This story was inspired by I'm Sorry by HomicidalHarley (DELETED) and Fade From View by s8trgrlhinata (DELETED). I liked the first story, but disliked the second story because Jason Todd just appears out of nowhere and I don't know how Bart realizes his original bad future has been replaced with a different bad future without actually traveling forward through time and seeing it for himself. The title is inspired by "For the Man Who Has Everything," the similar sounding title for a 1985 comic book story and a Justice League Unlimited episode.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Young Justice, the YJ wikia, DC comics, and the other fandoms that are referenced in the entire story.

Watchtower, past midnight on June 21

Describing Black Canary as angry would be an understatement. She, Captain Marvel, and Black Lightning were defeated by Klarion and Vanadal Savage in the crystal key chamber. When they woke up, they were shocked to see Aqualad in his superhero outfit. Aquaman debriefed them, but didn't have time to tell them everything.

When word spread about what happened in the Arctic, those who mistreated Nightwing were overwhelmed with grief and regret. However, that didn't stop Black Canary from calling for an immediate meeting with them. She sat on one side of the room with Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow. They were facing the interrogees who hung their heads in shame and could barely look at Black Canary's death stare. Kid Flash, Superboy, Zatanna, Impulse, and Blue Beetle were the only interrogees who already saw Nightwing's body. Black Canary drinks a cup of chamomile tea while she briefly glared at each interrogee for a brief millisecond. The suspense and silence was killing the interrogees. They were tired, but Black Canary's stare kept them from falling asleep.

"Arrow," Black Canary said coldly after she drinks her cup dry.

"Yes Canary?" asked Green Arrow before refilling Black Canary's glass cup.

Black Canary answered, "If I see this glass cup empty again, I will be very unhappy."

"Got it," replied Green Arrow before he quickly stepped back when the cup was filled. "Glad I forgave him beforehand," he thought to himself.

"Now then. Who'd like to go first?" she asked with a smirk, but got no reply. "No? All right, then I will." She closes her eyes and took a deep breath.

"INGRATES!" she yelled as she threw the glass at the frightened interrogees, but she intentionally missed them. Green Arrow quickly gives her a new cup of chamomile tea.

"Thank you, dear. For a moment there, I thought I was going to be unhappy." She took a quick sip before smirking again. "Now then...who's next?"

The Team's warehouse in Bludhaven, June 16

Nightwing knew how people, especially Batgirl and Robin, would react to the big news. He thought that they would be more understanding because they were also Batman's proteges, but he was wrong. They weren't like Miss Martian who had plenty of time to think before being captured and imprisoned on board the Manta-Sub.

"She fried Kaldur's mind, got kidnapped, and almost died. They would've all been exposed and killed because you didn't trust us? What kind of leader doesn't trust his own Team?!"

"I can't believe I actually used to look up to you as a role model."

"All I wanted was to live a normal life with Artemis! Why did you have to ruin it?! Why?!"

"He let me get captured and experimented on just for the sake of the mission and you supporting him?! Sis! I could've died!"

"You're just like Batman! Only the mission, not other people's safety matter! Oh and speaking of Batman, just wait until he hears about this when he gets back!"

"Nuh uh! I don't want to hear it!"

"GUYS, STOP! If you don't want an explanation, that's fine but we need to plan out how to infiltrate the summit in Santa Prisca and clear the Justice League's name!"

Nightwing didn't blame most of them, especially Wally, for their anger because he wondered what would happened if Miss Martian, Artemis, and Aqualad really did die. He wouldn't be welcomed at their funerals. Wally would flip out more than he did during that time in the Hall of Justice after the Cave was blown up and possibly beat him to a bloody pulp. Miss Martian's ex-boyfriends, Superboy and Lagoon Boy, would've done the same thing too if they didn't control their anger. The memory of Wally pushing him into a chair came back to haunt him because to Nightwing, Wally expressed little concern about his best friend's welfare. Nightwing felt hurt, thinking that his own best friend cared more about Artemis than the person who relied on 2 double agents and had to ensure their safety. Nightwing didn't blame Zatanna for slapping him since they broken up on good terms back then, but now the good mutual feelings between them were gone. He didn't blame anyone for still fuming even after the battle in Santa Prisca.

Miss Martian couldn't bring herself to forcibly putting everyone into a mindscape because she was worried about what Superboy would think. She didn't want to lose her chance at reconciling with Superboy.

The Team temporarily put their anger aside while planning out how to infiltrate the summit. He didn't blame them because he hated himself more than they hated him.

Watchtower, June 19

Aqualad pleads with Red Tornado, Aquaman, and Green Arrow not to punish Nightwing for the deception. Only Green Arrow opposed it because of everything he had been through involving Red Arrow and Arsenal.

"Green Arrow, please. I understand your feelings towards Nightwing but Artemis wouldn't want you to be like this. If you won't do this for me, at least do this for her," pleaded Aqualad. Green Arrow sighed and reluctantly agreed. This did little to comfort Nightwing.

He and Nightwing were about to shake hands as a sign of forgiveness when a boom tube suddenly appears, expelling unconscious bodies of Captain Marvel, Black Canary, and Black Lightning. The Warworld suddenly activates and rapidly leaves Earth's orbit.

"Uhm. Is that a good thing or not?" asked Nightwing as the Warworld rapidly moves away.

Watchtower, June 20

Earlier in Metropolis, few people wanted to talk with Nightwing during and after Luthor's speech about an anti-Reach virus. The heroes were divided into 20 squads.

Alpha - Captain Atom, Eduardo "Ed" Dorado, Jr.

Beta - Blue Beetle, Impulse

Gamma - Flash, Plastic Man

Delta - Black Lightning, Virgil Hawkins

Epsilon - Nighwing, B'arzz O'oomm

Zeta - Rocket, Adam Strange

Eta - Aquaman, Tempest

Theta - Black Canary, Asami "Sam" Koizumi

Iota - Green Arrow, Captain Marvel

Kappa - Bumblebee, Guardian

Lambda - Red Tornado, Jay Garrick

Mu - Doctor Fate, Blue Devil

Nu - Red Arrow, Arsenal

Omicron - Atom, Tye Longshadow

Pi - Zatanna, Batgirl

Rho - Superboy, Wolf

Sigma - Aqualad, Lagoon Boy

Tau - Robin, Wonder Girl

Psi - Miss Martian, Beast Boy

Omega - Artemis, Kid Flash

After disabling an MFD with Green Beetle, Nightwing was in the Watchtower with Captain Atom, Aquaman, Snapper Carr, Green Arrow, the Atom, Captain Marvel, Kid Flash, and Artemis. They listened to Luthor instruct Impulse and the Flash to use their speed trails to try to siphon off excess energy from the MFD in Arctic.

"Do you think it'll be enough?" Artemis asks Kid Flash but he already left in the Zeta-Tube.

The 3 speedsters try contribute as much kinetic energy as they can. Meanwhile, Blue Beetle, Superboy, Miss Martian, Artemis, Aqualad, and Nightwing were on their way to the Arctic in the Bio-Ship. Nightwing felt that deep down, the Team hated him so much that they no longer wanted him and feared what Batman would think when he returned to Earth. He feared being kicked off the Team and out of the manor.

"What would Batman think? Would I still be welcome at the Manor? Maybe it would be better if I killed myself," he thought to himself.

His backers tried to take some of the blame off but he refused, despite their protests, telling them, "leaders must take responsibility for their actions. The whole plan was my idea anyway and you two (pointing to Artemis and Aqualad) simply agreed to it. All three of you had the most to lose while I sat back without endangering my own life."

Nightwing thought that as long as the Team was alive, he could tolerate their hatred, but the more he tried to push the fear of rejection and abandonment aside, the more it grew. It kept growing ever since the deception was conceived.

North Magnetic Pole, early morning

They arrive to see that the energy is decreasing. Then Nightwing hears Blue Beetle exasperatedly say something about 'cease' after exclaiming yes. Nightwing had a bad feeling that something terrible was about to happen. Before anyone could do anything, Nightwing instantly charges towards the scene without thinking. The others chase after him but the snow being kicked up by the vortex obstructs their view. Just as the final lightning strike was about to hit Kid Flash, Nightwing manages to push Kid Flash out of the way just in time. Nightwing screams in pain as he's electrocuted before falling into the snow which cools his severe burns. The vortex finally disappears and the others help Flash and Impulse stand up.

"What the hell just-" Kid Flash suddenly saw a lifeless black figure lying in the snow.

"NO!" yelled Kid Flash as he quickly ran over to him at normal speed because contributing kinetic energy made him tired. As Wally kneels in the snow near the body, with the front facing down, he sees that Nightwing's clothes are shredded. The others quickly surround them and were too stunned to speak. Miss Martian levitates and turns his body over, slowly and carefully.

"Wally...You're ok," whispered Nightwing in pain. He closes his eyes, making the others fear the worse.

"Dude, please don't die on me!" he said desperately.

"The Nightwing has not died, Jaime Reyes," said the scarab which snaps Jaime out of his shock.

"Wait, what?!" yells Blue Beetle which catches the attention of the others.

"My physiology scan shows that the Nightwing has fallen into a coma and is barely alive. He has severe burns all over his body and requires immediate medical attention," said the scarab.

"OK, GOT IT!" Blue Beetle yells out before he repeats what the scarab told him.

Miss Martian carefully and quickly levitates Nightwing's limp body back to the bioship while Aqualad uses his water bearers to cool the burns. "I can hear a heartbeat but it was getting weaker," Superboy added worryingly as the bio-ship as fast as it could back to the Watchtower.

Happy Harbor beach, almost midnight, June 20

Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Hawkman, Icon, and the 6 acquitted League members return to Happy Harbor beach only find Mount Justice destroyed.

"Are we too late?" asked Superman worryingly.

"Look," said Batman who pointed to the sky. They are welcomed by Aqualad and Miss Martian in the Super-Cycle. The Leaguers weren't surprised to see Aqualad because Miss Martian had already told them some of the basic details about the deception when she and Superboy tried to sway the court's opinion. However they weren't told of Artemis's fake death, Miss Martian's kidnapping, and the destruction of the Cave.

"Aqualad, what happened?" asked Batman.

"Fear not. The crisis has been averted but at a terrible cost..." replied Aqualad. When Miss Martian finished projecting EVERYTHING in the Leaguers' minds, a wide eyed Batman almost fainted and had to be physically supported by Superman.

Present time, a few hours after midnight inside Nightwing's mind, June 21

Even before the lightning strike, Nightwing's mind was already dreary and covered in dark clouds. When he was zapped, it instantly went from bad to worse. Lightning struck everywhere. One bolt struck a flying minibus with 3 redheads inside, causing it to crash in front of Gotham Academy and knocking the occupants unconscious. Another bolt creates a hole in the ground.

A swarm of black butterflies with purple highlights burst out from the hole. It coalesces into a Caucasian man with a lean face, high cheekbones, black hair, and a small gap between his incisors. He wore a dark blue suit with a white shirt, a red tie, and a wide rimmed fedora.

In a different part of Dick's mind, a weak Dick Grayson just started waking up and finds himself in Gotham Cemetery, where he quickly backs up upon seeing his family's graves in front of him. He was staring face to face with a headstone that has his name on it.

"How did I even get here? How was long was I out?" he asked himself. He soon feels an evil presence nearby and turns around, only to see nothing. As he wonders around the cemetery, iridescent clouds slowly appear out of nowhere and the sound of singing fills the air. Turning left, he sees a younger version of himself singing on a swing with his parents on each side.

Every morning, every night

You watch over me like the sun in the sky,

Every morning, every night

Promise me you'll be in my guardian light.

"Mom! Dad!" yelled Dick, who instantly found himself in the swing.

"That was a great song, Richard," said John Grayson.

"Sing it again," said Mary Grayson. Dick hated singing and kept it a secret from others, including Wally.

Promise that we'll stay for the sunset,

And when the moon shines through the darkness,

We can find the path that leads us home,

And on the way you'll...maybe...sing me a song.

Promise that you always will be there,

Hold my hand if ever I'm real scared,

Help me stand up tall if I fall down,

Make me laugh away all my bluest days!

Dick gets up and drags his parents into walking with him while he's singing.

How could you promise you always would be there?

Why'd you have to go away somewhere?

Every morning into every night,

Do you watch over me like the sun in the sky?

Dick stops in his tracks, but his parents continue walking before slowly disappearing into thin air.

Am I all alone, or standing in your light?

I wish that I could...maybe...sing you a song...tonight.

You promised me we'd stay for the sunset...

As he continues walking, the scene instantly changes to show Artemis and Kaldur lying dead in a pool of blood. Soon, his other teammates instantly appear around him. All of them are glaring at him.

"No. No. This can't be happening. This wasn't suppose to happen."

Wally holds a dead Artemis in his arms and yells at Dick, "I wished I never met you. If you loved your family so much, why didn't you sacrifice yourself?" A heartbroken Dick slowly backs up before he feels the evil presence again. Upon turning around, he's frozen in shock upon recognizing the figure who's chewing a toothpick.

"Long time, no see, eh circus brat?" the figure asks in a sly tone and slight Italian accent. All Dick could do was weakly respond with a no and back up as the figure held up his hand.

"No friends are going to help you this time," the figure said.

The figure gave off a dark aura and snapped his fingers. Dick's teammates explode into a swarm of glowing white butterflies that coalesce into a giant Batman's head looking disapprovingly at Dick.

"I'm very disappointed in you, Dick. I thought you wanted to be your own person, but instead, you became the very thing you didn't want to become. What would've happened if things went south?"

The giant head transforms bursts into a swarm of glowing white butterflies that envelope a cowering Dick.