struggled to reach out to him, her arm twitchy, and she succeeded in running her fingers across his hand.

His eyes pinned her and she forgot whatever it is she might've tried to say. She knew that look in eyes. She saw it in the mirror, she saw on reflected in her comrades leading the New Satan Faction.

The look of danger. Ready to fight and rip and tear through anything that got in their way.

He smiled at her and Serafall was shocked at the shark like teeth that are revealed to her.

The look of a predator.

He gripped something over his shoulder, and Serafall took noticed the handle poking out over his shoulder for a second before he disappeared in a blur of speed.

She strained to listen to the fight and involuntary felt a shiver run down her spine as his voice hit her ear drums.

"Eight points…"

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