"Payback's a bitch isn't it."
"Wait, guys what are you doing? Your freaking me out. " The male in the tattered and extremely bloody hoodie took another step back from his previous friends, who only stepped even closer to him as he backed away. Only when his back hit the wall is when the oddly accented male knew he was trapped. The trio before him grinned as they grabbed his non-scared arm and pulled him into another room.

A few weeks later, Tord sat up in his bed rubbing his eyes and then looking over at his clock which sat on his bedside table. It showed that it was late in the morning, much later than he usually woke up. Leaving the warmth of his sheets he grabbed his hoodie, slipping it on and making his way out of the room in only said hoodie and a pair of boxers. Making his way into the kitchen where his roommates are sitting at the table chatting with each other, their conversation halting as he walked into the room.
"Good morning, Tord." His green hooded friend acknowledged his presence with a barely noticeable tone of worry in his voice.
"G'morning" Tord responded to the greeting as he rubbed his eyes and tried to stifle a yawn.
"Edd it's barely morning." The blue hooded male at the table commented, taking a drink from the metal flask in his hand. Giving a tired glare, Tord sits at the table laying his head on his arms. Edd gave the male a look before touching Tord's arm, grabbing his attention. Tord lifts his head up only barely and looks at Edd with a questioning expression.
"Are you alright Tord? You don't look too great right now." He questioned his friend. The look that he received from his friend said 'what do you think?' Edd rose his hands in a sign of defeat.
"Okay, okay! I get it your not feeling too great, but would you mind telling us what exactly is wrong?" The longer Edd spoke the more evident the worry in his voice became.
The ill looking male opened his mouth only to abruptly close it and proceed to run out of the room covering his mouth with his non-bandaged hand.
The other three rushed after him the one in blue not as quickly as the other two. They all reached the open door to the bathroom where the sound of retching was coming from. Soon that sound was replaced by both familiar and unfamiliar speech.
"Jeg vil drepe den som gjorde dette til meg. Jeg liker ikke dette i det hele tatt." [i will kill whoever did this to me. i don't like this at all.] Being extremely drunk despite the time of day, the blue hooded male decided to make a poor comment towards his frenemy.
"You sound like a pregnant bitch. " Edd looked at his friend like he was crazy. Tord, who was still sitting on the floor in front of the toilet, was now glaring at his eyeless roommate.
"Thomas, hvis du ikke stenger fellen, vil jeg drepe deg. Det er ekstremt umulig." [thomas if you don't shut the fuck up i will kill you. That is extremely impossible.] The glare that the named male recieves would have caused him to catch fire if the universe allowed it to. Their friend, who seemingly didn't read the atmosphere or had just ignored it, decided to put in his two cents.
"Guys I think Tom is right. Maybe Tord is pregnant. " The ginger shrugged a bit as all three turned to look at him. Tord was glaring daggers, Tom was (albeit slightly) impressed that the male could think but was still wondering how much of an idiot this guy was, and Edd, well he just put his face in his hands.
"Matt, I know you're an idiot, but you should know it's impossible for a guy to be pregnant. I was only joking about it. " Tom then proceeded to take a drink from the metal flask in his hand. The ginger felt the need to defend himself. Before any fights could start Edd stepped in.
"Tord. Do you want me to take you to the doctor so you can get checked out? " Receiving a stiff nod, the cola lover left the junction of hallway to go start the car. Matt had run off to his room leaving both Tom and Tord alone. Tord lifted himself off the floor to brush his teeth only to then follow after his green hooded roommate leaving Tom just standing there.

At the doctors office Edd and Tord are sitting in the waiting room looking through the old magazines.
"Tord Larsin " A middle aged woman called into the room. Edd told his friend that he would stay right there the whole time. Following the nurse he was led into a room where said woman took his vital signs and listed the symptoms he was being plagued with. After that was over with he was left alone in the room being told that 'the doctor will be with you shortly '.
After a long while of screwing around with some of the doctor's things, also known as making the rubber gloves into small balloons and trying to keep it from touching the ground, the doctor walks into the room almost being hit by the small hand-shaped balloon. Smiling at his patient, the doctor clears his throat signifying his presence within the room. Tord jumped a bit in surprise, his small game forgotten, and greeted the other male.
"Now what seems to be the problem Mr. Larsin? " This question started a long list, the doctor writing what his patient was saying down for future reference. After going through more vital checks the doctor asked to do a few tests so as to figure out what is wrong with him. After proceeding with said tests the doctor told him that he could go home and that when the results come back he will be called into the office. Meeting up with the bored brunette in the waiting room, the duo left said brunette asking questions about what was wrong with his friend not receiving any answers from said male.

A few days later the phone was picked up by the vacant-eyed male.
"Yes hello. May I speak to Mr. Larsin please. " Looking at the phone with a confused expression, the male yelled out over the house for his roommate. Said roommate snatched the phone from the blue hooded male holding it up to his ear.
"Hello? "
"Yes hello is this Mr. Larsin I am speaking to? "
"Yes. "
"Your results have come in and the doctor would like to check up a few more things if you could come back in. " Stating that yes he would be there in a little while he hung up the phone and moved to walk out the door.
"Hey where are you going to? " Tom asked him. Turning around and facing the male, Tord replied.
"I'm going back to the doctors office. They finally figured out what the hell is wrong with me. " Receiving a response of 'oh' from the male across the room he walked out the door and down the street to the doctors office.

Taking his place up on the examination table, Tord began to fiddle around with the hem of the gown he was asked to put on prior to the doctor examining him. The nurse that led him to this room told him that the doctor needed to grab all of the test results and had handed him the thin dressing gown. Escaping his worried thoughts, he heard a knock on the door before the doctor entered the room.
"It is nice to see you Mr. Larsin. Now let's check on how your doing today. " After checking Tord's heart rate and how his lungs are amongst other tests done with a check up, the doctor picked up his clipboard writing down the vitals of his patient, looking up from the seat he was on at said patient.
"Do you know what's wrong with me doctor?" Tord questioned the man in front of him. The doctor then cleared his throat and listed off all of the tests and what they had been used to figure out what is plaguing the younger male. Stopping momentarily in his explanation, the doctor encouraged the question from Tord.
"If that is all that I don't have, then what do I have? " Receiving a stiff smile from the doctor from his question immediately has him closing his mouth.
"Mr. Larsin the results from the tests show that you are in fact not ill in any way. "
"What do you mean? "

"I mean to say that Mr. Larsin you are indeed pregnant. "

"What?! "

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