"Delilah Lynn Larsin-Harrison stop messing with your brother!" Tord lifted his one screaming toddler to scold his other. Any parent who said terrible twos was only a little difficult never had triplets. Bouncing his youngest son gently, he took his daughter's hand.

"Stay right here until I tell you you can come out. I've told you time and time again to not hit your little brother. Shh Teddy, mummy has you." Placing his daughter in time out, he walked away still trying to calm down his crying son. This was the same tune he always played, day in and day out. Sometimes he wished that he had gotten a job of some sort like his boyfriends, but then he would be reminded that he was still technically a dead man, and a war criminal. Then there was the issue he had with leaving the kids with strangers. Yeah on their days off his boyfriends would help with the kids but those days were slowly becoming obsolete. All three were getting busier and busier with their work which left him home alone with the kids more than he wanted to be. Speaking of kids….where was Elijah?

"Elijah? Where did you go? I swear if you got stuck in the drier again im putting child safety locks on the doors again. Even if Matt can't open doors that I use those locks on to save his life." Chuckling lightly he made his way to the laundry room, only to find the drier empty and the washer done. Putting Jonas down on top of the drier he moved the soaked clothes into the drier and after checking the lint trap started the machine.

"Come on kiddo let's go find your brother. Do you know where he is?" Having had picked Jonas back up off the drier, he left the laundry room and closed the door behind himself. Smiling as the little boy in his arms curled up close to his chest, his eyes half lidded. Creeping forward silently so he could hear for any movement, he heard near silent footsteps and an almost mute laugh. Placing his finger to his lips, Tord tried to motion to his youngest to stay quiet. Stopping outside of Edd's old bedroom which was now his office, he wondered what the boy was doing. Silently opening the door he froze stock stiff at what was in front of him. Pinching the bridge of his nose in exasperation, he pulled his phone out and took a picture of the scene before him before tapping his foot onto the hard wooden floor. Dear god it's going to be a pain to get all that paint off the floor.

"Elijah Michael Larsin-Gold what do you think you're doing with your papa's paints?" Watching the tiny brunette jump in shock at hearing his mother's voice, he sighed softly as his son jumped up covered in paint. Even more of a mess to clean up.

"Mummy! Sowwy. I wandet to be like Papa…" The light brown eyes looked close to be brimming with tears, the toddler scared that he upset his mum with what he did. Tord let Jonas down onto the floor before kneeling down in front of Elijah.

"Shhh I'm not mad at you sweetheart. I just wish you had asked me permission. Let's get you cleaned up and I'll get you set up at the table. Jonas do you want to paint with your brother at the table?" Watching his heterochromatic eyed son nod his head he smiled. Wiping the tears from Elijah's eyes, he picked up both of his sons and carried them to the kitchen table. Placing both boys into their highchairs he made sure to strap both in before thinking to himself for a second.

"Delilah come here baby girl." Hearing the patterning of small feet against the tiles, he watched the long ginger locks of his daughter come into the room with her body. Feeling as her little arms wrapped around his thigh, freckled cheeks rubbing against his hip. "Lilalynn do you want to do art with your brothers? I need to clean up Papa Edd's office before he gets home from work." Watching as the small girl nodded, he helped her into her highchair between her brothers before giving each some paper to draw or paint on and some paint, crayons and marker. They were getting baths tonight anyway. Setting up the baby monitor to keep an eye on the trio while he was washing paint off the wood floor of Edd's office.

Grabbing a bucket of warm soapy water and a few washcloths Tord set to work on the acrylic paint that now covered a portion of the floor. Scrubbing at the red green and blue colors against the dark brown of the floor, he felt a headache form. The headache was joined moments later by nausea, the soap's citrus scent clashing with the smell of the paint in a way that made him want to leave the house. Holding his breath to the point where he almost passed out onto the portion of floor that was covered in paint and soap, he took a breath before paling and running from the room and into the bathroom across the hall. After cleaning himself up from the fiasco he never wanted to relive after the time he was carrying the triplets, he headed back into the office and finished up with cleaning up the mess, drying the area with a towel. Putting the cleaning supplies away, his mind blanked on anything but how tired he was. Laying down on the couch cushions that were spotted with barely noticeable stains, he fell asleep.

Feeling his shoulder being grabbed and shaken had his eyes opening, the dim lighting in the living room hurting his retinas. Watching as Edd nudged his shoulder again, he attempted to clear his mind before sitting up, a wave of nausea hitting him along with vertigo. He had gone pale in an instant, his lips sealing so there wouldn't be another mess to clean up. Wait mess…

"Oh my god I forgot the triplets!" Shooting up from the couch he stumbled and nearly fell, being caught by Tom who was still in his work clothes. Matt entered the room and held his finger over his lips.

"Babe calm down. We took care of them. They're all in bed, they've been fed and bathed. Are you feeling alright?" Tom placed the back of his hand against Tord's forehead, feeling normal temperature under where his fingers rested against his temple.

"I was feeling a little sick earlier but it was probably something to do with what I was using to clean. Just a heads up Edd, Eli got into your paints and I cleaned up red, blue, and green from the floor." Getting released from Tom's grasp he tried to get his balance back, his stomach flipping and forcing him to run into the kitchen and vomit into the sink. Feeling two different hands against his back, he tried to keep from seeing his previous meals perform a second show.

"Well tomorrow is Saturday so Edd and I have the day off. You go to the doctor so we can make sure you're alright. Okay love? Now let's get you cleaned up and into bed." Feeling his arm being pulled over another shoulder, he was helped to the bedroom and into bed after his clothes were changed. Laying down on the soft mattress, he felt his vision go blurry and soon go black as his breathing rate evened out.

"What seems to be the problem Tord? You were here only a few weeks ago for your yearly." Dr. Mari smiled as she sat on her chair, the brunette spinning once before calming down.

"I've been feeling ill since yesterday. I've been feeling nauseous and I forgot about the triplets before passing out on the couch. I've been having bouts of vertigo as well." The young woman flinched halfway through the last comment though it was barely noticed.

"Well if you'll allow me to do some testing we can get to the end of this. Now I'll ask a few questions. First question, when was the last time you made use of a method of contraception?" Thinking deep after nodding he tried to think of when he was last alone with his boyfriends while the kids were asleep. Going slightly wide eyed, he blushed deeply.

"I don't remember when I last used anything like that. You've probably already figured out what was wrong." Seeing the brunette smile softly, he watched as she pulled out something akin to a normal pregnancy test from the cabinet in the room. The only difference that he could see was an antenna and a small screen that was not attached.

"This may look like a pregnancy test but I assure you that it is not. It is used just like one, yes, but it reads for hormones and any abnormalities instead of just a few hormones that are connected to pregnancy." Nodding in surprise at how far technology has developed, he left the room to use the stick before throwing it out. It took only an eight minute conversation to occupy the time before the screen blew up with information. Dr. Mari smiled softly.

It took a few days for the news to sink in. Those were days with avoiding questions and taking care of the triplets. Finally almost a week later Tord entered the house carrying groceries and let them drop on the counter in front of his boyfriends. Pulling out a box and sliding it in front of the three he started to put boxes and cans in their spots.

"Tord? Why did you push a box of rolls in front of us?" He hummed softly as he placed the frozen chicken nuggets into the freezer.

"What else do you call rolls?"

"Buns?" Smirking lightly he pushed the box back from the trio before jumping up onto the island counter.

"Where do you cook buns?" Receiving three skeptical looks he placed both hands into his lap.

"The oven." There was a silence for a few moments, the triplets were apparently down for their nap at the moment.

"Oh my god. Tord are you serious?"

"The factory still works. There is one and only one bun in this oven. And this little bun has been here for about a month and a half now." Being pulled down off the counter and into a few deep kisses, he smiled as he caught his breath.

Seems like their story never ended, just a new chapter wanting to be started.

The End

Was that an opening for a second book?! Yes it was

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